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Tennessee Titans Conference Calls

  HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on three onside kicks last year vs.

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on three onside kicks last year vs. the Colts)

"Well I don't know if it's necessarily to catch them off guard, it's an opportunity to try to maintain possession of the ball, because when you have possession of the ball, there's a very slim chance, at least it used to be a slim chance, of them scoring.  But now with way their defense is scoring, you can't say the same.  We were pretty banged up last year, so we just kind of felt like, the philosophy with the staff was very simple.  Because of the situation in our defense and the lack of depth and experience of our secondary, we felt like if we kicked the ball deep, it would be only a matter of plays before they had the ball on the 40-yard line anyway.  So why not take a chance?  I think they're different right now.  I think we're in a different situation in the secondary than we were last year.  So, if you're asking me do we have any tricks up our sleeve, well we always do, going into every game."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on what LB-Keith Bulluck means to the Titans defense)

"He's become the veteran leader.  He's there every snap, every play.  He knows how to practice, he knows how to prepare and he's been a good example for our younger players.  He's a guy that can come up with a big play on occasion when we need it.  He came up with a big play last week, gave the offense the ball inside the 10-yard line.  He has a lot of big plays in him.  He gets his hands on a lot of balls and he's leading our team in tackles."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on going through a transition and the future of QB-Steve McNair)

"Steve, I think, is going to see how he finishes up, how he feels physically and then make a decision.  I fully expect him, like I did last year, to come back.  I believe he has a couple of more years left.  He's had a good year as compared to the last two, from the standpoint of staying on the practice field and playing in games.  He feels good, he's excited about where this team is headed, he's excited about the new challenges (Off. Coordinator) Norm Chow has presented to him, and I think he's looking forward to the future."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if the pressure builds with going 10-0 and 11-0)

"No, the pressure doesn't mount at all.  I didn't see it (while with the 1985 Bears) on that club.  I was the defensive coordinator with the Philadelphia Eagles when the Giants were 10-0, and I didn't see it in the Giants either.  I think the pressure comes from outside and not from inside.  I think (Head) Coach (Tony) Dungy has done a great job preparing his team week after week.  The team has a very good, solid mindset right now and the personality is great.  It has great team speed.  They're not concerned with winning every game.  What they're concerned about is the big picture, is getting homefield throughout the playoffs and getting the chance to win the championship.  I think he's done a real good job keeping them focused."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if the Colts are a better team than two months ago when the Titans last faced them)

"They're much better now.  I think the defense is playing better than they did early, and early in the season it wasn't allowing any points.  I think with each game, they seem to be adjusting better.  Teams typically, as you get to this point in the season, have a tendency, especially speed teams, just to slow down a little bit.  They appear to have gotten faster, so while the rest of the league is losing a step because of the wear and tear of the season, this defense specifically has gotten faster.  So I believe they're better now than they were when we saw them earlier."

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