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Tennessee Titans Conference Call Steve McNair

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on his health) 9/28/05 “It’s doing good. It’s doing great.

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on his health) 9/28/05

"It's doing good. It's doing great. I had offseason surgery and everything is fine. I'm 100 percent healthy. We just have a young team and we're trying to put things together right now."

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on how difficult it is to deal with the turnover from last year's roster) 9/28/05

"I think you just have to be patient. I think the young guys depend on you a lot more. I think right now it's all about me going out there executing and doing the right things and putting the young guys in position where they can make plays and not think about mentally what they have to do and just let their athleticism take over. I think that's a change now, me keeping them motivated during the course of a game, during the course of the peaks and the valleys. That's the difference between a veteran team and a (young) team."

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on if he thought about not coming back because it was going to be such a young team) 9/28/05

"That wasn't a point of interest as far as if that was going to make the decision on me coming back or not. I felt like if I was healthy coming back into this year, I could play, regardless of whether we had the same guys as last year or whether they did what they did during the offseason and cut a lot of the veteran guys because of salary cap reasons. But it was based on my health and how I was feeling coming into this year that determined my (choice) to come back."

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on not looking at this year as a rebuilding year) 9/28/05

"Absolutely not. We go out every week and we play hard and do the things we have to do to prepare week in and week out to win ballgames. Unfortunately, I think our turnovers have been a factor over the last two games to where we haven't been able to do the things we've needed to do. Our defense has been playing well. They've been giving us the ball. We've been scoring, but at the same time, we've been turning the ball over a little too much offensively to put ourselves in a position to win."

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on his impression on the development of DE-Dwight Freeney) 9/28/05

"He gets better and better every year. I watch film and film and it seems like he's getting faster and faster as you watch the clip. Sometimes you think something's wrong with the projector, how fast their defense is. I think he's the anchor of that defense. He's the leader of that defense. When you have a guy like that who's very good at run defense and also excellent at the pass rush, you have to follow that guy's lead because he's going to give it all he has, 100 percent every play."

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on if it's important not to let the Colts get too far ahead in the AFC South standings) 9/28/05

"Of course. They have an explosive offense…We have to control the ball and keep Peyton (Manning) and those guys off the field. We have to minimize our turnovers and mistakes and penalties, and we'll be okay."

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on how the transition has been to Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow) 9/28/05

"Norm is a guy that's going to keep the quarterback on the move. He's not going to let the quarterback sit out there and put him in harm's way. He's a guy that's going to give three-steps, five-steps, keep me on the move. He has a very quick-attack offense. He's all about ball control."

QB-STEVE MCNAIR(on if the transition has been smooth) 9/28/05

"It's been smooth. I think we're both still learning to find out about each other. We have a lot to learn, but at the same time we will running and up and going and we'll just learn on the run and try to make things happen."

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