Tennessee Kyle Vanden Bosch Conference Call

DE-KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on what it means to him having the season he has had) “It means a lot to get some respect, the recognition of the Pro Bowl.

DE-KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on what it means to him having the season he has had) * *

"It means a lot to get some respect, the recognition of the Pro Bowl.  But we're sitting at nine wins right now with a chance of the playoffs.  It's my first winning season in seven years and it's my first chance of getting in the playoffs, so that means more to me than anything."

DE-KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on if anything needs to be said not to put too much pressure on themselves going into this game)

"I don't know.  We do have all of the pressure in the world.  The whole season really comes down to one game right now.  Everybody has to play their best football, regardless of what everybody thinks Indy is going to bring us.  They're the defending world champs and they're almost unbeatable on their home field.  So we have to be on top of our game and we have to be ready for their best."

DE-KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on DT-Albert Haynesworth)

"When he's been healthy he's just been a force this year.  Teams have had to gameplan around him.  He really dictates not only which running plays teams are going to run against us but protections we get on pass.  We definitely benefit from having him at or close to 100 percent, and I think that's where he is back to."

DE-KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on if he has flown under the radar during his career)

"I think so.  A lot of times there have been guys with the big flashy numbers, the high-sack numbers and all of that that get the recognition.  It was nice, I don't know if I was even in the top five in fan voting, but I got in because of the respect I'm getting from other players and coaches, and that means almost more to me than anything."

DE-KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on calling his sack vs. Peyton Manning in the first game this season)

"This defense, we rely heavily on our playmakers, and at big times and in big games, our playmakers need to step up sometimes.  And sometimes you just need to will it to happen, and that's kind of what happened at that time."

DE-KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on blocking two kicks vs. the Colts in the first game this season)

"Yes, those were the only two that I've touched all year.  We blocked another one this past week, and we've been close all season.  I think it says a lot about our defensive mindset.  A lot of defenses and a lot of people kind of take extra points and field goals as an opportunity to take a play off, but we come on every one.  You don't always see the rewards of that, but it's come up big for us a couple of times this year."


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