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Q&A with Christoph Mörchel, Colts' International Fan of the Year

Mörchel is a German who's been a die-hard Colts fan for a decade and a half. As the Colts' International Fan of the Year, Mörchel won an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit. 


Where do you live?

Mörchel: Since last Year I live in Neuwied near Koblenz. We moved there because of my job as a work safety specialist for the German Federal Police. Originally I'm from Kerpen, a small town near Cologne, which is well known for Michael Schumacher (the Formula 1 driver).
How did you become interested in American football, and how did you become a Colts fan?

Mörchel:American football is a big thing in American TV shows. Everyone there regularly talks about it there. I started reading the first reports and watching the first games in 2009. The series "The Middle" was about a family from Indiana, and the father there is a big Colts fan.That was an Inspiration.

Also, the first season coincided with the last Super Bowl against the Saints. That's when it all started with the Colts. 

Then came Peyton Manning's injury. He was one of the most influential players of his time and probably the best quarterback of all time. Having to do without him and getting the first overall pick was a sad time. Drafting Andrew Luck made me happy and sad at the same time. It meant getting the most promising talent but losing the Sheriff. 

Then followed three successful years that showed us how great football can be. Unfortunately, this was followed by three years that were characterized by injuries and in which things didn't go so well. 

In 2018, Luck returned as the Comeback Player of The Year, fueling hope that we could win the title. Looking forward to the 2019 season, suddenly the shock: Andrew retired. A catastrophic season later, we started with the quarterback carousel. From Rivers to Wentz to Ryan. Always in mediocrity and always succumbing to the feeling that with one QB and 2-3 puzzle pieces, it'll work out.

The 4th overall pick on for Anthony Richardson, it seems like we found a very good quarterback. Unfortunately, he got injured early, but you could see the potential of the team. Something great is growing there. 

Which Colts players got you hooked on the team?

Mörchel: My favorite players are Peyton Manning, Anthony Richardson, Andrew Luck, Bernhard Raimann, Shaquille Leonard, DeForest Buckner, Marvin Harrison, Big Q, and Reggie Wayne. But I only want to talk about 3 of them. 

Peyton Manning is, for me, the best quarterback in the NFL. The reads and the throws are so amazing! I miss him.

Anthony Richardson shows that he has one of the best characters in the NFL. He comes across as grounded and very nice. The energy he exudes is fun, and I believe he is the QB of the future.

Bernhard Raimann is, besides Marcel Dabo, the only European in the team and the only one on the roster. He is a down-to-earth guy and very likable in his videos. I hope someday I can get a jersey or a helmet with his signature.

How many times have you seen the Colts play – when and where?

Mörchel:My first live game with the Colts was in New York on 01.01.23, on my honeymoon! That was a big thing for me and a dream come true. 

The next game was the Frankfurt game against the Patriots! What an experience! I was a part of the organization team for the German Booster Club. I met up with Blue. I like him!

Then me, my buddies Marcel and Andy met our friends from the Blue Crew with president Brent Vogel and his wife Lisa, Janis and Greg, Kathy and Mike, Eric and all the others. Then I came over to Indy to fire up my Colts! I was hoping to see a win against the Texans and make it to the playoffs, but sadly, that was denied to us. But there was still a very nice drone show.

I had a met up with The Fan of the Year, Maren Johnson. She is amazing. We need to take some Pictures around the Draft!

I still had a great time in Indy and got to meet many new friends. Especially the hospitality of the Blue Crew was enormous, so I got to stay at Brent's place and experience American life up close. Very exciting was the Fowling! We don't have that in Germany.

We also visited other local teams like Indy Fuel or the Pacers! A fantastic vacation.

You're the president of Blue Crew Europe. How rewarding is it to be able to share your love of the Colts with other Europeans?

Mörchel: We founded the Blue Crew Europe in addition to the German fan club and created a platform here together with fans from Europe to exchange ideas and also to plan and organize events in Europe in the long term.

We have a 7-man organization team, and I am the first point of contact, also the president, but we all operate on an equal footing.

It's really cool to network and exchange ideas on a European level. We are currently planning the season opener as a watch party in Germany! We hope to celebrate with 30-50 fans here!

I am also still an active member of the Germaniapolis Blue Nation (the German fan club) and the Indy Blue Crew. I support my team wherever I can.

What did it mean to you to have the Colts play in Germany last year?

Mörchel:The Frankfurt game and the events around the Meatpackers were so amazing! We got to celebrate with fans from all over the world and experience the Colts up close. And then to win against the Patriots, it couldn't have been better.

Above all, the networking with many people from Indianapolis was such a blessing and has resulted in so many friendships! For that, I am so grateful! 

These are such unforgettable memories! I think of them every time I see the Colts logo.

Out of all this euphoria, the founding of the Blue Crew Europe emerged. This booster club primarily serves to network European Colts fans and support the Colts, and the name stands as a sign of friendship to our friends in the Indy Blue Crew.

How rewarding is it to have such a deep connection to the Colts despite living across the Atlantic Ocean?

Mörchel:Through the love for football and the Colts, you experience a lot more international contacts. Before football, my environment was mainly limited to Germany, and since then, my network has expanded and extends to many different countries in the world. Mainly in America, of course.

Every trip across the pond is an absolute experience. And so many beautiful stories emerge, and you can exchange and complement each other. Above all, the appreciation of the Americans when we come over is incredible and makes everything so much better, thank you so much!

What excites you about the 2024 team, and what are your plans for the upcoming season?

Mörchel:The team from 2023 could be kept together. Chris Ballard managed to sign 2-3 people for the depth. That looks very good. I think if he as usual manages to have a good draft and maybe get 1-2 more additions in free agency, then we as a team are definitely playoff capable and can play at the top again.

Especially now to be able to experience the draft live is something really special! My wife Sabrina will accompany me to Detroit for this event and experience it together with me!

Without my wife Sabrina, who supports me so much in my love for the Colts and has my back, none of this would be possible! She is simply the best. I love you! 

I will also come back to Indianapolis in the new season and visit my friends from the Blue Crew and attend 2 home games and if possible, go on a road trip to an away game! 

It would be a dream if we could get a tour of the facility there or maybe hold the American flag at the game. Maybe it will be possible! Otherwise, I hope to be able to support the Colts at the events in Germany, as they now have the marketing rights! Go Colts!

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