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Phillip Dorsett: "Now, I Play Every Down Like It Could Be My Last"

Intro: During the NFL Draft process, Phillip Dorsett wrote a first-hand account on why teams should want to draft the electrifying wide receiver.


INDIANAPOLIS – If the Colts have an opening in their sales department, Phillip Dorsett sounds pretty convincing.

Prior to being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts last week, Dorsett was approached by The Players' Tribune to write a piece on why NFL teams should draft the Miami burner.

The Players' Tribune is a relatively new website, which was created by Derek Jeter for athletes to directly express their thoughts and experiences through first-person accounts.

Here are a few excerpts from Dorsett's first-hand piece for the tribune:

Dorsett on his speed from track and football:

"I have that fast-twitch speed that only someone with sprinting in his background can have. The truth is, I ran track growing up so that I could become better at football. Now, when I get to the line of scrimmage, I bring with me the best of both worlds. Does track transfer over to the football field? Ask the cornerback trying to get his hands on me.

"I'm not just speed, though. I'm a route runner. That is what a lot of people underestimate about me — they assume that since I'm a fast guy that I can't run routes, but I take pride in my ability to have not only speed but also the ability to harness it."

Bowen's Analysis: Whenever you have a player with rare speed, the debate of track vs. football speed always comes up. One aspect of Dorsett that he mentioned above, and the Colts brass reiterated after drafting him, was how fluid he looks in and out of breaks. The straight-line speed is obvious, but Ryan Grigson alluded to Dorsett's lateral quickness as something that makes him an intriguing punt return prospect. Dorsett pointed out that his route running improved under the tutelage of Cris Carter, his high school coach at St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida. When initially looking at Dorsett, it's hard to see him being just 185 pounds as he is much more filled out in the upper body than T.Y. Hilton.

Dorsett on his other attributes:

"Another thing you will notice, watching my tape, is that I have great hands. This is something I have worked hard on. I had some drops during my sophomore year and wasn't satisfied, so after that, I went in and worked every day — doing tennis ball drills, improving my hand-eye coordination — until I saw the results I was looking for. I now see my hands as one of my strengths.

Bowen's Analysis: Whenever you see the type of speed numbers of a Dorsett, you immediately think, 'I wonder what his hands are like?' This answer is pretty candid from the new Colts wide receiver. The numbers definitely back up what Dorsett believes is his strength heading into the NFL. Per Pro Football Focus, Dorsett had just one drop in 67 targets last season (36 catches). Once Andrew Luck and Dorsett get their timing down, the Colts offense might have found another duo that will have defensive coordinator's heads spinning for cover guys on the rookie.

Dorsett on his speed from track and football:

"Finally, I am someone who knows, and truly grasps, the value of an NFL career. Because I know how quickly it can all slip away. When I tore my MCL my sophomore year, I thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Looking back now, I see it for what it was: a wake-up call. I took it seriously, I rehabbed it and I came back better than I was before. I learned that you never know when football could be over, so now I play every down like it could be my last.

"If you draft me, that's what you will get. A family member. A leader. Someone with rare speed, and rare heart. A player who makes plays."

Bowen's Analysis: In Dorsett's words (spoken or written), you can see why the Colts felt they didn't need to invest in many more interactions with him post-Combine. That interview back at Lucas Oil Stadium in February was more than enough to let the Colts know that there was little to worry about in Dorsett. He has familiarity with the Colts on several levels. Dorsett was a high school teammate of Duron Carter. This offseason, Dorsett has worked out with Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne at the 'U'. Johnson's message to Dorsett was "work can take you further than anything". That work now comes in the same wide receiver room in Indianapolis.

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