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NFL Draft - By The Numbers

The NFL will hold its 79th draft on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Colts own picks in five different rounds. Relating to the Colts and the NFL, here is the draft – By The Numbers.





INDIANAPOLIS –The NFL holds its 79th draft this Thursday through Saturday in New York City.

This is the "lifeblood" of the organization, according to Ryan Grigson, who is entering his third draft as the Colts' general manager.

The Colts own picks in five rounds – two (59th overall), three (90th), five (166th), six (203rd) and seven (232nd) and aim to bolster a program that has earned 23 wins and two playoff appearances under Grigson's command.

Here is a By The Numbers look at the NFL Draft:


2014 Draft – By The Numbers


2 – Number of times Marvin Harrison will announce the club's second-round pick.  Harrison will do the duty on Friday.  He was the club's first-round pick in 1996.  Other Colts who have done this include Tarik Glenn and Jeff Herrod.

2 – Number of consecutive picks the Colts had to open the 1992 NFL Draft, only the second time in league history one team had the top two picks (Indianapolis selected Steve Emtman and Quentin Coryatt).

2 – Number of times since 1967 the Colts held the 59th overall pick (2000, LB-Marcus Washington; 2008, OG-Mike Pollak).

2 – Number of Hall-of-Famers chosen consecutively in first round by same team in one draft (Dick Butkus third, Gale Sayers fourth, Chicago, 1965).

3 – Number of colleges with five number one overall draft choices (Notre Dame, 1973; Southern Cal, 2003; Auburn, 2011).

4 – Number of times prior to this year the Colts have not had a first-round pick (also 1988, 1991, 2004, 2008).


4 – Number of times since 1967 the Colts have drafted a quarterback first overall (1983, John Elway; 1990, Jeff George; 1998, Peyton Manning; 2012, Andrew Luck).

5 – Number of picks Colts have in 2014 and had in 2011, the fewest in any drafts during club's Indianapolis era and the fewest of any team this year.

5 – Number of consecutive years Indianapolis has drafted a defensive tackle.

5 – Number of drafts since the Colts last took a kicker/punter (Pat McAfee, 2009).

6 – Number of times since 1967 the Colts had the top overall pick in a draft.

6 – Number of consecutive drafts Alabama will have a first-round pick if it happens this year.  It would set the record for the most consecutive years since the common draft started in 1967.

6 – Most first-round selections from one college in a single year (Miami, 2004).

6 hours, 8 minutes – Longest first round since 1967 (2007).

7 – Number of rounds the draft has had since 1994.

10 – Number of minutes between picks in first round (seven minutes in round two; five minutes rounds three-seven).

10 – Number of offensive linemen taken in first round in 1968, an NFL record.

11 – Highest number of Pro Bowl nominations by a Colt during Indianapolis era among franchise's draft picks (Peyton Manning).

11 – Estimated number of NFL players since 1982 with noteworthy careers from 59th overall draft slot (1982, LB-Eugene Marve; 1984, QB-Jeff Hostetler; 1985, C-Kirk Lowdermilk; 1991, CB-Aeneas Williams (HOF); 1994, CB-Jason Sehorn; 2000, LB-Marcus Washington (Colts); 2002, CB-Sheldon Brown; 2005, DL-Jonathan Babineaux; 2006, Jeremy Trueblood; 2007, C-Ryan Kalil; 2008, Mike Pollak (Colts).

12 – Number of rounds the draft had from 1977-92.

12 – Number of picks owned this year by St. Louis and N.Y. Jets, the most of any teams.

12 – Number of consecutive years Indianapolis has drafted an offensive lineman.

12 – Number of quarterbacks drafted by Colts since 1984.

13 – Number of NFL Hall-of-Famers chosen number one overall.

14 – Number of Colts draft picks in 1990, the most in any draft during club's Indianapolis era.


17 – Number of draft picks in Indianapolis era that earned Pro Bowl nominations.

17 – Number of players on active roster that are Colts draft picks.

17 – Most players taken from one college in a single draft (Texas, 1984).

23 – Number of times players from the same school have been selected with consecutive picks in the top ten of a draft.

23 – Number of times since 2000 a college has had at least three players taken in first round.

24 – Number of all-time Colts first-round draft picks who became Pro Bowlers.

26 – Number of round used on only time a player named 'Unitas' was taken by Colts (1957, Joe Unitas).

30 – Number of players confirmed to attend the draft at Radio City Music Hall.

30 – Most rounds on draft day (1943-59).


36 – Number of linebackers taken by Colts since 1984, 10 more than runners-up at other positions (26, WR and RB).

60 – Number of total Pro Bowls earned by 17 Colts Pro Bowlers drafted in Indianapolis era.

65 – Number of years since Paul Salata played for Colts, the creator of "Mr. Irrelevant," the title given since 1976 to the last player drafted.  Chandler Harnish (2012) and Justice Cunningham (2013) are the last two such players and were taken by Colts.

66 – Number of first-round picks since 1967 (USC), an NFL-high.

78 – Number of drafts held before this year.

87 – Number of Pro Bowls earned by franchise's all-time first-round draft picks.

194 – Number of NFL trades made in the first rounds of drafts since 2000.

256 – Number of choices in the draft (including 32 compensatory choices).

269 – Number of draft choices the Colts have made in their Indianapolis era (135 defensive players, 128 offensive, six specialists).

367 – Number of defensive first-round picks in NFL since 1990.

369 – Number of offensive first-round picks in NFL since 1990.

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