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Jim Irsay Meets Phillip Dorsett, Shares Thoughts On Colts 2015 Draft

Intro: As the Colts were wrapping up the 2015 NFL Draft, Owner/CEO Jim Irsay stopped into the media room to provide his thoughts on the team’s rookie haul.


Jim Irsay knows suits, so when the Colts Owner/CEO compliments you on your own, cherish that.

Phillip Dorsett was dressed head-to-toe in Colts blue on Saturday afternoon when the team's No. 1 selection sat down to meet Irsay, and get his first look at his NFL home.

The pick might have been a surprise to those on the outside, but for a man with the NFL experience of Irsay, he knows first hand how Dorsett can push the Colts over the top.

"We really feel we can stress teams with our speed outside and create mismatches," Irsay said on Saturday. "In elite games, when it comes down to the top matchups, you have to your third receiver beat their third cover corner. (Dorsett) gives us an opportunity to do that and it helps on special teams.

"We couldn't be more excited to get him."

The Colts first round draft pick Phillip Dorsett arrives at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center!

The Colts briefly entertained a trade possibility in the opening round on Thursday, before staying pat at No. 29, getting the dynamic Dorsett.

After Dorsett, who was joined by some family members in his visit Saturday, met with Irsay, he eventually made his way to the team's memorabilia room where he saw the trophy that the Colts Owner believes could be returning to Indianapolis very soon.

Irsay, like his head coach and general manager, does not shy away from such talk and felt this draft class enhances those aspirations.

"In the Andrew Luck era, we would like to win at least two World Championships," Irsay said.

"When you look at that, we look at how do we build this roster over the next three years to really be able to go on a run where you can win two Super Bowls in a row, when you can really be dominant. Again, that's working on all phases of the ball."

Irsay is staunch in his belief that the Colts took a step forward in that chase with the 2015 NFL Draft.

After the electric Dorsett was the choice in Round One, the Colts helped fortify their defense with four straight selections.

The defensive picks have potential to make a variety of early impacts, but will also begin to bridge together a unit filled with veterans.

"Sustained success" has remained a frequently used to term to describe what the Colts are trying to construct.

From the potential highlight reel playmaking of Dorsett, to the handful of defensive choices that followed, the Colts laid a few more bricks to that foundation this weekend.

"There's no question we are looking towards being more physical on defense and stopping the run better," Irsay said. "I don't think it's an aspect of toughness that we lack, just the toughness to get it done. I think it's a question of looking at it strategically, defensively, how we get mismatched. It is definitely a process of being patient and realizing that we want to build the best possible football team we can and we don't want to get lured into taking shortcuts, for the lack of a better word. That mindset is definitely there.

"We've been excited with the last three days."

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