Javon Patterson Brings 'Quick And Powerful' Approach To Colts' O-Line

Center Javon Patterson, the Indianapolis Colts’ seventh-round (246th-overall) pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, held his first media conference call on Saturday. What did he have to say about his game?


INDIANAPOLIS —Center Javon Patterson, the Indianapolis Colts' seventh-round (246th-overall) pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, held his first media conference call on Saturday. What did he have to say about his game?

You have bounced around between all three interior line positions. Have the Colts told you specifically yet where they envision you fitting in?

"Yeah, just coming in as a center, interior guy competing for the spot. That's the main thing that Coach (Chris) Strausser and the GM (Chris Ballard) told me."

What do you bring to the position, whichever that position is?

"I bring the physicality and the mental. Throughout college I was a durable player. I was able to play all four years. I think my biggest thing is being quick and powerful so I think I will use that to my advantage."

You talked about physicality. Did you have much chance to see the way they played last year with how they tried to impose their will on players?

"For sure. I love that mentality man. I think when you have a group of guys that have that contagious energy, you can be very dangerous and I am excited to go join that group of guys man."

Ryan Kelly is known for being one of the more cerebral centers in the league. Do you plan on just picking his brain as soon as you get here?

"Yeah, I plan on watching the veterans man. I think that's the biggest key of getting chemistry together with that team, is being able to learn after the veterans – guys that have been there and done that, you know?"

Centers often call a lot of the shots on the line. What role has leadership played while you've been at Ole Miss?

"The last four years man I have been a great leader. I started off my sophomore year being a leader. After my freshman year after taking over with Laremy (Tunsil) and those guys. My sophomore season, me and three other guys and Greg Little kind of became leaders of the offensive line. I have established that and it has been great. I am hoping to take that to Indianapolis with me."

Did you have much contact with the Colts throughout the pre-draft process?

"Yes, they actually had a lot of interest so to get that phone call from them really meant a lot from Coach (Chris) Strausser, their local scouts and the GM."

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