WIDE RECEIVER WEARS WATCH, SET TO GO ANDERSON – Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne always has been a man of the moment.


He has delivered countless moments during 10 previous seasons. Over 157 career regular-season games he has snared 787 passes for 10,748 yards and 69 touchdowns, and he has added 83 more receptions for 1,128 yards and nine touchdowns in 17 career playoff outings.

His statistics are atypical of most players. To this point in his career, he has had typical off-seasons. He was not able to do so this year because of a labor situation. So, he did things his way.

Now, as camp enters its second week and as the club approaches its first preseason outing, Wayne says the watch he is wearing in practices has a definite meaning.

"What's unique about this year is everybody's on my schedule," said Wayne. "You didn't have OTAs (organized team activities), you didn't have the coaches telling you what time to come. They didn't tell you what time to come in and work out. (So), you're on my schedule. It's a unique year."

Queried by camp observers the real reason why he wears it, Wayne says, "(I) want to make sure it's right on time before I run by you. If I run that '9' route and score a touchdown, I want to see what time it is. I want to make sure we're right on time, right on schedule. A lot of time the players ask me what time it is. I'm definitely a 'watch' guy. I'm not policing the practices or anything. When they ask me what time it is, I tell them it is time to go deep."

Laughter erupted when observers dubbed him, 'Father Time.' One scribe noted former punter Reggie Roby wore a watch, too, to which Wayne ad-libbed, "that's what I heard. I heard he was a big watch guy. Maybe it's something with the Reggie's."

Wayne says he will wear the watch at all times in practice, though he will not break the league uniform code and wear it in a game. He does rotate colors among his collection of four to five watches, but he fancies how the red one looks.

What Colts fans have fancied about Wayne through an illustrious decade is his ability to produce. In an offense that is synchronized and performs at a high tick, Wayne always has been, as Al McGuire would claim, 'on the uptick.'

He has started 16 games in eight straight seasons. His streaks 129 consecutive starts and 150 straight games played top all NFL receivers. His tenth career season (2010) was a beautiful '10.'

Wayne had 111 receptions for 1,355 yards and six touchdowns, earning his fifth consecutive Pro Bowl bid and a first-ever Associated Press NFL All-Pro selection. It marked his third career 100-reception season (2007, 2009) and his seventh consecutive 1,000 season. That streak ranks second only to Marvin Harrison in Colts history, and it made Wayne only the seventh NFL player ever to accomplish the feat.

Wayne's durability also has stood the test of time. He ranks as one of only six Colts players ever to start 100 or more consecutive games. His 129 straight starts rank behind that only of quarterback Peyton Manning (208). Wayne has had a hand in victories as well, ranking as one of 13 Colts ever to participate in 100 or more victories. Wayne has appeared in 114 wins, tying him for seventh-most in franchise history.

Wayne is one of the more engaging personalities among the Colts, both past and present. The New Orleans native is carnival-esque in most settings but while he is descriptive with his words, there is no doubt they are serious in content.

Wayne engaged observers on Tuesday at Anderson University and touched on topics about the camp. He is enjoying the work the offense has had with quarterback Curtis Painter.

"It's been going great. Curtis has been looking pretty good," said Wayne. "I'm excited to work with him once again. The last three days, he has made big steps. We're going at his pace. He's been throwing some darts. His arm is definitely alive and moving. He's been doing really good. Hopefully, we continue to build off that and keep moving forward.

I'm excited about Painter getting some reps with the ones (first-team offense). (He's had) a week or two with full practice with the ones and (he is) going out there and displaying his talents. Painter's very talented. He has great motor skills. He's got a real strong arm. I'm excited for him. It's my job to be one of the guys to help him look good, and I'm anxious to do that."

Wayne claims he knows exactly where he is physically regardless of the quarterback who is throwing to him at camp.

"I know exactly where I am. This is not my first rodeo," he said. "If it's Peyton in there or (Curtis) Painter…it doesn't matter. I know where to line up. I know what to do. I know what's expected of me. We just have to gel together, just play together. Play Colts football. That's basically it."

When asked if the offense can grow in camp without Manning practicing so far, Wayne replied, "absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. I feel we've grown already. I feel like a lot of guys are buying into the system, especially the young guys are buying into the system, understanding what's going on. We have a game coming up and some guys are excited about that. Even though 18 (Manning) is not in there, we have a job to do. There's nobody with their head down, there's nobody out there in a full practice out there walking through the motions. It's full speed ahead."

One thing different for Wayne as he starts his 11th season is his new position coach, Frank Reich. Reich moved into that role after serving as quarterbacks coach the two previous seasons. Wayne is high on Reich.

"He's already thrown a couple of Andre Reed routes in there," said Wayne. "He was behind one of the best (in Buffalo) in Jim Kelly. Him being a quarterback, he understands a lot of things. He understands what's tough to do as a receiver and what's not tough to do. A lot of coaches are not able to display that or give you that. I love Frank. Frank's come in, and he's already helped me get better. Frank's helped with my stance and starts. He talks to all the receivers about getting in a great stance and being able to come off the ball. He gave us a quote already, he said, 'Plant the seed for speed.' That's kind of stuck with me already in camp. He's big on details, and that's good. The first day of camp, I said, 'Coach me like a rookie.' He's done that. He's already helped me take my game to another level."

Father Time keeps ticking. He thinks it's a good beat from what he has been told in camp.

"I still feel the same. I still feel young," said Wayne. "I still feel good. A lot of coaches and players say I look like I'm running pretty fast and moving fast. That's what you want to hear. Hopefully, I can keep it that way and keep opening eyes."

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