How the Colts Can Stay Alive This Weekend

What to root for in week 16 to keep hope alive...

INDIANAPOLIS --- The Colts are one game behind the Texans with two games to go, hoping to stay in playoff contention going into the final week of the regular season.

To do that, the easiest route is to win at Miami, but Colts fans will still want to root against teams the Texans have beaten and the Colts haven't (Saints, Jets, Bengals).

Here's a full breakdown of how the Colts can stay alive through week 16, via NFL Director of AFC Football Communications Jon Zimmer:

Houston clinches AFC South division:

HOU win & IND loss or tie OR

HOU tie & IND loss OR

HOU win & HOU clinches the strength of victory tiebreaker over IND or if HOU clinches a tie in strength of victory tiebreaker and clinches strength of schedule tiebreaker over IND

NOTE: HOU clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over IND if one of the following occurs:

CIN win (MNF) & one of the following wins: NO, NYJ, CAR OR

all of the following teams win: NO, NYJ, CAR OR

There is also a possibility of HOU clinching in scenario 3 in the event of a tie or ties in games involving CIN, NO, NYJ, or CAR

HOU clinches a tie in strength of victory and clinches strength of schedule tiebreaker over IND:

CIN, KC, and BAL all win


Some of you have asked me on Twitter why in the world does strength of victory matter in a tiebreaker and why the AFC South race could come down to games in the NFC. Simply put, it's way down the list of tiebreakers to decide a division champion but would be required between the Colts and Texans this season.

To break a tie within a division between two clubs:


Division Record.

Record against Common Opponents.

Record against Conference Opponents.

Strength of victory

Strength of schedule

Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed

Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.

Best net points in common games.

Best net points in all games.

Best net touchdowns in all games.

Coin toss


Now that your mind has turned into a slurpee, simply root for the Colts to win Sunday. We'll update you on the rest as it unfolds.

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