Gerri Green: 'I Come Out To Work Every Day'


INDIANAPOLIS —Defensive end Gerri Green, the Indianapolis Colts' sixth-round (199th-overall) pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, held his first media conference call on Saturday. What did he have to say about his game?

People know a lot about Montez Sweat and Jeffery Simmons, but what makes you a special player in your own right?

"Just the way I take the game. I come out ready to work every day, ready to work every game. My effort, I give my all every snap. It's just how I play, how I always play and how I plan to continue to play."

Did you have a lot of contact with the Colts through the draft process?

"They came out and worked me, I had a pre-draft workout with them and I talked to them during that time. We kind of kept in contact between now and then. I didn't know but I am happy to be a part of Colts Nation and ready to get to work."

Do you expect to be a defensive end with the Colts?

"I am not sure. I worked out as a linebacker, but that helps me with the versatility that I do bring – able to play different spots on the defense, around the defense. It helps me. I worked out as a linebacker with the Colts. I am not sure what the plan is."

So they haven't told you necessarily going forward what it's going to be? It could be just about anything from here?

"Yes sir."

Did most NFL teams work you out as a linebacker or an end?

"It was split 50-50. I had teams come in some at linebacker, some at defensive end. It was really split down the middle."

If you do land at linebacker, what skillset do you already have that would make you effective?

"My ability just being one of the bigger linebackers being able to run sideline to sideline. Also the coverage skills that I have, being able to run with tight ends. Just my athleticism helps me bring that to the table."

And you played linebacker until your senior year, is that correct?

"Yes sir."

So you are mostly used to standing up?

"Yes sir."

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