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Colts Return From Bye Week With Matt Hasselbeck As The Starting Quarterback

Intro: It was a rare Monday practice for the Colts and also a rare sight on the practice field. What did Chuck Pagano and Matt Hasselbeck have to say to the media on Monday afternoon?


INDIANAPOLIS – It was a sight that hasn't been seen on an Indianapolis Colts practice field since the 2011 season.

Andrew Luck was not among the Colts quarterbacks present during Monday's open media portion of practice.

With Luck sidelined due to a lacerated kidney and abdominal muscle injury, Matt Hasselbeck led the Colts quarterback through drills on Monday morning.

The Colts returned from their bye week for a rare Monday practice as preparations began for their Week 10 trip to Atlanta this weekend.

Here is what Chuck Pagano and Matt Hasselbeck had to say to the media on Monday afternoon:Chuck Pagano on returning from the bye week:

"It was great for our offensive guys, (offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski), and the rest of the guys, to be able to grind it out, trying to keep this thing moving forward from a terminology standpoint.

"I think we saw against the Broncos what we envisioned this team to look like that."

Bowen's Analysis:* *While the chance to rest is an obvious importance of any bye week, the Colts had another rather large benefit last week. Without a game, the offensive coaching staff could get together and game plan how that unit wants to operate for the rest of the season. The game plan for Denver was a bit makeshift due to such a short week. The offensive identity should now be seen on a grander scale in the coming weeks.

Chuck Pagano also spoke on Matt Hasselbeck, having a premium amount of confidence in the experience and decision-making the Colts have in No. 8. It's why Pagano feels good about the Colts chances to stack some post-bye week wins together in seizing their current slim lead in the AFC South.

Matt Hasselbeck on his initial reaction to Chuck Pagano's news about Andrew Luck:

"Disappointed for Andrew. I know how hard he works, how hard he worked this offseason."

Bowen's Analysis: In 2013, Chuck Pagano called Matt Hasselbeck to inform him he was wanted as the Colts veteran back. Last Tuesday, this Pagano call was slightly more urgent. When Hasselbeck walked into the locker room Monday, Adam Vinatieri joked, "Get that man a podium," with the heavy media contingent wanting to talk to the current Colts starting quarterback.

Any potential bye week plans for Hasselbeck had to be re-thought once Pagano informed him of Luck's injury status. Hasselbeck said it's a big advantage knowing so early in the week that he's going to be the starter, compared to his previous starts this season. Having more of a voice during meetings, along with obviously having extended practice reps, will be the biggest differences in preparation this week for the 40-year-old Hasselbeck.Chuck Pagano on Andrew Luck:

"He's here. The docs and trainers are obviously monitoring him very closely every day.

"He's progressing well. We will have more information for you on Wednesday. It's not like he's bedridden or anything like that."

Bowen's Analysis: While Andrew Luck wasn't present during the media portion of practice on Monday, No. 12 was in the building and attended meetings.

Chuck Pagano said that for now Luck isn't doing anything physical on-the-field. Once he begins to heal more that's when some conditioning work will creep into his rehab. Luck's timetable to return was two-to-six weeks when the teams announced his injury. New backup Charlie Whitehurst did mention that Luck has already helped him quite a bit from a transition standpoint.**

Injury News**

S-Mike Adams (ankle): Listed as day-to-day. Adams was an observer at Monday's practice. The Colts don't have to release an official injury report until Wednesday.

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