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Indianapolis Colts

Colts Quotes Thu. Jan. 28

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on Colts President Bill Polian and his scouting staff) “First of all, it’s certainly an honor for him (being named the Sporting News George Young NFL Executive-of-the-Year). I guess it’s his sixth time, which is unprecedented, and he’s certainly deserving of it, as well.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on Colts President Bill Polian and his scouting staff) * *

"First of all, it's certainly an honor for him (being named the Sporting News George Young NFL Executive-of-the-Year). I guess it's his sixth time, which is unprecedented, and he's certainly deserving of it, as well. What I've noticed in my brief time with them is that they do a tremendous job of finding individuals that fit our system; the kind of individuals that are highly motivated, that are smart, that are extremely passionate about what they do. They unearth these guys.  It's not like everybody else is not looking at them as well, but what I think they do a great job of is identifying those that we really should target, and they do it early on, in particular those ones that might not be drafted. They have a pretty good system in place because they've been around each other for so long. This group of guys, the scouts and those working alongside Bill, have been with him, I'm not certain the number of years, but that continuity pays off down the stretch. We seem to find year after year a real quality of individuals that come in and help us."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if the success of the 'Next Man Up' theory is because of this)

"It does in a big way. What it has done for us over the years is allowed us to stay in house. We don't have a lot of guys that come from outside of the system, that don't know what it's like, that haven't had a varied of experiences where they come in with a little intellectual baggage that you have to fight through to get them to understand the culture here. I think that makes things operate a lot better, as well. If we didn't have that type of depth then obviously it would force us to look at some other avenues."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on how much input he gives to Bill Polian and scouts on a player)

"One of the things that I think I mentioned to Bill early when watching what those guys do on a daily basis, making certain that if any problem arises that they typically have an answer ready, that they're bringing guys in, working guys out, always getting prepared for something down the road, and I marveled. I said to Bill, 'I don't understand how guys hold the title of GM and head football coach.' That's quite daunting because they certainly couldn't do what these guys do and do it as well. What he's able to do for us is that he's able to find the talent and identify it. We all look at them, whether it's through workout or via tape. They give you the background and the information that you need to make a decision. They usually can cut to the chase pretty quickly."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on how much it's helped his defense going up against the Colts offense everyday in practice)

"That's one of the things that we talked about during training camp. I used to sell the guys, particularly on our practice squad. If a guy who is playing left tackle, for example, I told him, 'If you can block DE-Dwight Freeney, you can block anybody.' We use that in terms of our young defensive backs getting ready. To use the opportunity that you have you in practice to get you better, to get you in the position to play in this league one day, and if they do it right and come with the right attitude, there is no better challenge for you. Obviously, facing QB-Peyton (Manning), a Hall-of-Famer, if the guys can defend him and work against what he does consistently and perform well, their chances of playing in this league are pretty good. I kind of relate it to sparing partners. I used this as an example one day in our meetings. I talked to them about Muhammad Ali, and Larry Holmes was one of his sparring partners. Jimmy Ellis was one of his sparring partners. Greg Page was in there as a sparring partner, as well. Right on down the line, there were a number of different guys, and those guys turned out to be great champions. It is no different for us out there on the football field.  You get an opportunity to work against some of the best. Something is going to rub off and maybe one day you'll have an opportunity to excel."


"He has been outstanding. There is a guy that you can depend on week in and week out. He is very steady. He is very mature. He's been around awhile. When you don't have to worry about a position, you know he is going to take care of his spot, there is a huge comfort level in that."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if he considered going for two on the touchdown right before halftime in the Jets game)

"We did. The minute that there is a score, we immediately start talking about whether or not we score, what are we going to do? That's long before we kickoff or receive, whatever the situation might be. When the score changes, we talk about that situation and analyze it. That one, we talked about long before the touchdown was scored, and had determined that we were going to go for one because it was so early in the game. If it was later in the game then we would have gone for it, but as early as it was, we didn't feel it was necessary to do so."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on any update on DE-Dwight Freeney and how important it is for the younger guys to have him out there)

"Not only them, but for all of us. I can just tell you that he is coming along. He's getting better. I had a chance to just visit with him a little bit earlier this morning, and he's getting better. Hopefully, he'll keep working at it and he does. He does a tremendous job. He knows his body, and he's working hard to get himself in position to contribute."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on his feelings about the Pro Bowl)

"Obviously, we would prefer that we could stay right along our schedule, but the fact of the matter is the league requires us to do so. So, we have to adjust."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on the job Saints head coach Sean Payton has done)

"I certainly admire what he has done. He has come in and worked extremely hard at getting things done in the way in which he's wanted them to get done. He's created a culture of winning. He's created an atmosphere conducive to success, and he's done it in a relatively short period of time, which obviously in this league you have to do. You don't get a whole lot of time to turn a franchise around. I marvel at the job that he does, in terms of the responsibilities that he has, calling plays and getting game plans together, but, yet, being able to manage all the other things that you have to do in that position, as well. He's done a tremendous job."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on both having similar backgrounds)

"His route may be slightly different, but I think that process of coming through the college ranks and kind of learning your craft early on and having the opportunity to work with some outstanding coaches, which he certainly has, as well, I think has benefited us both."


"Clint's a very unique guy. He is extremely aggressive. He has a natural intensity about him, and not only that, he just absolutely loves to play. You've seen him bouncing around prior to ballgames, and that's not an act because the guy is ready to get at it. He's ready for that whistle to blow, so he can go out and do what he does best. He has this natural ability, natural leverage. His height is not a disadvantage, but gives him the ability to pack a real punch, and he can do it in such a short distance. Oftentimes, you'll get a chance to watch him in very close quarters be able to deliver a blow, and it's almost like he took a 15-yard running head start. He just has so much power, and he can deliver in such a short area that it's incredible."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if he has heard from Penn State head coach Joe Paterno)

"No, I have not. I've heard from some of you guys that have interviewed him. I've heard through different channels, but I have not heard from him directly."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if Joe Paterno still has an influence on him and how he coaches)

"Certainly. There are a lot of things that we do that are similar to what we did with him. I can tell you this, that I had a strong belief in it anyway, but he confirmed it, and my strong belief is keeping guys fresh. When I first started coaching, I remember a situation that occurred when I was at Southern Illinois University on the practice field, and we had a young man that had been injured for a few weeks, this was probably the seventh game of the season, and he came back out on the practice field and he looked like he could absolutely fly. We knew he was pretty fast, but he even looked faster. In comparison to other guys, he was light on his feet and quick. I'm thinking to myself, 'Well, if a couple of days rest does that for a guy, what if I can just maintain a team and keep some of that freshness?' I remember at that point in time that I said that whenever I had an opportunity to run my own program that I'm going to make certain that when guys are able to go, they're going to feel good, and they're going to be able to run as fast as they possibly can for that period of time. Joe also believed the same thing. In fact, our practices were a lot shorter than most. I think our long practice was roughly two hours and five minutes, the next day was 1:58, the next day was 1:36. When you compare that to what you see from a lot of other teams, particularly in college football, that's quite short. But he understood how to keep his team fresh (and) how to keep his team healthy, so they could perform at their best, in this case, on Saturday afternoons."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on how much of an advantage is it for the franchise to have already played in the Super Bowl)

"I think it helps you somewhat because it reduces the anxiety level and the unknown. Our guys have been there before, some of them, there are 25 or so that are still with the franchise and have gone through it. So, there is a portion of your team that has some familiarity, but I don't think it gives you any great advantages. It doesn't guarantee you anything. Nevertheless, there may be a small comfort level."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on how much he tries to gauge the pulse of the team)

"Quite a bit. That's my job, I think. Number one, I ask because I care. If you talk to them, you'll find out that I don't always just ask simply about their physical well-being, but it may also be about their wife or daughter or son, or father or mother, whoever it might be. I just think that's part of why we do, what we do. It's not just strictly football 24 hours a day. But I also think that it's my job to know how they feel. Some guys I use as a gauge because some guys can run all day long, so I ask them, 'Hey, how do your legs feel?' If he tells me that he is a little tired or whatever, I'm trying to match things up to what I see. The more I'm around them, the better I will be at gauging it. Oftentimes, you can't just watch. You'll be watching a guy and it may look like he's not feeling real good, maybe there is a limp there, so I go to ask, maybe he just tweaked it and his leg is feeling fine. Now, I think I have a pretty good gauge. I try to draw that information out of them as I talk to them. I think that's an important part, trying to gauge them and making certain that they can perform at the optimal level."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if he feels like he has a fresh football team)

"It's been quite a bit of time, and then you also have to look at the amount of time throughout the entire year. We hope we can be as fresh as we possibly can be going into our final game of the year. That's our goal."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on telling his players, 'Be the hunter, not the hunted')

"Here's the thing that I think and you may or may not agree, oftentimes when teams come to play us they always kind of put us in a (lofty) position. They shoot at us. We usually get their best, week in and week out. That's just the way it is. You can get the feeling that everybody is coming to get you because we read in the media that you're facing a team that is backed into the corner and how are you going to go down to such and such a place and play these guys; they've won two in a row or lost three in a row, etc. Oftentimes, people think that is some type of advantage for them because of the fact that they are angry and focused on us. Well, I like to reverse that and say, 'Hey, we want to be the hunters and not the hunted.' So, we have something to shoot for, too. We have something to go after them for, just in terms of making certain that we play hard and we're aggressive. We have a pretty large stake in this ballgame, as well."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on both teams' defenses heading into the Super Bowl)

"Our defense, they've measured up and matched up extremely well, but I think it's going to be a real challenge because they have a lot of weapons. They are an explosive team. There is not an area in which they are weak. They have running back, they have fullbacks, they have tight ends, they have wide receivers, they have a great quarterback who is extremely accurate. Our defense is going to get a real challenge, but I think our guys are up for it and ready to go. Their defense is also a talented group, and we're going to have to play our best in order to handle them."

* *

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if there is any greater memory for him than his interception in Super Bowl XLI)

"There is.  Personally?  No.  But the team goal was to go out there and win.  That's the most memorable part about it.  It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You don't know if you're going to be back.  Just to get to the ultimate game and come out with the win is more important than anything."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on his interception and the atmosphere at Super Bowl XLI)

"If I'm not mistaken it was 2nd down and short, so it's more of a 'waste down.'  So we just talked about how the Bears ran double-moves on 2nd down and things like that.  I just did my job, nothing special.  When my number was called and my opportunity came, I took advantage and made a play."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on the satisfaction of being champions at the end of the year)

"Mission accomplished.  Every year we go into the offseason, and even during the regular season (our goals are): first win the division, second get homefield advantage, then take care of business in the playoffs and then come home with the Super Bowl.  Right now we're right on track.  We just want to get this done and look back and say, 'Mission accomplished.'"

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on the different style of the Saints compared to that of the Jets and Ravens)

"They throw the ball a little bit more.  They have a good quarterback, great corps of receivers that can all make plays, and as a secondary we're going to have a challenge.  I think if we're on the details, do the little things right and continue to play ball like we have, we'll be fine."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if it helps the defense having played against Peyton Manning in practice all season)

"It does.  You can kind of compare those guys to our offense.  They have a legitimate quarterback, great corps of receivers that can make plays and move the sticks, they have a good tight end in Jeremy Shockey, as we do in Dallas Clark.  It's similar in so many ways, and I think going up against (our) guys in practice does help us."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if it helps having been to the Super Bowl before)

"We know what to expect.  When you get down there it's kind of like, you try to say it's a regular game week that you prepare for, but there are so many other things that are going on.  You just have to block those things out more and more as the week goes on.  I think as a team that we have 24 or 25 guys that have been there before.  They know what to expect and they know how to handle themselves."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if there was anything last time that seemed like a crash course)

"I don't think so.  I was a young guy.  The (injury) situation with Nick Harper, it kind of made me focus in a little bit more knowing that anytime he can go down.  I just wanted to be prepared and ready to go if it did happen.  He had an ankle injury, he was kind of questionable the whole week, so I just wanted to be prepared as if I was going to be the starter."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on what he's done to help the young corners)

"Just try to get them to relax.  It is the ultimate game and the whole world is watching, but then after that if you look at it, it's still football.  Guys are going to go out there and do what they do.  It doesn't matter if it's the Super Bowl, everybody's watching and things like that, you still have to go out there and play, still have to go out there and make plays, but then you (also) want to go out there and be loose and relaxed.  So I just tell these guys to enjoy the moment, be loose and relaxed and remember it's still football."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if he was relaxed going into the game)

"I was relaxed after the opening kickoff.  Once you're hitting someone and running around, you kind of tune everything else out."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on facing QB-Drew Brees)

"He's a veteran.  It's very seldom that you throw something at him that he hasn't seen before.  It's going to be a game of being disciplined and being on the details and not trying to do anything else, but just do what you do.  With a corps of defensive guys that have been here before and played in a Super Bowl and (is) an experienced group, I think that's the easy part.  The hard part is going out there and doing it.  As a defense we have a challenge with Drew Brees because he has a great corps of receivers that can make plays, and to have an excellent running game that guys can move the sticks and get out of the backfield and make things happen that way, too, it's going to be a challenge.  But as a defense, I think our speed and things will come into effect and we can make those plays when our number is called."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on what he sees in New Orleans' receivers)

"They have different types of receivers.  They have speed guys, they have big guys, they have guys who can work the slots and move the sticks and get open quick and fast.  It is similar to our offense in that we have those kinds of guys that can do all types of things, and they have a versatile group as well."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on Coach Jim Caldwell and what he's added to the team)

"I think he's a little more active with the players.  Coach Dungy did a great job, too, but Coach Caldwell likes to see what we're thinking, and our opinion does matter.  I think that helps us, too, because the insight of guys and how they're feeling, things like that, I think that helps because some weeks guys are banged up, so he'll kind of cut practice or cut a period into a walkthrough.  I think it's helped us in the playoffs as well."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if he expected those changes)

"I didn't know what to expect.  Kind of like the saying, 'New coach, new day.'  You didn't know if things were going to change or if things were going to stay similar or if things wouldn't really change at all.  As a team, we really just had to take it in stride."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on the Colts defense and it being seen as finesse in the past and how they see it now)

"I think we're a little bit more aggressive.  Last year, you kind of could say it was more of a bend but don't break defense.  This year we're more of an attack team, we're taking it to the offense, making the offense make better decisions. And when they make a bad decision, we take advantage of it.  We're doing a pretty good job at that, and also getting off the field on 3rd down, we have done a much better job at that.  So far so good."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on the defense coming through the last two games)

"Going against two physical teams that ultimately depend on the running game, I think the front seven have proven themselves and they've done a tremendous job, stopping the number one (rushing) offense in the NFL.  New task, new goal.  We've done that, but my main focus now is the New Orleans Saints.  If they run or pass, we want to be effective at whatever we do."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if it's more business-like now than it was three years ago because they've been there before)

"I think I have the same mindset because like I said, who says we'll be back?  The thing is you play for these games.  As a player, tomorrow is not guaranteed.  This is a physical game, and you never know when your time is up.  You want to take this as serious as possible, but you also want to enjoy the moment.  Like (Team President) Bill Polian said, the whole week is really for the family who helps you get to where you are, and let them enjoy the atmosphere and the whole week. But Sunday is our day, and I guarantee, if we come out with a victory, the offseason will be so much better than just one week."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if there is an advantage playing a team that hasn't been there before)

"No.  You can't take (anybody) lightly.  You can't take it (like since) they haven't been there, so advantage us.  It's whoever comes to play better on that day.  I guarantee those guys will be ready just like we will."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on what DBs-Jerraud Powers and Jacob Lacey have added to the defense)

"They've brought depth.  They're… young guys who matured very fast.  That happens very seldom.  Those guys have done a tremendous job week in and week out preparing themselves to be comfortable out there, preparing themselves to make plays out there.  And they've been effective the whole year.  Hats off to those guys for really believing in the system and believing in what the coaches say, as far as everyone will be needed during the season."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if he said anything to Lacey after the 80-yard TD pass to Braylon Edwards)

"I told him to just forget about it.  Forget about it.  It's just one play, and it's early in the game.  Just be smart and know that these guys, when they do pass the ball, it's not going to be something that's similar of what we've seen.  It's going to be something that's going to be a double move or a trick play.  He said he was still confident in himself, he forgot about it and he played well the rest of the game."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on Defensive Coordinator Larry Coyer)

"He challenges guys every week.  The front seven was saying, 'This team (New York Jets) is not going to run the ball on us.'  I think the front four, mainly, those guys took on the challenges, especially those two guys up front, (Antonio) Mook Johnson and Dan Muir. Those guys are where it all started.  Those guys have been great all year.  The character of these guys on the team, guys want to get better week in and week out, and guys want to be effective, and our guys take on challenges pretty well."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on how important it is to have a healthy Dwight Freeney)

"It's great.  I mean, everybody knows what he brings to the table.  I guarantee offenses know as well.  To have a healthy Freeney out there, it changes a lot of things from an offensive standpoint, I'm assuming.  He's a great player who does his job very well.  A healthy Freeney will help us."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if being a wide receiver in college has helped him)

"I think so.  Sometimes as a corner, I think you have a little bit of a tip when you think like a receiver.  Fortunately enough, I had a couple of years of playing receiver, and I think it helps me out a lot on tendencies and formations and things like that, knowing that the way you can be attacked.  And windows, you kind of see windows when they open as a corner, knowing that you get an extra step or you break a little bit faster knowing that this is where you want to be attacked.  I think it's better.  I think it helps me a lot."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on if this is a more complete defense than the one that won the 06 Super Bowl)

"I think the scheme…the previous time we went to the Super Bowl, I think it was more of a bend but don't break defense.  This is more of an attack defense that forces the offense to show their hand instead of sitting back and letting these guys march down the field, and then bowing up once you get towards the red zone.  As a defense, I think it's better, and statistics show we're better on third down.  I think we're better in the run.  I think so far it has been a better defense."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on how much he relishes making a big hit)

"I think it's more like describing what we represent. We're a hard-hitting team. We play relentless. We want to continue to hit you so that you remember that every time you come this way. That's what we do. It's not just me. Sometimes I get a better shot than others, but that's what separates players, some guys do it, some guys don't. It's all about the overall scheme of what we're trying to get across."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on sometimes having a big hit that gets everybody else going)

"Anytime I can get the crowd (going) with something that I like to do. I love it. They like to see that kind of stuff. It gets the crowd hyped. They want to get them one too after that. They feel like, 'Hey, Clint got a big hit, now it's time to get me one.' All that right there gets the overall camaraderie of the team in the right place."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on laying a big hit on somebody and knowing the next time the guy will hesitate before coming in his direction)

"We're all human. I don't care how (many) weights you lift, if somebody keeps hitting you, you're going to be a little timid coming back in that area. Every time you're in that area you're going to think twice."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on the defense this year being more aggressive)

"It's way more (aggressive) than it was last year. You think about last year, we didn't blitz as much. We kind of played into a mode of not giving up the big play, not losing the game for the offense. This kind of defense is designed to have the offense's back. The offense gets a chance to take some chances, and if they don't come out right, we have their back. It's a very aggressive defense. Everybody on our defense likes to hit, they run fast and they take pride in what they do."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on his teammates in the Pro Bowl leaving for Miami a day before the rest of the team)

"Things happen. Those guys should be touted for the way they played. They played very good. They are our team captains and they mean a lot to us. When we get down to Florida, we'll start having fun right with them. They deserve what they got."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on if them leaving early means he can stretch out more on the plane)

"Yes, I might take Peyton's seat."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on how Jim Caldwell is different from Tony Dungy)

"They are kind of in the same mold. They want to get the same point across to you. They want the same level of respect out of the team. Those are the similarities that they have. When it comes to on the field, coaching and stuff, I think Coach Caldwell is more of a guy that is going to find out what the players are thinking. His job isn't to make everybody is happy, but he tends to keep guys always comfortable. He doesn't like guys all nervous and uptight. He keeps guys loose. He lets you be you. I think what separates him from Coach Dungy is that he is more of an outspoken guy."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on rooming the night before games with DB-Melvin Bullitt)

"I don't know. We don't usually do anything. But this past game, we were both up at like six o'clock in the morning looking at each other and it was like, 'Hey, you ready? Let's go do it.' Me and Bullitt aren't even the type of guys that would hang together on a normal basis, but the way our team is formed now, everybody likes to hang with each other. There are no separates cliques or anything like that. We're just all together as one."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on if he'll room with DB-Melvin Bullitt the night before the Super Bowl)

"I hope I can room with Melvin. I like rooming with Melvin. He takes a lot of the jitters and all the nervousness out of me when we're talking in the room at night. I remember staying in Baltimore, and we had our own rooms. It was like the worst night ever. I kind of like having Bullitt as my roommate."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on he and DB-Melvin Bullitt having a pact to get Mohawk haircuts)

"I can tell you that he came up with the idea. I didn't come up with the idea. He said if we get there we're going to do that. I'm rolling with it. I'm kind of the guy like, if it's going to get you up, I'm all for it. We're supposed to be getting these Mohawks Friday or Saturday. We're still going to go through with the deal. It's going to look ugly, but hey, a deal is a deal."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on if he is sure DB-Melvin Bullitt is going to go through with getting Mohawks)

"I'm going to make sure he gets it. If I get it, he's getting it. Trust me."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on being the hunters)

"I like to always be that team that is hunting. Coach Caldwell always continues to tell us, 'Let's be the hunters out there.' … We have to keep that same mindset, that we are going out and we're trying to win this game, we're the underdogs. Everybody that is giving us love now, they really didn't have that kind of love for us throughout the season. We know what we have in our locker room and that's what we strive on."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on preparing for the Saints offense)

"The Saints have a lot of fast guys that can do a lot with the ball. I don't want to say we have to change our scheme, but we have to respect that (speed). They have fast guys that can do some of the things that the (New York) Jets couldn't do with their personnel. They can spread the field out a lot."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On younger players filling in for injured starters this season)

"The first thing I would say is, 'Hats off to Mr. (Bill) Polian.'  That speaks for itself.  He just has an eye for talent in picking up guys like me and undrafted free agent Jacob Lacey.  He also picked up Pierre Garcon, who was a sixth-round pick now playing with the injury to Anthony Gonzalez. Those three guys playing those three positions are filling in for injured players and no one else wanted us.  I think that shows what our scouting department does and what our management side of the building does to make us one of the best teams in the league.  We all knew we could play.  Before the season, people didn't know Pierre Garcon was going to be the kind of play he is.  It just took a little time.  He had to learn the offense.  He has to get accustom with the timing with Peyton (Manning).  No one knew I or Jacob Lacey would even make the team.  We had a shot and we took advantage of it."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On the attitude of the younger guys on defense)

"There are a lot of guys on our team that carry a chip on their shoulder.  We had six starters at one time this season who were undrafted free agents on defense.  One was released from another team in the same division.  It shows a lot.  Guys can go out there and make plays no matter who you are or what round you were picked in."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On planning for the Super Bowl)

"I'm just watching the older guys.  I'm seeing how Antoine (Bethea) approaches it.  Marlin Jackson has been out, but he's been telling me what it will be like when we get down there.  I just watch how the older guys prepare for it.  I know I'm considered a veteran now, but I don't know exactly what's going on this week.  I don't know what the practices will be like or the media days, etc.  I'm just taking it all in and soaking it up.  I'm just trying to get everything else out the way and just worry about football."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On if he's excited)

"I'm very excited.  I don't think it has hit me yet, though.  I've never been there.  I've never been to the Super Bowl.  Everybody is texting me and calling me.  When we go down there, we expect to win.  Someone told me, 'Don't go down there and try to play the Super Bowl.   Go down there and play the Saints.'  Our whole goal is to play the Saints.  If we go down there and do what are supposed to do I think we will be alright."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On the routine of the team and if it has changed)

"Coach Caldwell has done a great job of keeping our routine the same.  He made a point to make this week like game week.  That's how we are taking it.  I think it's working really well for us because next week when we get to Florida, there will be a lot of distractions.  We prepare this week as if we're playing Sunday, and next week will be extra work."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On going up against the Saints offense)

"It's going to be very challenging.  It's (Saints offense) similar to the Patriots offense, knowing they will throw the ball a lot.  It's something we haven't seen as much this season.  A lot of teams have tested us against the run.  When we played against the Arizona Cardinals, people thought they would throw a lot because we had some guys out, but it didn't work out that way.  We had a good pass rush, and the guys on the backend did a really good job.  If our secondary can make sure we read our keys and focus on the tasks at hand, I think we'll do a good job."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On if the Colts defense is fighting for respect)

"You always are.  Especially on a team that has the best offense in the league.  You will always (as a defense) be fighting for respect.  No one looks a the Colts and talks about defense.  The first name you hear is Peyton Manning and then it's Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon and you can name them on down.  We are always fighting for respect within our team.  It's funny because when we get out there in practice we feel like we have the upper hand against the best offense in the NFL.  We feel like we do a pretty good job against them.  Why not do it against another team?"

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On LB-Clint Session and his big hits this season)

I bet it hurts.  There were a couple of times he (Session) made a hit and it set the tone for the whole game.  It makes you want to hit like that but I couldn't take it.  I'll just keep tackling the way I tackle and Clint (Session) can take care of all the bone crushing hits.  Everybody wants to be the guy with the big highlight.  My hat goes off to Clint because he can make some big hits."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On QBs Peyton Manning and Drew Brees)

"It does.  They (Manning and Brees) are very similar.  In our opinion he (Brees) is the next best quarterback in the league.  In some people eyes he is the best quarterback in the league.  People can have a good argument deciding who is the best.  Peyton (Manning) treats every practice as if it's a game.  That's the way he takes it.  Every pass is full speed.  Every route the guys run is full speed and the balls he throws are right on the money.  With Drew Brees it's the exact same formula.  I'm sure he practices the way he plays.  That's why he is so good.  We are going to have to really step up to make some plays."

DB-MELVIN BULLITT (On not being on special teams)

"I haven't been on special teams much this season but I'm in every meeting.  Even though I'm special teams captain, I feel there are other captains on special teams.  Aaron Francisco is our overall best special teams player.  Cody Glenn, Ramon Humber and Jamie Silva do a great job on special teams.   I haven't been able to contribute much due to injuries in the secondary.  They have done an excellent job."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK (On the socks he wears during the week)

"It's just something I wear during the week.  I started it during the middle of the season.  Every Friday the defensive line has done it.  Now everyone on my Twitters page wear blue socks on Fridays.  It's just something to do during the season and have fun with it."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK (On what the defense has to do against the Saints)

"We want to get to the quarterback as much as possible.  They (Saints) have a great offense.  They have some great receivers.  They like to get the ball out to different guys.  We know we have a big task at hand try to get to him (Drew Brees).  They also have a good offensive line.  We have to make some plays upfront."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK (On what the defense has done so far in preparation for the Saints)

"We haven't been practicing rushing the passer too much because we've been practicing against the run.  The last two teams we played (Jets and Ravens) were running teams.  They tried to wear us down upfront and pound the ball.  This game coming up is more of our style of game.  This game will bring us back to what we like to do in getting to the quarterback."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK (On the changes made between Jim Caldwell and Tony Dungy)

"Not too much has changed besides the defensive scheme a little bit.  We are a more attacking defense.  Coach Caldwell is a more vocal person.  He talks to the young guys a lot.  He explains why we go through certain things.  We had a lot of injuries this year and there were times you would see Coach Caldwell telling the younger guys they had to step up and play.  Our practices have been a little different.  He'll (Caldwell) will ask guys how their bodies feel, etc.  He'll change up practices if guys are banged up.  He knows we don't want to be banged up during the week and not have anything left on Sundays.  That's just one of the things he has changed."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK (On the defensive style now)

"It's better to attack people.  You never know where we are going to blitz from or where we are rushing from or who is dropping back in coverage.  We usually just sit back and play cover 2 and try to make a play upfront.  Right now we are getting everybody involved.  That has confused the offense and given us the ability to do a lot of things and attack from different angles.  That has helped us out all year."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK (On what the defense tries to accomplish)

"We just go out there and hit people in the mouth.  We haven't had any respect all year.  We are still trying to earn our respect.  We just go out there and do what we do.  We don't talk about it until after the game is over.  We just want to keep playing our defense like we have."

DT-RAHEEM BROCK (On why he has a Twitter account)

"I know a lot of celebrities on Twitter.  They told me about it.  I didn't really like it at first.  Now it's fun and entertaining.  In my downtime if I'm just chilling, I'll get on there and see what everyone is talking about.  I follow comedians.  They are very funny to follow on Twitter.  It's an all-day comedy show.  It's good for me.  I can check in on fans and see what they are thinking.   I just think it's pretty cool.  I don't mind doing it and it is fun.  Sometimes people can take things the wrong way.  I try not to say too much.  I joke around a little bit.  I haven't gotten any real bad feedback on anything yet.  It's been good so far."

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