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  HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (opening remarks)            “It is really good to get back to work.  We spent the last few days talking about the game and talking about things.

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (opening remarks)           

"It is really good to get back to work.  We spent the last few days talking about the game and talking about things.  Today we got our first chance to get with the team and really start looking at the Bears, working on things that we're going to do.  And that's exciting.  I think the players are enjoying it and we're looking forward to having a great practice.  As we look at them, we see what a good ball club they are and why they're 15-3.  They do a lot of things well and they're going to present a big challenge, but I know our guys will rise to the occasion to get themselves ready for it."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on if he gives the team any cautionary tales about what can happen during Super Bowl week)          

"We have talked about it a little bit and really didn't talk in depth about anything that's happened any place else, but really stressed that it's a business trip, that we want to go down there and enjoy our families and enjoy the moment and not totally disassociate ourselves with the hype and the hoopla, but it has to be a business trip and you're going down there to win the ballgame.  I had three guys speak to the team about that—Adam Vinatieri, Ricky Proehl and Anthony McFarland, all guys that have gone and won—and what it means to go down there and win and how you have to prepare.  And I thought the guys did a good job of painting the picture to the team."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on if there is a Super Bowl moment he remembers best)  

"Yes.  When it was 00:00 on the clock and we had beaten Dallas.  That was my favorite one.  Super Bowls are all special.  You have two teams that are there and it's one of the very few times in sports where it's do or die, it's winner take all, the winner is the champion and the loser goes home.  There's no next game to prepare for.  It just happens very rarely.  That's the exciting thing about it to me, and that's what I think our players, those three guys (Vinatieri, Proehl, McFarland) did a good job of getting across to our guys.  It's a one-game season."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on Ryan Diem, Aaron Moorehead and Kelvin Hayden)    

"I think it will be special for those guys, no question about it.  They're all doing well.  They all came in different ways.  Aaron came to us a free agent receiver who we liked a lot, didn't get drafted, did a great job in his first preseason and has been a guy who every time he plays, he does a good job for us.  He doesn't get the opportunity with some of the receivers we've had, but he's been special for us.  Ryan Diem came as a guard.  We moved him to offensive tackle.  He's been very, very solid, been part of a unit that's done a great job of protecting Peyton and open up running lanes for the past five years.  Very, very quiet guy, but very, very professional in the way he does things.  Kelvin Hayden is probably our type of player, a defensive back who had converted from wide receiver at Illinois, a very, very tough guy, physical, has done a great job on special teams and made some big plays when he's gotten the chan

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