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Colts Post-Game Quotes vs. Jaguars



HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 9/18/05

"A lot of people are going to be disappointed. We didn't move the ball the way we normally do and disappointed in the final score. That was a very good football team we played. They play hard. They have talented people. They're an excellent team. We need to be able to win games like this. Good teams, if you don't win the championship, you have to win games that go any kind of way. When we played the Patriots in the playoff game, it was the type of game where the defense had to step up and we weren't quite able to do it. Today, we were. We were able to keep them out of the end zone and put pressure on the passer. We didn't do as good a job on the running game and some tackling as we'd like. We came up with big plays when we needed them. About the only thing we didn't do was recover fumbles. I guess we'll work on that next week. All in all it was very pleasing. It was a big game on our schedule. We knew coming in here that these guys had a good team. Right now, we're in first place in the division. That's the important thing."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on Colts' offense) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 9/18/05

"They were playing a lot of three man line, dropping eight at times. The first drive we should have run the ball a little more but we didn't. We just didn't finish our drive. But you have to give them credit. They played good defense. We had a concerted effort at halftime, talked about staying with the run. When we didn't have penalties and shoot ourselves in the foot, we were able to run it."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on injuries) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 9/18/05

"Edge (Edgerrin James) just has some tiredness. His legs were cramping just a little bit. Mungro (James) has a knee injury. He couldn't return. Dominic (Rhodes) had an injury. It doesn't look to be serious. Ran (Carthon) went in there. That's the thing I like about our team. We don't change what we do. We've got confidence in all the guys that are there. Ran went in. It was a play we said, if they gave us a certain look, we were going to audible to the run and he took it in and did what we expected. That's another sign of a good football team."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on winning the game the old fashion way)

"In the NFL any time you get a victory it's good and it's big. We knew it was going to be a tough game. It seems like every week we are going to have a task to show people we can play."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on the struggles of the offense)

"It's only the second game and we've got a long season. We are going to take the win and enjoy it, and on Wednesday we will get ready for the [Browns].

QB-PEYTON MANNING (at the end of the day the win is the only thing that matters)

"Great win, this was an important game in the AFC south because both teams were undefeated coming in."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the expectation of a tough game from Jacksonville)

"They're all tough these days, every team that we play is tough. We always get the best shots."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the play of the defense)

"Well, we are 2-0, and they have played excellent 2 weeks in a row. I am very happy with the effort that those guys have put forth."

CB-NICK HARPER (on Colts defense carrying the offense) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 9/18/05

"You could say that. We're fortunate today. The defense could carry the offense for a while. This is one game where the defense stepped up. A team like that, it was all about stopping the run. We showed everyone we're for real. But we are only as good as our last game."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on outstanding defensive pressure) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 9/18/05

"Whenever you can make a team one dimensional, you can start to play a little more free. We feed off each other. If he gets a sack, now I have to get one. And so it makes everybody play a little harder."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on his overall game) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 9/18/05

"They double teamed me in some strange ways. I would look and there would only be one guy blocking me and then wham, there'd be somebody else. What that did was allow someone else to get pressure on (Byron) Leftwich."

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