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Colts Post-Game Quotes vs. Denver

AFC Wild Card Playoffs HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments on the game) Post game vs. DenverBroncos “I’m really proud of our team, the way we came our very focused today and we just played well.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments on the game) Post game vs. DenverBroncos

"I'm really proud of our team, the way we came our very focused today and we just played well. We talked about coming in and trying to play well in front of our home crowd. That's a very good ball club that we beat. They are a tough team. They got a lot of weaponry on offense and they have some really tough defenders. Today it just happened to be our day. You could kind of feel it all week. They practiced hard and prepared hard and they knew what was at stake. I'm just proud of them."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on challenging the Colts' receivers) Post game vs. DenverBroncos

"Maybe we need someone to do that every week to challenge our guys. Again, I was proud the way our guys handled that. They know they are tough group. They don't have to talk about it. They showed up today."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on Denver's defense) Post game vs. DenverBroncos

"They went and got Champ Bailey, and we knew the reason why they got him: to blitz and play man-coverage. So we felt we had a match-up there. They play a lot of man-coverage and Reggie (Wayne) had a great game."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on next week's game vs. New England) Post game vs. DenverBroncos

"We haven't thought about New Englandyet. I told our guys it isn't time for that yet. We will come in and have a good plan for New England. The coaches will get that ready on Wednesday. Playoff games are special and I told the guys they need to enjoy this one. Obviously we know what is ahead of us. So we will regroup, get injured guys healthy and see what we can do up there."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the win) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos:

"It was outstanding execution throughout the entire game. That's what we talked about all week. There were a lot of things being said from different directions, and all we talked about was 'let's go out and execute.' Just because you played well in week two or week ten or what not doesn't mean anything once you get into the playoffs, except that you're capable of doing it."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the match-up with Roc Alexander on Reggie Wayne) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos:

"It's nothing against Alexander. Reggie has had an outstanding year all season long. Whoever's been guarding Reggie is always in for a challenge. He's really been great the last two years. We don't really throw away from a particular guy but we try to call plays to throw to the guy that's open."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on WR-Reggie Wayne's gaining 221 receiving yards) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos:

"It was a heck of a game. Reggie has the appreciation and respect from me and this team and hopefully everybody around the league saw today just how great he really is."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the score being 21-0 before Marvin Harrison caught a pass) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos:

"Well, that's not very normal. Some of the plays being called, the first read might have been open or maybe the defensive lineman in my face caused me to slide left and look to the left side. Marvin is the primary read on a number of plays, but I've always said that Marvin, because of who he is, can dictate a lot of defenses. Teams will always send their top cover corner to his side, they'll cheat a safety that way."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on the win) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos:

"It was a really good team victory for us. Coming out fast like that was definitely important to us to get the crowd into it and set the tempo for the game."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on the challenge from Denver throughout the week) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos:

"I didn't even hear it. I didn't read, listen, or hear anything. I just went about my business and got ready for the game as a normal game and left it at that."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on whether last week's hit affected him today) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos:

"No, you can't do it that way, because that's exactly what they want. But it was a great hit and obviously you remember those, but when you're on the field, you just catch the ball no matter what and help the team out as much as possible."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on the game) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos:

"I felt that we were dominating at times in every area. We kind of laid back a little bit in the second half knowing that we had such a big lead and we figured they'd be doing a couple of different things. But we played a pretty good game.

TE-MARCUS POLLARD (on the game) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos.

"We're moving on to Boston and this was a huge win for us. In all three phases of the game, we played exceptionally well. The defense got a couple turnovers and the offense executed well, and this was a big win for us. We really played as a team and got it done. We still have a lot to prove. New England is going to be a strong challenge for us. Those guys are still playing like world champions and we're going to their place, which will be hostile like this place was today. And those guys are excited to get back to the Super Bowl."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD (on recovering from an ankle injury) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos.

"I'm not feeling too bad. It held up pretty well, so hopefully next week it will be even better, and hopefully in the weeks after that it'll be even better.

C-JEFF SATURDAY (on the game) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos

"We're just real excited about the victory today over Denver, which was real important for us to do. Next week we go to New England, and they've beaten us the last few times we've played them, so we have our work cut out for us. What we'll have to do is get our game plan, get focused and go there and execute. I'm excited about being where we're at and about going to the second round of the playoffs. New England is another team that's in our way as we try to get to our goal. I don't get more excited for one team more than another. I'm just excited on having the opportunity to move on."

C-JEFF SATURDAY (on next week's game against New England) Post-game vs. Denver Broncos.

"I think our defense is playing very well right now, which gives us a big boost. I was really impressed with what our defense did today. Our receivers played phenomenally well, and Dallas Clark probably had his best game. I'm just real excited about how we're playing right now."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on the game) Post-game vs. Broncos

"When everyone had the opportunity; they made plays. That's what it is about."

Everyone is ready to win it all (Super Bowl) an

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