Colts-Jaguars Game Report

Colts-Jaguars Game Report





Colts 37, Jacksonville 3


Jacksonville started at its 11.  Gabbert hit Sanders and Shorts to the 29, then to Shorts again to the 42.  Gabbert under pressure from Erik Walden threw the ball away.  Gabbert was incomplete on second down.  Sanders caught a third-down pass for a first down.  Gabbert scrambled for five yards and called a time out with 12 seconds left.  Harbor caught a pass to the 35 with six seconds left.  On the final play, Forsett caught a pass for 11 yards.

Matt Hasselbeck took over for Luck.  Havili lost four yards on a draw play.  Hasselbeck hit DHB for 16 yards and Dominique Jones for 21 yards.  Havili rushed for three yards up the middle, then he hit for one yard to get to the two-minute warning.  Hasselbeck and DHB could not connect in the end zone.  Vinatieri hit a 28-yard field goal.  Colts 37, Jaguars 3.

Gabbert and Sanders clicked for 16 yards on first down.  Josh Gordy swiped a Gabbert pass on the ensuing play, giving the Colts possession at the Jacksonville 47 with 4:50 left.

After Jax. offsides, Richardson converted first down with two rushes.  Richardson rushed for two yards.  Luck and Wayne had a pass batted down by a defender on second down.  Brown converted first down with a nine-yard rush.  Richardson gained nothing on first down, but popped for 12 yards on second down.  Luck and Hilton hit for three yards on first down.  Brown rushed for six yards.  Richardson swept right, but could not pick up the first down.  McAfee punted to the Jacksonville 23.

Gabbert hit passes of 31 yards to Clay Harbor and 27 yards to Ace Sanders.  After a Colts penalty, Gabbert was incomplete from the two on first down.  MJD lost two yards on second down.  Shorts and Gabbert could not connect on third down.  On fourth down from the four, Gabbert from the shotgun could not connect with Sanders.  The Colts took possession with 12:52 left.


Gabbert was incomplete on first down and Shorts had reception for no yards on second down.  Davis was called for contact on third down, giving Jacksonville a first down.  Indianapolis was called for a 15-yard facemask on MJD on first down, putting the ball at the 40.  Redding sacked Gabbert on first down as the quarter ended.

Richardson gained nothing on first down.  After a Jacksonville offsides, Luck and Hilton combined for a first down to the 43.  After a Colts holding call, Richardson gained two yards.  Luck and Hilton hit for 18 yards and a first down.  Luck was sacked on first down for a four-yard loss.  Wayne caught a pass in the middle for 23 yards.  Richardson gained four on first down, then swept for one yard.  Luck and Fleener clicked to the Jaguars' nine for 15 yards.  It was the Colts' 12th play that gained 10-plus yards.  Richardson got two yards on first down.  Brown had a shuffle-pass reception to the five, for two yards.  Luck found Wayne for five yards and the score.  Wayne is the 11th player with 13,000 career yards and 80 career TD receptions.  Colts 34, Jaguars.

Two short rushes by MJD and Todman brought up third-and-long.  Gabbert was snowed under with a sack, the Colts' fifth straight three-and-out.  Anger punted to the Colts' 37 and after the penalty on a Hilton return, the Colts started at their 28.

Luck and Wayne combine for 17 yards, and 15 yards were added for personal foul by Jason Babin on Luck.  Luck and Fleener covered the distance with a first-down completion.  The 31-yard touchdown pass made it 27-3, Colts.

Jacksonville started at their 22.  Gabbert was sacked by Robert Mathis on first down.  On second-and-17, MJD gained five yards.  After a short completion, Anger punted to the Colts' 36, where Hilton returned the kick one yard.


With 34 seconds remaining and one time out, Luck hit Fleener to the 40.  Luck scrambled for nine yards and the Colts called time out with 17 seconds left.  Luck eluded pressure and misfired to Wayne with 10 seconds left.  Luck fired deep to Hilton incomplete as the half ended.

From his 20 with 1:34 remaining, Gabbert was sacked by Erik Walden for no gain on a rush.  Gabbert and Todman lost two yards on a second-down completion.  Jacksonville could not convert a first down with a third-down completion.  Anger punted to the Colts' 30.

On first down, Jacksonville was flagged for defensive holding.  Richardson hit the middle for six yards.  Luck under pressure got a protection block from Richardson and hit Wayne for 28 yards, but a replay review overturned the call.  On third-and-four, Luck and Wayne hit for 31 yards to the Jacksonville 30.  Luck misfired deep on first down.  Richardson swept right on a pitch for seven yards to the Jags' 23.  Fleener caught a pass in the flat and took it eight yards for a first down.  An illegal hands to the face by the Colts negated a Luck-to-Wayne TD pass.  On second-and-20 from the 25, Havili was caught for a two-yard loss on a screen pass.  Tyson Alualu sacked Luck for 10 yards to put the Colts back to the 37.  On third-and-32, Luck hit DHB for four yards.  After Jacksonville jumped offsides, Vinatieri hit from 46 yards out.  Colts 20, Jacksonville 3.

Gabbert eluded Robert Mathis on first down and threw the ball away.  Gabbert and Shorts hit for five yards on second down.  Gabbert eluded pressure from Redding and threw the ball away.  Anger punted to the Colts' 28.

Luck and Fleener hit for 13 yards to start the drive.  After Richardson ran for one yard, Donald Brown burst up the middle for 50 yards.  Brown had a nine-yard reception, then Richardson gained seven and one yard to score the touchdown.  It was a six-play, 81-yard drive.  Colts 17, Jacksonville 3.

Gabbert ran for five yards to avoid tough start on first down.  MJD nosed ahead for four yards to bring up third-and-one.  The Colts held MJD on third down, with Cory Redding and Cam Johnson making the hits.  Anger punted 61 yards and the Colts started at the 19.

Justin Forsett ran for three yards as the drive started at the Jaguars' 20.  MJD ran for no gain on second down.  Jerrell Freeman was called for holding on third down to give Jacksonville a first down.  MJD probed the middle for four yards.  He then gained two yards on second down.  Darius Butler swiped a Gabbert pass in tight coverage along with Davis and returned the interception 41 yards for a touchdown.  Colts 10, Jacksonville 3.

Luck delivered a pass high on first down, then could not complete a second-down attempt.  On third-and-goal, Luck and Wayne could not convert on the end-line.  Adam Vinatieri hit a 22-yard field goal 17 seconds into the period.  Colts 3, Jacksonville 3.


Luck and DHB could not connect on a long seam route on first down.  Luck and Wayne combined for 24 yards to the Jags' 34.  Stanley Havili had a three-yard reception to the 31.  Hilton caught a quick slant for a first down.  From the 22, Luck and Coby Fleener could not connect on a post pattern in the end zone.  Richardson went off right tackle for one yard.  Luck scrambled for 17 yards to the Jacksonville three as the quarter ended.

Jordan Todman rushed for one yard to start the drive.  Gabbert and Shorts hit for 15 yards to the 36, but the Jaguars were penalized after the play for a personal foul.  Jacksonville was penalized five more yards to their 16.  Gabbert and Denard Robinson could not connect on first down.  MJD had a five-yard reception to bring up third-and-10.  Gabbert under pressure threw the ball away.  Anger punted 49 yards and after a seven-yard Hilton return, the Colts started at their 42.

Luck and Darrius Heyward-Bey (DHB) combined for 13 yards on first down.  Luck and Hilton could not hit on a long crossing route on first down.  Richardson went off right tackle for one yard.  On third-and-nine, Luck and pressure and leveled after he hit found Richardson for short yardage.  McAfee punted 60 yards for a touchback.

MJD ran left for six yards to start the drive, then pounded the middle for no gain.  Gabbert rolled right on third down, and Davis batted the pass down.  Josh Scobee hit a 53-yard field goal for the game's first score.  Jacksonville 3, Colts 0.

Luck and Hilton combined for three yards on first down, but the duo misfired on second down and Will Blackmon intercepted Luck at the Colts' 41.

Maurice Jones-Drew (MJD) ran over center for four yards, then he gained one yard off the left side.  On third down, Blaine Gabbert and Cecil Shorts hit for 11 yards.  Gabbert was intercepted by Vontae Davis on a fly route.  Indianapolis took over at its 32.

After a David Reed return, the Colts started at their 21.  Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton hit for nine on first down.  Trent Richardson ran for six up the middle.  Reggie Wayne could not secure a slant route pass.  Jacksonville was offsides on second down, negating an interception.  Richardson swept right and broke tackles for two yards.  From the shotgun, Luck's pass was batted incomplete.  Pat McAfee punted 47 yards and after a 10-yard return, Jacksonville started at its 20.

Jacksonville won the coin toss and deferred.  Indianapolis will receive.


WR-Griff Whalen

FS-LaRon Landry

RB-Ahmad Bradshaw

C-Samson Satele

OT-Xavier Nixon

DT-Montori Hughes

DT-Ricky Jean Francois


Mike McGlynn at C for Samson Satele

Jeff Linkenbach at RG for Mike McGlynn

Trent Richardson at RB for Ahmad  Bradshaw

Delano Howell at FS for LaRon Landry

Fili Moala at DT for Ricky Jean Francois

Almost Unbeatable with Power of Three

* *

INDIANAPOLIS – While there is no statistic that a team can accomplish outside of scoring points that guarantees a victory, the Colts have proven to be nearly unbeatable with potent days on the ground.

Last Sunday was one such case when Indianapolis had three rushing touchdowns to top San Francisco, 27-7.

It was the team's most lopsided road win in four seasons, and it marked the 23rd straight time the team has won in its Indianapolis era when scoring three or more times in a game on the ground.

Trent Richardson, Andrew Luck and Ahmad Bradshaw pulled off the feat, and now the Colts are 24-1 in their Indianapolis era in games with that many or more rushing scores.

It marked only the fifth time in the last 30 years three Colts players scored a rushing touchdown in a game.  The last time came on October 1, 2006 when Dominic Rhodes, Joseph Addai and Peyton Manning combined in a 31-28 win at the New York Jets.

In a 1988 home win over the Jets, four Colts – Gary Hogeboom, Chris Chandler, Eric Dickerson and George Wonsley – all tallied as Indianapolis employed the wishbone attack in its offense.

Players doing it three times by themselves include Randy McMillan, Marshall Faulk (twice) and Edgerrin James (five times), while Dickerson (October 31, 1988) and Addai (November 26, 2006) hold the franchise mark with four.

On four occasions the combined yardage of the rushing scores topped 40 yards, with the top two being 69 yards vs. Denver in 1988 (65 by Dickerson) and 66 yards vs. St. Louis on October 1, 1995 (all by Faulk).

* *





TD Rushers


09/22/13 @S. Francisco

W 27-7

Richardson 1t; Luck 6t; Bradshaw 1t


12/14/08 DETROIT

W 31-21

Rhodes 1t; Simpson 2t; Rhodes 1t



W 45-21

Addai 15t, 10t, 15t, 4t


10/01/06 @NY Jets

W 31-28

Rhodes 6t; Addai 2t; Manning 1t


11/20/05 @Cincinnati

W 45-37

Rhodes 4t; James 1t, 2t


10/17/05 ST. LOUIS

W 45-28

James 1t, 8t; Rhodes 1t; James 1t


11/16/03 NY JETS

W 38-31

James 1t, 4t, 1t; Smith 21t


10/06/03 @Tampa Bay

W 38-35*

Williams 1t; Mungro 3t; Williams 1t


12/11/00 BUFFALO

W 44-20

James 1t, 1t, 13t


10/15/00 @Seattle

W 37-24

James 26t, 3t, 2t


12/26/99 @Cleveland

W 29-28

James 1t, 1t, 2t


10/01/95 ST. LOUIS

W 21-18

Faulk 32t, 33t, 1t


10/30/94 NY JETS

W 28-25

Majkowski 3t; Faulk 1t, 29t


09/04/94 HOUSTON

W 45-21

Faulk 1t, 2t, 11t


10/08/89 BUFFALO

W 37-14

Dickerson 1t; Trudeau 1t; Dickerson 4t


12/04/88 @Miami

W 31-28

Turner 1t; Dickerson 2t; Turner 1t


11/06/88 NY JETS

W 38-14

Hogeboom 1t, Chandler 29t; Dickerson 2t; Wonsley 3t


10/31/88 DENVER

W 55-23

Dickerson 12t, 11t, 1t, 41t; Bentley 4t


10/16/88 TAMPA BAY

W 35-31

Dickerson 1t, 27t; Chandler 2t


12/27/87 TAMPA BAY

W 24-6

Dickerson 6t, 34t; Bentley 2t


11/29/87 HOUSTON

W 51-27

Dickerson 19t, 13t; Wonsley 2t


11/15/87 @Miami

W 40-21

Dickerson 4t; Bentley 17t, 2t


12/15/85 @Tampa Bay

W 31-23

Wonsley 7t, 3t; Pagel 3t; Bentley 26t


12/01/85 NEW ENGLAND

L 31-38

McMillan 1t, 6t, 6t


10/06/85 BUFFALO

W 49-17

Pagel 2t; Wonsley 7t, 3t; McMillan 6t, 2t

* *

Since grouped in the AFC South, the Colts lead the series against Jacksonville, 14-8, but tight margins have been the history.  Sixteen games have been played to a one-score finish, while nine times games have been decided by five points or less.  Six have been decided by a field goal or less.

The Colts are 8-4 all-time at Jacksonville.  Jacksonville beat the Colts in Indianapolis last year, 22-17, while the Colts earned a 27-10 win at EverBank Field.

Jacksonville swept the Colts in 2011, only the second time an AFC South team won the seasonal series from the Colts (Tennessee, 2002).

From 1984-present, the Colts have earned a 244-222 (.524) record, with 17 winning seasons, 15 playoff appearances and 12 10-win seasons.

Since 2003, the Colts are 25-10 in September, the NFL's best record.

The Colts opened the season with 19 new players on roster, with 10 of those players arriving through veteran free agency.  The total of new players now on the active roster totals 20.

The Colts were 9-1 in games decided by seven points or less last year, the most number of such games by a team in 2012.  Indianapolis has won nine of its last 10 games decided by seven points or less, 1-1 in 2013.

The Colts did not lose consecutive games all last season, marking the ninth such season in franchise history (1964, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1976, 1999, 2003, 2012).

The Colts are 6-0 under Chuck Pagano in games following losses, with a 137-93 scoring margin in those wins.

The Colts are 44-3 since 1998 in games without a turnover.  Since 2000, the team is 41-2 in such outings.

The Colts have only one turnover in 2013, third in the NFL, and the club's plus-four ratio (5:1) ranks third in the AFC, fifth in the NFL.

The Colts have been penalized seven times in three games, the NFL's fewest infractions.

The Colts' 11 punts in three games tie New Orleans for the fewest in the NFL.

The Colts have been holding opponents to a drive start position at the 19.3-yard line, the AFC's best mark and fourth in the NFL.

The Colts have only 14 negative-yardage plays, second in the AFC, tied for fifth in the NFL.

The Colts have eight 10-play drives, tied for second in the NFL and six five-minute drives, first in the NFL.

The Colts have allowed only seven points in the fourth quarter of games this year, tied for second in the NFL.

Indianapolis has topped 100 rushing yards in the first three games, with the best numbers since 1984 being five games (1984, 1988) and three (1989).

Since 2012, the Colts are 8-0 in games with 30-plus rushes.  The Colts are one of four teams during that span with an undefeated record (11-0, Houston; 8-0, Colts; 6-0, Cincinnati, 6-0, Denver).

The Colts are 24-1 since 1984 in games with three or more rushing touchdowns, including a streak of 23 straight wins.

In 2012, Andrew Luck (339-of-627 passing for 4,374 and 23 TDs) had six 300 games, the NFL rookie record and also set league rookie marks in attempts and yards.

Luck (23) was one of a handful of rookie quarterbacks to throw 20 or more touchdown passes (26, Peyton Manning, 1998; 26, Russell Wilson, 2012; 22, Charlie Conerly, 1948; 21, Cam Newton, 2011; 20, Dan Marino, 1983; 20, Andy Dalton, 2011, 20, Robert Griffin III, 2012).

Luck took every snap in 2012 (1,109) and has taken 1,301 consecutive snaps to rank among the best accomplished by Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks (1,631, Peyton Manning; 1,590, Manning (a career-opening total); 1,459, Manning; 1,400, Manning; 1,205, Manning; 1,088 Manning).

Last year, Luck produced seven wins in fourth-quarter or overtime fashion, tying the NFL seasonal record done six other times, including in 1999 and 2009 by Manning.  His seven in a single season tied for the most by a veteran or rookie QB since at least 1970.  With his sixth comeback win, he snapped the record he shared with Ben Roethlisberger (2004) and Vince Young (2006).  The comeback performances came against Minnesota, Green Bay, at Tennessee, Miami, at Detroit, vs. Tennessee and at Kansas City.

The NFL post-merger record for rookie starting wins is 13 by Ben Roethlisberger in 2004.  Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco had 11 in 2008.  Luck and Russell Wilson had 11 in 2012, while Kyle Orton had 10 in 2005.

Luck had his eighth fourth-quarter comeback win vs. Oakland, the most ever accomplished by an NFL QB in the first 17 games of a career.

Luck had a career-best streak of 164 straight passes without an interception end vs. Miami 9/15/13.

Luck's 19t run vs. Oakland tied the 7th-longest ever done by a Colts QB (43t, George Taliaferro vs. Rams 11/22/53; 33t, Peyton Manning at Buffalo, 11/4/01; 32t, Bert Jones at NYJ 10/20/74; 29t, Chris Chandler vs. NYJ 11/6/88; 21t, George Shaw vs. SF 11/27/55; 20t, Marty Domres vs. NYJ 11/16/75; 19t, Jones at Buffalo 11/9/75).

Under Luck, the Colts have opened games three times with two TD drives – 10/21/12 vs. Cleveland; 11/18/12 at New England; 9/8/13 vs. Oakland.

With a TD pass vs. Miami 9/15/13, Luck had nine straight games with a scoring pass, but the streak ended at San Francisco.

Reggie Wayne has scored at least one TD in six of the last seven season openers.

Reggie Wayne has receptions in 115 straight games.  He leads active NFL receivers with 185 career games played.  Wayne (145) is one of six Colts ever to start more than 100 consecutive games (208, Peyton Manning; 115, C-Ken Mendenhall; 104, DE-Fred Cook; 102, DB-Jason Belser; 101, OT-Tarik Glenn).

Wayne (986, 13,268) is 9th in NFL career receptions.  The player ahead of Wayne is Hines Ward (1,000, 8th).  He is 12th in NFL reception yards.  Next on the yardage list is Torry Holt (13,382, 11th).

Against Green Bay on 10/7/12, Wayne (13-212, 1 TD) produced his highest yardage day (200 vs. Dallas 12/5/10) and became the first Colts receiver with two career 200 regular-season games.  His yardage ranked only behind Raymond Berry (224 at Washington 11/10/57) and it was the fifth 200 game in club regular-season history (224, Berry; 212, Wayne; 210, Roger Carr at NY Jets 10/24/76; 203, Reggie Langhorne at Washington 11/7/93; 200, Wayne).  Wayne became only the seventh player since 1990 to have a 200 game in a 10th career season or later (James Lofton, Irving Fryar, Jerry Rice, Shannon Sharpe, Rod Smith, Terrell Owens (2), Wayne (2)).

He earned the AFC Offensive Player-of-the-Week honors for the first time in his career.

The Colts are 29-12 when Wayne tops 100 reception yards, 22-12 when he has at least eight receptions, 57-13 when he scores a touchdown, 24-9 when holds 15.0 reception average.

Wayne (79) ranks third in Colts history in career touchdowns (128, Marvin Harrison; 113, Lenny Moore).  His 79 touchdown receptions are second-most to Harrison (128).

Wayne is set to become the 11th NFL player with 13,000 career reception yards and 80 career TD receptions:





Jerry Rice*



Terrell Owens



Randy Moss



Isaac Bruce



Tim Brown



Marvin Harrison



Tony Gonzalez



Cris Carter*



Andre Reed



Steve Largent*



Reggie Wayne


79* Needs 1 TD to join

Players with 13,000 yards and not 80 TDs:  James Lofton* (14,004), Henry Ellard (13,777), Torry Holt (13,382)

Players with 80 TDs and not 13,000 yards:  Don Hutson (99), Don Maynard (88), Lance Alworth(85), Hines Ward (85), Paul Warfield (85), Andre Rison (84), Tommy McDonald* (84), Irving Fryar (84), Mark Clayton (84), Antonio Gates (83), Art Powell (81).

*Pro Football Hall of Famer

Wayne has 13,263 career scrimmage yards, second in Colts history (14,608, Marvin Harrison; 12,065, Edgerrin James).

Wayne has three or more receptions in a league-record 67 straight games, snapping the previous best of Cris Carter (58, 1993-97).  Wayne has receptions in 186 of 192 career games.  He has multiple receptions in 181 outings and three or more receptions in 162 contests.

Wayne had an 84.7 yardage average in 2012.  His career-best was 94.4 in 2007.  The only two times in franchise history when a player held a 100.0-yard average were 1999 (Marvin Harrison, 103.9) and 2002 (Harrison, 107.6).

Wayne (1,355) produced his eighth 1,000-yard season in 2012.  Reaching that plateau tied him with Marvin Harrison (8, 1999-2006) for the club record.  Wayne had seven consecutive from 2004-10, the second-longest consecutive streak in franchise history.

Last year, Wayne produced his sixth 1,200-yardage season (1,510, 2007; 1,355, 2010; 1,355, 2012; 1,310, 2006; 1,264, 2009; 1,210, 2004).  It tied him with Harrison for the club record and tied him with Harrison and Torry Holt for third-most in NFL history behind Jerry Rice (11) and Randy Moss (8).

Wayne (13,268) is one of 14 players (two active) to reach the 13,000-yard plateau (22,895, Jerry Rice; 15,934, Terrell Owens; 15,292, Randy Moss; 15,208, Isaac Bruce; 14,934, Tim Brown; 14,580, Marvin Harrison; 14,337, Tony Gonzalez; 14,004, James Lofton; 13,899, Cris Carter; 13,777, Henry Ellard; 13,382, Torry Holt; 13,198, Andre Reed; 13,089, Steve Largent).

Last year, Wayne (106) produced his fourth 100 -catch season.  He had 104 in 2007, 100 in 2009 and 111 in 2010.  Wayne tied Marvin Harrison (115, 1999; 102, 2000; 109, 2001; 143, 2002) for the club record.  Jerry Rice and Brandon Marshall have four 100 -reception seasons, while Wes Welker has a league-record five.

Wayne has led the team in receptions seven times, ranking behind Marvin Harrison (9) and Raymond Berry (8) in club history.  Wayne has done it the last six seasons, tying Harrison's (6, 1999-04) club mark for the most consecutive seasons leading the team.

The Green Bay game on 10/7/12 was Wayne's 15th with 10 receptions, one behind Marvin Harrison's club record.  At 19, Andre Johnson is the NFL leader, while Wes Welker has 18.  Jerry Rice did it 17 times.  Harrison (16) and Brandon Marshall (16) are tied for fourth-most.  Wayne is sixth.  Wayne (2007-08) is tied with Johnson (2008) and Brett Perriman (1995) for the NFL lead with three straight games with 10 catches.

Against Green Bay on 10/7/12, Wayne became the 16th NFL player with 40 career 100 games (76, Jerry Rice; 64, Randy Moss (active); 59, Marvin Harrison, 51, Terrell Owens; 50, Don Maynard; 47, Torry Holt; 47, Michael Irvin; 46, Jimmy Smith; 45, Isaac Bruce; 43, Tim Brown; 43, James Lofton; 42, Cris Carter; 41, Lance Alworth; 40, Steve Largent; 40, Steve Smith (active)).  Rice, Maynard, Irvin, Lofton, Alworth and Largent are Hall-of-Famers.

Wayne has more than 100 receptions against each AFC South foe (133, Jacksonville; 124, Houston; 103, Tennessee).  It makes Wayne the eighth player with 100 or more receptions against three or more teams.  He joins Tim Brown, Andre Reed and Cris Carter (who did it against four opponents), as well as Art Monk, Jerry Rice, Rod Smith and Hines Ward.

Antoine Bethea had 11 tackles vs. Oakland, eight vs. Miami and six at San Francisco and has 839 for his career.  Bethea is one of six Indianapolis Colts to top 700 career tackles (1,149 Jeff Herrod; 1,052, Duane Bickett; 785, Jason Belser; 754, Gary Brackett, 744, Eugene Daniel).

Bethea ranks first among active NFL safeties with 83 consecutive starts.

Kicker Adam Vinatieri has scored in the last 149 consecutive games.

His 53-yard field goal with eight seconds left against Minnesota on 9/16/12 was the 24th game-winning kick of his career.

Vinatieri has 506 career field goal attempts, 10th in NFL history (Jason Elam is ninth at 540).  Vinatieri (729) is in fourth-place in Colts career scoring (995, Mike Vanderjagt; 783, Dean Biasucci; 778, Marvin Harrison).

Vinatieri has 1,158 points with New England and with 729 with the Colts, he is one of only three players with 700-plus points with two different teams (Morten Andersen – 1,318 with New Orleans and 806 with Atlanta; John Carney – 1,076 with San Diego and 768 with New Orleans).

Vinatieri (1,887) is 9th in NFL career scoring (2,544, Morten Andersen; 2,434, Gary Anderson; 2,150, Jason Hanson; 2,062, John Carney; 2,004, Matt Stover; 2,002, George Blanda; 1,983, Jason Elam; 1,970, John Kasay).

Vinatieri has eight field goals from the 50 -range, third-most in club history (18, Dean Biasucci; 14, Mike Vanderjagt).

Vinatieri has 15 career 100-plus point seasons.  He has five with the Colts, second to Mike Vanderjagt (8).  Vinatieri has passed Morten Andersen (14) and Gary Anderson (14) for the second-most 100-point seasons.  The NFL leader is Jason Elam (16).

Last year, linebacker Jerrell Freeman topped the club in tackles in each of the first seven games before the streak ended.  Freeman topped the team in tackles in 13 games.  Freeman (203) became the second Colts player in the Indianapolis era to have a 200-tackle season, and his total is the all-time best (200, Jeff Herrod, 1994; 192, Cliff Odom, 1985).

Freeman had his first career multiple-sack game with 2.0 vs. Miami, the fourth undrafted free agent in the Indianapolis era to have a multiple-sack outing (2.0, Scott Virkus vs. Detroit 9/22/85; Tony Siragusa at Seattle 9/4/94; Eric Foster at Jacksonville 12/17/09).

Freeman had a strip-sack vs. Miami and at San Francisco.  With sacks in consecutive games, he became the first Colts LB other than Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis to do so since Rob Morris in 2004.

Last year, T.Y. Hilton had five 100-yard games in 2012 to set the club rookie record.   With 50-861, 7 TDs, Hilton was the 9th Colts rookie with 50 receptions (65, Bill Brooks, 1986; 64, Marvin Harrison, 1996; 62, Edgerrin James, 1999; 60, Austin Collie, 2009; 52, Andre Rison, 1989; 52, Marshall Faulk, 1994; 50, Randy McMillan, 1981; 50, Jerome Pathon, 1998).  His yardage total ranked 2nd for Colts rookies (1,131, Brooks; 836, Harrison), and his touchdowns tied for third-most (8, Brooks and Harrison; 7, John Mackey and Collie).

He was 6-124 vs. Miami 9/15/13 for sixth career 100-plus game, and it marked a career-high yardage total.

Hilton was the 13th receiver taken in the 2012 draft.  There were four selected in the first round, five in the second and three in the third before he was taken with the 92nd choice.

Against Buffalo on 11/25/12, Hilton scored on a 75-yard punt return and an eight-yard reception to become the first Colts player to record such scores in the same game in franchise history.

Cornerback Darius Butler (two interceptions/one fumble recovered) had three takeaways at Jacksonville on 11/8/12, one shy of the Indianapolis era club record for the most by a player in a game (4, Eugene Daniel, 3 interceptions/1 fumble recovered vs. Green Bay 10/27/85; 3, Leonard Coleman, 3 ints. vs. New Orleans 10/12/86; 3, Mike Prior, 3 ints. vs. Phoenix 12/20/92).

Last year, Tight end Dwayne Allen (45) set the club rookie tight end record for receptions.  He led all NFL rookie tight ends in receptions.

Linebacker Robert Mathis (96.0) had an eight-game sack streak end at New England on 11/18/12.  It tied his personal-best.  In 2005, he set an NFL record with sacks in eight consecutive games to start a season.  He has opened 2013 with sacks in the first three games.

Mathis has 22 career multiple-sack games, including two three-plus sack games.  Mathis has four of the 17 double-digit sack seasons in club history.

Mathis can become 30th NFL player with 100 career sacks.  Mathis has sacked 50 different quarterbacks.  He has 68.5 against AFC teams and 27.5 against NFC teams.

Mathis has sacks in 76-of-150 career games and in 47-of-86 career starts.  Mathis has sacks against all 31 teams.

In 2012, Pat McAfee (73-47.9, 40.3 net) set the club seasonal marks for gross and net average.  McAfee has set the gross mark in each of the last two seasons (46.6, 2011).  In setting the mark last year, he snapped the previous seasonal record of Rohn Stark (45.9, 1985).  McAfee's net average bested Stark's previous record, and his 2011 had ranked second (39.3, Stark, 1992; 39.2, McAfee, 2011).  McAfee had 26 punts inside the 20, tying Hunter Smith's seasonal record (26, 2002).

There are 14 players in franchise history, nine in the Indianapolis era, to participate in at least 100 regular-season victories:  141 games, QB-Peyton Manning; 132, QB-John Unitas; 132, C-Jeff Saturday; 129, WR-Reggie Wayne; 127, TE-Justin Snow; 118, WR-Marvin Harrison; 114, P-Hunter Smith; 112, LB-Dwight Freeney; 109, P-David Lee; 108, OT-Ryan Diem; 107, LB-Don Shinnick; 107, Robert Mathis; 106, DE-Ordell Braase; 105, C/LB-Dick Szymanski.

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