'Colts Forged: Cain's Comeback' Part 1 Episode Recap

Go behind the scenes with Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Deon Cain, as he works his way back from a season-ending knee injury suffered the first preseason game of his career last August. What did we learn from Part 1 of “Colts Forged: Cain’s Comeback?”


INDIANAPOLIS — Deon Cain's exciting rookie season was put to an end before it ever got a chance to get started.

Fortunately, you can follow along as the talented wide receiver puts in the work needed to get all the way back for the 2019 season.

Tonight marked the debut of the team's three-part series "Colts Forged: Cain's Comeback," in which the Colts' content and production folks have been granted exclusive behind-the-scenes access to follow along and document Cain's comeback from a torn ACL.

You can watch Part 1 in its entirety right here:

Some highlights:

• Cain said training camp "was a dream come true for me. … I felt like I was hot, man." That certainly was the case. The rookie sixth-round pick was impressing the camp crowds at Grand Park Sports Campus on a near-daily basis, and his first preseason game, Aug. 9 in Seattle against the Seahawks, was supposed to be his first chance to get some live in-game action. Cain had one catch for four yards in that game — which was being played on his birthday, of all days — before going down with his knee injury, which he considered "a freak accident" on "just a regular route that I run 24/7."

"And then as I got to the locker room, man, I was just shocked," Cain said. "Like, why would an injury fall on such a good day? My first NFL game, birthday, family's here. It was just so much good going on, you feel me? And then just that."

• The injury and diagnosis — a torn left ACL — was tough; Cain immediately knew he was out for the season. But the procedure he had 19 days later might've been even tougher for a guy who had never had major surgery before. "I come out — big 'ol cast on my leg," Cain recalled. "I wake up, I just start immediately crying. … I had never been hurt before, you know? Like, no major injuries or nothing; never been hurt to the point where I had surgery. And I seen my leg right up in a clasp, blood, all different types of things, coming out of my leg … I'm just like, 'Mom' … I just felt like this is not where I'm supposed to be. And she was like, 'Well you're here right now,' and it's like, 'What are you gonna do?'"

• In the end, however, Cain said he's "really grateful for this injury, because it made me learn a lot about myself, it got me closer to Him (God). … Football is going to be easier for me." He continues his rehab work, and, at this time, is expected to be good to go for training camp, according to general manager Chris Ballard.

• Part 2 of "Colts Forged: Cain's Comeback" is scheduled to drop sometime in May. Keep it glued to @Colts on Twitter and Colts.com for all the latest.

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