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Colts Draft Miami Wide Receiver Phillip Dorsett In Round One

Intro: With the No. 29 overall pick on Thursday night, the Colts chose Miami wide receiver Phillip Dorsett. What are the Colts getting in Dorsett?





INDIANAPOLIS – The need for speed won't be an issue for the 2015 Colts.

With the No. 29 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Colts took one of the fastest men in the draft in Miami wide receiver Philip Dorsett.

In the 5-10, 195-pound Dorsett, Andrew Luck will have a weapon that can challenge T.Y. Hilton in getting behind an opposing secondary.

The Miami connection with the Colts continues as Dorsett has plenty of familiarity with his new team. Dorsett has worked out with Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne. He also attended the same high school as Duron Carter (St. Thomas Aquinas High School).

Getting To Know Phillip Dorsett-Why Dorsett?

The old adage of best player available comes in the form of a 4.2 40-yard dash wide receiver in Dorsett. Ryan Grigson has talked before about looking for guys "who pop" off the film and Dorsett is certainly that. In 2014, Dorsett had 10 of his 36 catches go for touchdowns by averaging 24.2 yards per catch. As the Colts continue to look for playmakers that can win favorable matchups created from extra attention towards T.Y. Hilton, Dorsett's speed allows for that and puts plenty of pressure on opposing defenses.-What are the Colts saying about Dorsett?

The traits on film clearly is what immediately jumps at you when looking at Dorsett. However, Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson made it clear they were more than impressed by their combine interaction with the Miami wide receiver. Pagano called Dorsett "a football junkie" who is "very passionate about his craft." When the Colts left their Combine interview with Dorsett, they knew there were no worries with his character. With "rare, rare traits" flashing back at the Colts brass late on Thursday night, they knew that passing on Dorsett would be a mistake.  -Dorsett's role in Indianapolis?

The Colts diverse skill group added another unique talent in Dorsett. T.Y. Hilton's "take the top off the defense" receiving ability will be enhanced with another burner. From a wide receiver standpoint, Dorsett and Hilton provide plenty of speed for Andrew Luck. Then with the stature of guys like Andre Johnson and Donte Moncrief, the Colts have one of the most diverse wide receiver groups in the NFL. Dorsett has plenty of return ability, too. He had 25 kick and punt returns during his four seasons at Miami. Chuck Pagano said Dorsett is a guy that allows you to do some "gadget" type of things offensively. There will be no shortage of unique parts to turn to for offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton in 2015.

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