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Colts-Broncos Game Report - 2nd Half

This is a summary of the second half of play. Stay tuned to for more post game coverage





Colts 39, Denver 33


Manning was sacked on first down by Francois and Freeman.  On second down, Manning hit Decker for one yard.  On third-and-16, Manning found Welker to the Colts' 33, 24 yards.  Manning hit D. Thomas to the Colts' 40, 27 yards.  Davis defensed a pass to Decker on a short in route.  Manning and Welker hit over the middle to the Colts' 27, 13 yards.  Manning and Welker hit to the Colts' two, 25 yards.  Hillman fumbled when hit by Walden, and Indianapolis recovered with 3:03 left.

Brown was caught for a three-yard loss on first down.  Luck and DHB missed a back-shoulder pass at the Denver three on second down.  Luck under pressure had a third-down pass batted.  Vinatieri hit a 42-yard field goal with 5:57 to go.  Colts 39, Denver 30.

Reggie Wayne is out with a knee sprain.

With 7:07 to go, Manning was intercepted on first down when Erik Walden batted his arm and Pat Angerer picked off the pass.  The Colts started at the Denver 20.

After a touchback, Denver was called for holding on first down. Brown rushed for six yards, then popped for three more for a third-and-one at the 34.  Luck and Wayne could not convert on third down.  McAfee punted 51 yards to the Denver 15.

Starting from his 20, Luck hit DHB but the reception was a one-yard loss.  Richardson ran right and fumbled, with Denver recovering at the Colts' 23.  Manning and D. Thomas missed on a post route on the end line on first down.  Manning and D. Thomas hit for eight yards to bring up third-and-two.  Moreno was stopped for a one-yard gain.  On fourth-and-one from the 14, Manning hit Welker for two yards.  Decker had a four-yard reception on first down.  Butler had tight coverage on Welker to thwart a second-down pass.  Decker had a reception to the one, where Moreno scored.  Colts 36, Denver 30.

Manning and Decker hit for 49 yards down the middle on first down, with Vaughn tipping the ball before Decker secured it.  Manning was incomplete to D. Thomas on first down.  Manning hit D. Thomas for 31 yards and a touchdown.  Manning was high to D. Thomas on a two-point pass.  Colts 36, Denver 23.

Richardson rushed for a first down.  DHB ran for 30 yards on a reverse to the Denver 39.  Luck and Hilton could not convert a long pass near the goal line.  Brown ran for short yardage and when the drive stalled, Vinatieri hit a 52-yard field goal with 12:59 left.  Colts 36, Denver 17.


After a touchback, Luck scrambled for nine yards on first down.

Greg Toler is questionable to return with a groin injury.  Butler is playing with a calf injury.  Satele is questionable to return with a knee injury.  Josh Gordy is questionable with a groin.  Gordy and Satele now reported out.

After a third 15-yard penalty on Denver, McAfee kicked a touchback.  Mathis sacked Manning on first down.  Manning found Welker for 18 yards and a first down.  Vaughn was called for interference, putting the ball at the Colts 45.  Hillman rank for 14 yards on first down, then went around the right side for eight yards.  Manning and J. Thomas hit for six yards to the 17, then found Welker to the Colts' six.  Denver was hit for a false start.  Manning and Decker were incomplete on first down.  Denver was hit for a delay call, moving the ball back to the 16.  J. Thomas caught a three-yard pass before being stopped by Vontae Davis.  On third-and-goal from the 13, Manning was incomplete on the end line, intended for J. Thomas.  Prater hit a 31-yard field goal.  Colts 33, Denver 17.

After a Richardson short run, Wayne and Luck combined for 11 yards, and Denver was flagged again for 15 yards (unsportsmanlike conduct) to the Broncos' 14.  Luck and Fleener hit for four yards on first down.  Luck scrambled 10 yards for a touchdown to end the drive.  Colts 33, Denver 14.

Hillman gained four yards on first down.  Darius Butler defensed a pass from Manning to Welker on second down.  Moreno was stopped on a four-yard reception by LaRon Landry.  Colquitt punted 53 yards and after Hilton's return Denver was flagged for a personal foul and the Colts began the drive at the Denver 41.

Luck hit Doyle for seven yards on first down.  Richardson ran for one yard on second down.  From the 37, Richardson ran for six yards.  Denver caught Richardson for a one-yard loss on first down.  Luck and DHB could not click on a short in route to bring up third-and-11.  Luck and Hilton were inches from a score when Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie tipped a deep pass away for an incompletion.  McAfee punted inside the Denver 10, for 52 yards, and Holliday recovered his own fumble.

Luck and Moreno had a three-yard completion to start the drive.  Moreno rushed for two yards.  On third-and five, Manning could not hit Moreno deep out of the backfield on third down.  Colquitt punted to the Colts 29.

Brown was caught for a yard loss on first down.  Luck was high to Hilton on a short slant route to the right.  The duo combined for eight yards on third down.  McAfee punted 48 yards to the Denver 16.

From the 20, Denver was flagged for holding to start the drive.  Manning and J. Thomas hit a seven-yard out route.  Ricky Jean Francois bottled up Moreno for two yards on second down.  On third-and-11, Manning and Decker could not connect.  Colquitt punted 51 yards to the Colts' 30.

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