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Fifth-Year Veteran Defensive Back Kelvin Hayden will blog on bi-weekly throughout the season. In this installment, Hayden discusses why he enjoys being back at training camp and why he is optimistic about the defense this season.


Colts DB Kelvin Hayden Blog-August 7

Well, we're back at camp, and the first week is wrapping up. The first week of camp is always exciting because your whole team is back and you're away from home and it's just that time that you get that bond with each other. And then at the same time, everybody is excited to see the improvement they make from year-to-year. Every offseason is a challenge and you want to work on the little things, get better and see all those things get put into place. It's exciting to be back, have a new challenge, and the exciting part is that this is where it all starts. We're really excited to see what happens with the task at hand.

On Tuesday, we had our first day in full pads. It's kind of exciting because everybody wants to get that contact feel back, the excitement of hitting someone. We haven't been able to do that since January. It's just a great feeling that a football player goes through every year at the beginning of training camp.

Our new defensive coordinator, Larry Coyer, he's old-school and he's exciting. He's one of those intense coaches, and he just wants us to be the best. His goals are set high for us and our goals are set high for ourselves. We are all excited to see what is in store.

Another exciting part of camp for me is the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 1 defense, the ones vs. ones. They're exciting for me because come regular season, we don't do that. This is the time that you get better, and we have one of the best wide receiving corps in the NFL, and my state of mind is that this is the best it's going to get. Practice is really where you put your foot down and get better. The games are when you let it all hang out. My mindset is that I go against the best everyday in practice, so the games should be easier.

One thing you have to love about camp is having a roommate. You get to bond, it's almost like college again. Tim Jennings is my roommate at camp. Tim is one of the most laid back guys I know, but at the same time he has a certain type of humor to him. It is hard to describe. Tim is just going to be Tim. That's one thing about him, it doesn't matter what anyone says or thinks about him, he is going to be himself. There may be a time when he's in his room and you can hear him on the phone, he's all loud. You gotta love him.

I'll post here again in a couple of weeks. By then, we'll be into our preseason games, getting ready for what hopefully will be a successful season ahead. It's great to be back.

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