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Chuck Pagano Visits ESPN Monday To Promote "Sidelined"

Intro: Chuck Pagano and his wife, Tina, were out east on Monday to promote his new book “Sidelined”, with proceeds going to cancer research and other charities. Where all did the Pagano’s stop on Monday?


INDIANAPOLIS – Chuck Pagano's first full week of his 2014 "vacation" might have been his busiest since the end of the last season.

The Colts head coach was out in Bristol, Connecticut on Monday making the rounds through ESPN headquarters to promote his new book "Sidelined" which is now available in stores.

Proceeds of the book go to cancer research, and other charities. On Monday, Pagano shared his story with a plethora of different mediums.

Below is a rundown of all the stops Pagano made with links to his interviews.

Since nearly all the talk from Pagano was about his 2012 battle, the quotes below is a compilation of the "football talk" the coach had at ESPN:

Pagano was in studio with ESPN's national morning radio show. The Colts head coach talked a little U.S. soccer before the conversation shifted towards his book and the play of quarterback Andrew Luck.

"I think Andrew is his own worst critic. He's going to continue to work on his fundamentals and techniques. He's obviously got all the measureables. He's smart as a whip obviously. The game is really slowing down for him. Just to continue to focus on the little things, becoming a great leader. This team is slowly becoming Andrew's team and we got so many great veteran leaders in our locker room but without Andrew, without the quarterback, we all know it's very difficult to win on any level."

SportsCenter with Hannah Storm

Next up was a live hit on SportsCenter where Pagano became the first guest in the show's new studio. On Monday, a frequent topic asked to Pagano was about his third-year quarterback. Storm asked Pagano how Luck handled that 2012 season.

"It was so humbling and so amazing. We all know how great a quarterback and how great a player Andrew is…but he's a better person. He's the most humble person I've ever been around. He's one of greatest teammates that you would ever want to have."

Thanks so much to @Colts coach Chuck Pagano for a terrific interview in our new studio..And congrats on "Sidelined".

— Hannah Storm (@HannahStormESPN) June 23, 2014

Pagano then sat down with longtime ESPN anchor Linda Cohn for about an 18-minute podcast. In my opinion, this is a must listen as Pagano goes in-depth on what that 2012 season was like. From a football standpoint, Pagano told Cohn how he feels heading into Year Three of the program.

"We feel like we're a better team then we've ever been since we got together in 2012. We had a great offseason. It's only nine weeks but we got the most out of those nine weeks that we possibly could. Participation was great. Energy was great. Excitement was great. We understand what the expectations are but we are getting guys back healthy."

Pagano jumped back over to ESPN radio to join Colin Cowherd. The talk of Luck came up again and Cowherd wanted to know when Pagano saw something special in No. 12.

"We didn't have Andrew because of the academic situation, you draft him then you have him for a (rookie) minicamp, then he's back to Stanford and you can't have him in your offseason program until they all graduate school. Being on the quarter system, we didn't get him until mid-June."

"The first time he stepped into the huddle and he started calling plays that nobody had ever heard of and changing things at the line of scrimmage and everybody else on the offense and on defense, and in that huddle, were looking around going, 'What's he talking about?' And this is the first year under coach (Bruce) Arians. I think it was right there at that moment that he obviously digested a ton of information in a short period of time."

This was probably the most football centric of all the appearances Pagano made on Monday. As the title suggests, this podcast concentrated on the current state of the Colts and Pagano was asked about running back Trent Richardson.

"Trent had a great offseason. He didn't miss a day. The circumstances that he came to Indy under were very, very difficult. Having a full offseason and an opportunity to really dive into that playbook and get to know the players, the schemes, the terminology and again have a year…Trent expects to have a great year."

The Finebum show didn't get too much into the Colts but rather focused on Pagano's journey and his perspective on life and football.

"We are not promised anything. Certainly going through the circumstances that we went through sheds light on a lot of things and brings perspective. We all understand the expectations that come along with the job and the pressure that comes along with the job but we are fortunate enough and privileged enough to be playing a kid's game as they call it."

The lone written piece that came out of Monday was this article on Seifert asked Pagano what's the one thing he has taken from 2012.

"I know that there are coaches who do end up sleeping on the sofa in their office," Pagano said, "and that can be part of the business. But the one thing I told myself is that if I was fortunate to get out of the hospital and get back to the facility, that one thing I was going to demand of our guys was to go home at night. Working hard and working smart are two different things, and I wanted our guys to work smart enough so they could do that one little thing each night."

"If we're having to stay here and sleep at night, we're probably overcooking this thing too much. You've got to rest, even in this business. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything."

Pagano and his wife Tina will have a few more stops on Tuesday and will keep you covered with another recap on Wednesday morning.*


A fun look behind the scenes with Coach Pagano as he discusses him new book "Sidelined" with a variety of national media outlets.


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