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Chargers Coach Norv Turner Conference Call

HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on LB-Shaun Phillips) Wednesday, “He’s an outside linebacker, pass rusher, plays defensive end in our nickel package, and he’s having a real good year.

HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on LB-Shaun Phillips) Wednesday, * *

"He's an outside linebacker, pass rusher, plays defensive end in our nickel package, and he's having a real good year.  He obviously wasn't able to play last Sunday, and when you lose a player like him, it has an effect, and we missed his presence on the field."

HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on if he will be back this week) Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Yes.  He was close (at Minnesota).  It was a muscle strain.  We actually played Quentin Jammer, had a similar injury, and he had to come out in the middle of the second quarter.  You really compound it if you try to rush those guys back."

HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on San Diego's 3-4 defense and if part of what makes it so successful is not knowing where the pressure or blitz may come from) Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"You'd like it to be.  There are a number of teams playing 3-4 and people all play it different, but the number one thing you're trying to do obviously is create matchups and create one-on-one matchups.  And maybe if they're not sure where you're coming from, maybe you get a guy to set in a little late to it or just a touch of confusion that gives you a little bit of an edge."

HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on if the possibility of WRs-Marvin Harrison and Anthony Gonzalez not playing changes the approach of defending the Colts offense) Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"As good as those guys are, and I know, I've seen Marvin up close and personal and know how good he is and what he means to their offense, it doesn't appear to have slowed them down.  They have such great balance now, the ability to run the ball, ability to be high-percentage, complete the balls in front and still have the big play ability.  They're unbelievable on third down, so it's hard to get them off the field."

HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on if possibly without Harrison, if it lets the defense pay more attention to WR-Reggie Wayne or TE-Dallas Clark) Wednesday,

"I guess you can, but as I said, it hasn't slowed them down.  I think probably if something like that happens, another player emerges because of it.  I just see Dallas Clark having improved, improved, improved and just making pretty spectacular plays."

HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on RB-LaDainian Tomlinson) Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"The great thing about L.T. is what you see on Sunday is what you get every day of the week.  He's been that type of player since he joined the Chargers seven years ago.  He's a veteran player and understands the ups and downs of an NFL season.  He hasn't slowed down a bit.  He's at the top of his game, and people are treating him that way."

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