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August 5 Quotes

  HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on today’s practice) “The practice that you saw today is literally what we call our 30/30 plays. We get 60 plays run, 30 offensively and 30 defensively.

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HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on today's practice)

"The practice that you saw today is literally what we call our 30/30 plays. We get 60 plays run, 30 offensively and 30 defensively. And it really gives us a chance to play the game from a mental standpoint and get a lot of mental reps, alignments and assignments down. A great majority of this game is played before the ball is snapped and that's what this period is certainly focusing in on. We installed a few things today, particularly red zone, and we'll go after it pretty hard this evening."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on the mental side of football)

"There is a big part of it that is mental, and so much of it is played before the ball is snapped, a great bit more than what people think. Defensively, you can get the call, recognize the formation, take the proper alignment, and then the pass/run key – all of those things happen before the ball is snapped. Offensively, you get the call in the huddle, individuals come out and maybe they don't just have the right play in mind and make a mental error in that regard. Make sure you line up in the right formation. All of those things are what we try and focus in on during that time."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on Bob Sanders' health)

"He's making real good progress. We certainly feel he's doing everything he can to get back. He's working extremely hard, he's keeping himself in it mentally, and he's into it in meetings and our practice sessions, doing a little coaching on the side as well. When he'll be back, I'm not certain, but he's making real good progress so that's really all we can depend on right now, is the fact that some point in time he'll be available."

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HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on the depth at safety)

"We have experience. (Melvin) Bullitt has played an extensive amount and (Antoine) Bethea has certainly been around a long time and a quality player for us, (Matt) Giordano is a guy who is a veteran, and (Jamie) Silva certainly understands our system as well. We have a couple of young guys we're trying to bring along but I think we're pretty solid."


"No question, Melvin has done a great job in terms of making certain he is taking advantage every opportunity he gets. He did the same last year; he's a guy who is always around the ball. Obviously, he has developed and showing even a little bit more of savvy and is doing quite well."


"It is pretty early, but we can see some good things from him. He moves well, he has good quickness, obviously he has size and he's coming along. (Defensive Line Coach) John Teerlinck is working with him and getting him entrenched in what we do and how we do things, and he's making good progress."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez making the jump in year three)

"It is a process. In this league everything is so even in terms of talent that it requires a good understanding of schematics, particularly the ones that you face week in and week out. And it takes a while to get to the point where you can excel in that arena and I think this it's a development process. Anthony, going into his third year, year after year he continues to improve and we're anticipating that same thing happening this year. They get a little bit better at what they do, they are a bit more comfortable and I really do think they are able to accentuate their strengths, work on their weaknesses and become even more of a complete player."


"We anticipate he's also going to make a jump. We need him to come forward, and move forward, and do well. I do think he has had a bout with injuries, but now he's coming along, he's been working extremely hard and Howard (Mudd) will have him in position to be a very effective player for us."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on tonight's practice)

"We'll be in full pads this evening and they are going to get an opportunity to see us mix it up a little bit more than we have. It's not like were taking anybody to the ground, we never do that, but nevertheless, you'll see a little bit more of an active thud. But we're still trying to work on our basics, our fundamentals, improve our running game and our ability to stop the run, and also our special teams. So they are going to get a mix of everything this evening. "

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on the team's defensive tackles)

"We've been pleased with them. We have a good nucleus of guys and a pretty good rotation. Terrence Taylor is coming along. Fili (Moala) is coming along and doing well. Adrian Grady is doing well. We have a good rotation. Ed Johnson is not a rookie, he's been around, and he's doing a nice job on the interior. We've got a pretty good rotation, a little experience and we're doing well."


"You'll be able to tell when the fur really starts flying, but he's been good. He's been coming along. He was with us during OTAs and he continues to improve and we hope to see that progress."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on Jim Sorgi getting snaps last training camp)

"I think for one, he hasn't had a chance to take a whole lot of snaps (this camp). And with any quarterback here, opportunities in the system are going to be limited. You get quite a few during preseason, but very rarely in camp have we had a lot of playing time. So it was good for him to get his feet wet (last year) and have an opportunity to lead the team and direct it. I think he developed some confidence because he did play well and I think our team got a little bit better feel for him. Overall, I think it was a real positive experience."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on how important Sorgi getting experience is)

 "It does help. It helps him have that kind of continuity. It helps when you have a guy like Jim who understands the system and can operate it well. Everybody has confidence in what he can do and he continues to get better."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on having Howard Mudd around)

"It has helped us a tremendous amount. With his experience and background ,it's been good…every day I look in the background and he's got a big smile on his face and he's happy to be out here."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on Saturday's scrimmage)

"The mock game, really what we try and get done is a couple of things. Early on we want them to get an idea of how we come out of the locker room, how we work our flights coming out. We are going to work a session and work strictly on substitution and how we substitute – first team, punt team and a battery list of different personnel groupings. And then we'll get into the mock game and try and play it as close to a real game as we possibly can in spurts so they get a chance to feel the flow of the game, the sudden changes, two-minute operations and so forth. With new coaches, new players, new positions, we want to give them an opportunity to kind of see how things operate."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on if the format of the scrimmage is traditional)

"No, we typically just take our offense and defense and create a point system."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on if the mock game is weighted towards the offense)

"The point system actually is weighted a little bit towards the defense. It really forces you to be perfect offensively, otherwise some point in time the defense can get points. Its important to be as close to perfect as you possibly can."

* *

DT-FILI MOALA (on Wednesday's practice)

"Today was an emphasis on our mental (side), making sure we know all of our adjustments and where we need to be lined up. It was kind of what is expected of us before the play, not too much of a physical practice but just making sure we're covering all of our bases mentally so we can count down on our mental errors this evening."

DT-FILI MOALA (on putting on pads for the first time yesterday)

"It was real good. It is always good to put the pads on after it's been awhile. You definitely start to miss it. You kind of get that yearning for a little popping. But it all comes with taking care of your body and making sure you're capable of performing that way. But it was super exciting."

* *

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DT-FILI MOALA (on what he did to stay in shape over the summer)

"I've been trying to take off weight. After the (college) season and the NFL Combine was over I got up to about 310 pounds. So I wanted to come in at a healthy, solid 300. Which I did, actually. I came in a little light, about 296. Over the summer I was training, running everyday and making sure I got my wind and if I had to I could run."

DT-FILI MOALA (on where he trained)

"Back in California. I just trained at school. All of that stuff was typical of our weight training program at USC."

DT-FILI MOALA (on whether he misses the weather in southern California)

"Sometimes I wake up in the morning and it's hot and muggy out here, sometimes you miss the weather, but it is what is and I'm enjoying myself playing football (in Indiana)."

DT-FILI MOALA (on what the coaches are looking for in their defensive tackles)

"Honestly, just reliability and productivity. They want to be able to trust us and to know that we'll do our job first and foremost. And do it at a high level and be productive as well. Once you get a combination of those two things they are comfortable with you and they trust you to be in there and take care of your business."

DT-FILI MOALA (on some of his strengths)

"I think I fit in really well. I move laterally, I can run, I've got speed, I've got strength, I'm powerful. Those are all good things that kind of mesh into this defense. Now it's just fine-tuning, talking to my coaches, (Defensive Line) Coach (John) Teerlinck, and all the other coaches and applying it to my game. Once that happens I'm sure they'll get more comfortable with me and trust me in the game."

DT-FILI MOALA (on the highs and lows of camp)

"My least favorite thing about training camp is getting sore, everything else is just fine. My favorite thing…the lobster and steak."

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on getting reps at safety)

"Wherever I can get in there, just go out there and help the team. Bob (Sanders) is not practicing right now, so if I can get out there and in fill in that's fine with me."

* *

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on his comfort with the defense)

"I'm getting comfortable. It's a new defense so there are still a few things here and there. But I'm getting it down, staying in my playbook, and hopefully we can pick up off where we left last season."

* *

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on if the defense fits him)

"I think it fits my skills pretty well. It allows me to run across the field a lot and gives me a chance to make a lot of plays on the ball and that's what I like to do."

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on whether he minds the extra playing time with Sanders out)

"No, definitely not. When he comes back, he'll be in, and I'm sure he'll be back to the same player he was. And I'll wait for my opportunity again. I'll always be ready to go out there and do what I'm supposed to do."

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on how the new defense looks)

"It's a new feel. Guys are flying around right now. There are a few things here and there we're putting in, getting more guys on the field, and I think the new look is going to be different for a lot of teams, as far as preparing for us, and that will be a good thing."

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on what fans will see differently in the team's defense)

"I don't know from a fan's perspective what they see. I know they want three-and-outs, and that's what we're trying to do and be all about this year. Getting the defense off the field and keeping the offense on it as long as possible."

* *

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on what he picks up from Sanders)

"I pick up a lot from Bob, and Antoine (Bethea), as well. Two guys have both been to the Pro Bowl and they just keep teaching and teaching and all I can do is learn. As long as I keep watching what they do, seeing how they study, seeing the notes they take and see how they prepare for practice all I can do is get better."

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on if its odd to have an opportunity because of an injury)

"It is but it isn't. A lot of guys come into the league like that. The quarterback in New England (Tom Brady) he came in like that and he's still playing. I know there are a lot of guys that came in off of injuries, but I don't want anybody to get hurt and hopefully Bob comes back real quick."

SS-MELVIN BULLITT (on if the defense fits him)

"Play recognition, getting a feel for the game. Hopefully I can go out there and make more plays on the ball."

* *

S-JAMIE SILVA (on learning the new defense)

"It's a different system, different terminology. It's just a lot of learning and repetition. Today is Day 3 out on the field and it's coming a long, some of the things we are working on are coming along and I'll get it down."

S-JAMIE SILVA (on if he's looking forward to seeing the defense in games)

"For sure, its fun being out here on the field practicing against your own team, but it's not like you can hit or tackle to the ground or just unload on people like you can in games, so I'm looking forward to games for sure."

S-JAMIE SILVA (on signing extra autographs)

"I enjoy putting smiles on people's faces and it's obvious when you're walking by them and they are yelling your name and they care about you and care about spending just a second with them. So it's pretty cool to stop and put a smile on people's faces and sign something and make them have a good day."

S-JAMIE SILVA (on what his position coaches have been telling him)

"Just learning the new defense. There are some things to learn, some terminology, so I just want to take advantage of the reps I'm getting and take the most of it and so coaches have confidence me."

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