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Andrew Luck Turns In Another Elite Performance

Intro: In closing out the first quarter of the season, Andrew Luck was just about flawless in the Colts 41-17 win on Sunday afternoon. What milestones did Luck achieve against the Titans?


INDIANAPOLIS – You could hardly spot a drip of sweat on Andrew Luck during his postgame press conference.

Luck was still donning some of his pads but the lack of perspiration shouldn't have fooled anyone of the job that No. 12 had just executed during his three hours of work earlier in the afternoon.

The quarterback deserved the rest he got over the final seven minutes Sunday thanks to another near flawless performance in the Colts first home win of 2014.

The numbers?

-Luck was 29-of-41 for 393 yards, four touchdowns, one interception (see below) for a passer rating of 123.3. That passer rating is the third highest of Luck's career and follows the career-high he set last week in Jacksonville.

The unselfishness?

-For the second straight week, Luck connected with nine different Colts receivers, eight of which caught at least two passes.

The resiliency?

-Luck bounced back from a "terrible, terrible" end of half interception to lead the Colts on three straight second half touchdown drives, in which Luck was 12-of-13 for 175 yards and two touchdowns.

"Pep (Hamilton) and his staff are doing a great job. Coach Clyde's (Christensen) doing a great job with (Luck), designing things with him obviously that are working for our offense and No. 12," Chuck Pagano said after the 41-17 victory.

"He mentioned last week he was just out there playing. He wasn't thinking, he was just trying to get the ball in the hands of his playmakers. Whether it's basketball, you're Michael Jordan, you score 80 points in a game and they ask him how'd it happen and he doesn't even remember how many points he had or how he had it---(Luck's) in the zone right now. Anytime you go out there and you play fast without thinking, usually it's the result, the numbers, the yards and the touchdowns that he's producing right now. And he's got some great playmakers around him who are making great plays too."

What we've seen out of the Colts offense last week is what fans were salivating over this offseason.

The skill positions for the Colts are stocked with deep, and proven talent and Luck has distributed the ball with tremendous efficiency over the last two weeks.

"We're blessed with a bunch of great playmakers, guys that need the ball in their hands, and as a quarterback that's what you want," Luck said after the game.

"You want guys that go out there and make plays, and then when you feel the defense focusing on one guy or two guys or doubling whoever, we think our matchup can win every time wherever it is on the field. So being able to spread the ball and get everybody involved is important and it worked today."

With weekly awards in the NFL tending not to go to the same player back-to-back weeks, Luck will make things very difficult for those in league headquarters deciding on AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Luck has now thrown an NFL-leading 13 touchdown passes after the first quarter of the season, which is also the most in Colts franchise history after four weeks.

The numbers are building on a resume that warrants the extremely early talk of MVP candidates.

Facing the NFL's second ranked pass defense on Sunday was supposed to slow down Luck's league-leading numbers.

Instead, Luck just padded those, in helping the Colts close out the first quarter of the season with back-to-back dominant performances.

"Every time third down comes and they say, 'punt team,' I just sit right down because we're going to get that first down," Colts first-year safety Mike Adams says.

"I know 12's going to make it happen so he does a great job out there. He makes everything look so much easier."

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