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Andrew Luck Provides Colts Enticing Open General Manager Position

Intro: Even though the Colts took longer than most teams in making an off-season move, their open general manager position has something others don’t---a franchise quarterback.


INDIANAPOLIS – It's not often an open general manager position already has in place a quarterback that a vast majority of the NFL would want under center.

Things have to be enticing to potential GM candidates who Jim Irsay will meet with in the coming week(s).

The Colts have required improvement, especially on the defensive side of the ball, where young talent is lacking.

But the most important piece to any team looking for sustained success is in place.

Andrew Luck is signed up for another handful of seasons, which should make for a tantalizing carrot to dangle in Irsay's hunt.

"I am very excited about the direction we are going," Irsay said over the weekend.

"I know we have a lot to offer when it comes to, 'Hey, do you want to come to Indianapolis and win a World Championship?' I know that, so I'm confident that we will find the exact direction that we need to take in these coming weeks."

This past Saturday, Irsay revealed that in-house candidate Jimmy Raye III would receive an interview. The interim general manager, Raye, has interviewed for other GM openings before.

With the whole process still in flux over the weekend, Irsay explained how he would approach a search nearly three weeks after the regular season had concluded.

"I have a list and it's not an impossibility that someone could be added to that list," Irsay said of the monumental move that now awaits him. "Again, this is something that is a big decision and the names aren't known out there as commonly as coaches. There are a lot of bright, young people out there. Obviously analytics and different aspects are affecting our game and how we go about being the best we can. We have worked hard to stay on the cutting edge.

"That list could definitely change though and be added to, but we have a list that we are currently going (with) and setting up people to come in to discuss the job with us."

Reports from various NFL media indicate that the Colts' situation is one with appeal from around the league.

The Colts and 49ers are currently the lone teams still looking for a general manager.

The situation in Indy is unique though.

-Will the patience for Irsay pay off?

-Will the allure of Luck lead to more candidates inquiring about the vacant spot in Indianapolis?

"We are in the business of professional football and that is the business of winning," Irsay said on Saturday. "It's about winning and you do everything you can to make sure you are in the position to win, period. Again, in my feeling, it was time to make a change and move forward. There is no question in my mind that this was the right move for the franchise. There is also no question in my mind that we went through an extremely thorough process before we reached that decision so I feel a lot of comfort in knowing that.

"Obviously there are still big challenges coming forward, but I really feel good about the direction of the franchise and the potential of where we are headed."

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