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Andrew Luck Loves Him Some Fútbol

Intro: The passion and intensity Andrew Luck plays the game of football with can be seen on a weekly basis. But Luck’s passion away from the gridiron comes in the form of another game played on a field using 11 players.


INDIANAPOLIS – During the grind of an NFL season, Andrew Luck lets himself get away from the game of football for a few hours every Saturday afternoon.

He decompresses with a game he learned across the pond.*


Luck's affinity for soccer is a thoughtful one, something to expect from the architectural design major.

"The sport I play, it seems to be much more of a staccato sport," Luck said on the Men In Blazers podcast on Grantland last season. "(But) I love the fluidity of soccer. You have your two halves, your 45-minute halves. I love the sport."

For nine years, Luck grew up in Europe with a majority of his time in Germany as his father, Oliver, worked for NFL Europe.

The family lived in London for a couple of years and the Luck residence was near Highbury Stadium, the home of historic English Premier League team Arsenal.

Being in the thick of EPL country grew on the future Colts quarterback.

"Going back and growing up and having so many fond memories of being in Europe, the passion that the supporters have for their football clubs in Europe is different than the passion in the NFL or a college fan will have," Luck said.

"I think both are great in their own right but to me I think the support of Tottenham or Arsenal or Manchester United, I loved watching their games and hearing them chant and sing."


Last summer, Luck crossed an item off his bucket list when attended the Champions League Finale at storied Wembley Stadium.

His allegiance though did not lie with a particular side of the pitch.

Luck maintains that he doesn't have a favorite team in the EPL but rather supports the American players.

This summer's World Cup in Brazil takes place during a lull period in the NFL offseason schedule.

Will Luck's fandom take him to South America?

"I'd love to go. I haven't given it too much thought yet but (I) have to go watch the U.S."

Of course the interview could not end without the hosts asking Luck about making the jump to the NFL in "replacing" Peyton Manning.

From his days as a youth in London to currently leading the Colts, Luck has always been fond of sports fans and in his own case, appreciative of their support in helping the transition.

"The fans were very open and accepting," Luck says of Indianapolis. "I figured, if people are going to accept me to let me be me, then work your butt off, show up early, keep your mouth shut and I think I'm lucky to be surrounded by great teammates."

"Guys in the locker room accepted me for who I was. They didn't expect to me anybody else, whether it was Peyton, or what they thought a quarterback should be."

Check back with tomorrow for the second part of Luck's passion for soccer.

* *

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