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Andrew Luck Admits He Is Not Too Fun To Be Around During Shoulder Rehab

Intro: Andrew Luck admits that the mental part of his right shoulder rehab has been difficult to get through. Here’s Luck talking about clearing the mental hurdle and how he’s still trying to help the other signal callers on the Colts’ roster.


INDIANAPOLIS – One of the numerous attributes Andrew Luck possesses as an NFL football player, the respect he garners from teammates, ranks right up there with anything.

Despite being the second-highest paid player in the NFL, Luck just wants to be 1 of 53 inside a locker room.

But Luck admits that even he has not been the most fun teammate of late.

The mental grind of not throwing a football for seven months, and rehabbing the most important part of his football body, has worn on Luck.

"Patience is a virtue and it's tested my patience," Luck says of the rehab process. "I know at times I can be unpleasant to be around. Guys that I work with on a daily basis for eight, nine hours a day, I commend everybody's patience handling me at certain times.

Fellow quarterback Stephen Morris would not call Luck "crabby" this offseason.

It's simply a competitor wanting to get back doing what he loves.

"You can just tell he's itching to get out there," Morris says of Luck. "Like he really wants to get out there and it's killing him not to be out there."

Morris has added another coach this offseason with Luck being restricted from taking his normal physical reps.

Scott Tolzien, Morris and undrafted free agent Phillip Walker are all in-tune to whenever Luck feels the need to interject in a meeting or on the practice field.

"12 does an unbelievable job helping (the quarterbacks) out," Morris says.

"He's in every meeting, talking ball with us, answering all our questions. He's literally another coach out there for us. It's really great to see him out there and to see him participate anyway he can."

As much as it is indeed paining Luck to be a spectator, and that feeling will probably come again with Training Camp starting, he's trying to take the proper perspective to things.

The long-term outlook has always been the approach for Luck and the Colts with this shoulder rehab.

And Luck thinks this adversity will lead to future benefits.

"I think, and this is cheesy and corny, but I do think those mental tests and physical tests will make me better than I was before - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – whatever you want to call it. I do think I have the opportunity to improve in all those areas."

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