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Anatomy Of The Drives: Washington Edition

Intro: The “Anatomy Of The Drives” series is back. Here’s a look at the six touchdown drives the Colts had in their 49-27 victory over Washington.



Coby Fleener's 30-yard touchdown catch from Andrew LuckThe scene: Down 3-0 with 10:07 to go in the first quarter, the Colts took over at their own 17-yard line.The anatomy of the drive: 7 plays for 83 yards in 4:02.Key play(s): It was a pair of drives to forget coming out of the gate on Sunday for the Colts offense. After two turnovers in four offensive plays, the Colts settled down in a big way. A couple of T.Y. Hilton catches got this drive started and Boom Herron also contributed with some productive carries.The score: We saw a couple of times on Sunday the amount of respect T.Y. Hilton garners from opposing defenses. That was the case here as Fleener was left running free down the left sideline with Hilton being double covered in the vicinity. Again, with how the game started, this was a key drive for the Colts to take a lead they would not lose the rest of the way.  **

Boom Herron's 49-yard touchdown runThe scene:Leading 7-3 with 14:51 left in the second quarter, the Colts took over at their own 20-yard line.The anatomy of the drive:5 plays for 80 yards in 2:24Key play:For the second straight week, Boom Herron was the Colts leading rusher. On this drive, Herron had 16 yards in two carries to start before he would eventually finish the drive off. Herron ended the day with eight carries for 88 yards and it looked like for a while the Colts were going to have their first 100-yard rusher since Week 15 of the 2012 season.The score:Before Boom Herron showed off his speed on the Colts longest touchdown run of the year, he got some great blocking. With right guard Joe Reitz pulling into the hole and a kick out block from tight end Jack Doyle on the left side of the formation, Herron had plenty of speed into the hole. T.Y. Hilton contributed down the field and it was all Herron's speed for his first NFL touchdown.

T.Y. Hilton's three-yard touchdown catch from Andrew LuckThe scene:Leading 14-3 with 10:53 left in the second quarter, the Colts took over at their own 32-yard line.The anatomy of the drive:9 plays for 68 yards in 4:00.Key play:From a Coby Fleener drop to T.Y. Hilton making spectacular grabs, this drive had it all. On a first-and-five at the Colts 48-yard line, Fleener dropped a sure fire touchdown. He came to the sideline for one play before heading back into the game. Andrew Luck went right back to him and Fleener responded with catches of eight and 16 yards.The score:After a beautiful 25-yard snag on a third-and-12 from T.Y. Hilton, the Colts were in business. On this play, a designed roll out to the left had Reggie Wayne and Hilton both to that side of the field. Hilton ran a perfect route to get Washington cornerback David Amerson turned around. It was a tremendous across the body catch from Hilton but in looking at the replay, the ball could really only be thrown in that window by Luck.

Donte Moncrief's 48-yard touchdown catch from Andrew LuckThe scene:Leading 21-17 with 11:22 left in the third quarter, the Colts took over at their own 44-yard line.The anatomy of the drive:3 plays for 56 yards in 1:17Key play:As we get into these shorter touchdown drives, the key play(s) are harder to choose from. Here, I'll go with Andrew Luck's six-yard scramble with the Colts facing a second-and-eight. Luck hasn't scrambled a ton in 2014 but this play is just another indication of what his legs can do for the Colts offense. It was only a six-yard gain but it allowed the Colts to get into a third-and-manageable.The score:Washington knows it's a third-and-two so extra attention goes to T.Y. Hilton and Hakeem Nicks running routes just past the chains. It's Donte Moncrief getting the free release. Luck has time to read his progressions and realize he has Moncrief running free in the Washington secondary. This was a key score to answer Washington's impressive drive to start the third quarter.

Coby Fleener's 73-yard touchdown catch from Andrew LuckThe scene:Leading 35-24 with 5:12 left in the third quarter, the Colts took over at their own 27-yard line.The anatomy of the drive:2 plays for 73 yards in 0:27.Key play:It was another effective day for new return man Josh Cribbs. In five kick returns, Cribbs had 156 yards. On this drive, it was a 35-yard Cribbs' return from eight yards deep. Watching Cribbs return kicks/punts you are just waiting for him to break one. If Cribbs can keep this up, you also wonder if the Colts might employ him in some offensive packages going forward.The score:It's not often we talk about Coby Fleener's speed but that was on full display here. It was a pretty simple in route for Fleener that he caught about 10 yards down field. Fleener then broke tackle attempts of linebacker Everette Brown and safety Ryan Clark before taking off. Fleener ran away from the rest of the Washington secondary and got some nice help and hustle from Donte Moncrief to get into the end zone.

Donte Moncrief's 79-yard touchdown catch from Andrew LuckThe scene:Leading 42-27 with 12:00 left in the fourth quarter, the Colts took over at their own 20-yard line.The anatomy of the drive:3 plays for 80 yards in 1:26.Key play:It was Moncrief's 79-yard catch that made up nearly the entire drive. However, I wanted to look at the afternoons of guys like Moncrief and Boom Herron. At times this year, these two guys barely logged any offensive action in games. Now they are key contributors as the Colts head into the final month of the season. If the Colts want to make a run in January, there's no doubt these two will have to play some role on the offensive side of the ball.The score:** It was a long afternoon for the Washington secondary and this was sort of the final straw. Here cornerback David Amerson looks to pass Moncrief onto safety Phillip Thomas. By that point though, Moncrief had a full head of steam and no one was catching up to his elite speed. Andrew Luck hit him in stride for the longest touchdown pass of No. 12's career.

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