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After World Tour, Andrew Luck Returns To Colts, Familiarity At Training Camp

Intro: A busy offseason for Andrew Luck now has the Colts quarterback in Anderson University for his fourth NFL Training Camp. What did Luck have to say on move-in day Saturday?





ANDERSON – The World Tour Andrew Luck took this offseason has him back in a familiar spot with the calendar turning to August.

Any GPS or map was hardly needed for Luck to find this destination.

On Saturday morning, Luck hit I-69 and made the hour-trip north to his fourth Training Camp at Anderson University.

"The first drive up here you're not sure which exit to take. It's all brand new. Now it's sort of programmed into your head, into your body, I think you could probably do it with your eyes closed and when you get here it just seems right," Luck said of his growth in the NFL.

Whether Luck wants to admit it or not, he's a veteran now in his fourth NFL Training Camp.

A trio of Pro Bowl appearances to start a professional career for Luck, coupled with the departure of Reggie Wayne, puts the main leadership duties of the Colts offense on the shoulders of No. 12.

On Saturday morning, the unquestioned leader of the Colts offense showed the child sprit still alive in him when describing the start of Training Camp.

"We had an old coach who used to say, it's a bit like Christmas," Luck said of things kicking off in Anderson.

"The first day of camp you show up and there's this excitement, there's something in the air and I think that's true. It's fun to see all the guys again after sort of being away for a month or five weeks. There's going to be a nice competitive edge I think to everything you do and I think that gets your nerves tingling a bit."

Luck stressed on Saturday that his individual keys for 2015 lie in red-zone and third-down areas. Improving his touchdown-to-interception ratio is also a focus (Luck had 40 touchdowns versus 16 interceptions last season).

Drilling those "weaknesses" is what this time of year is all about, before the preseason opener in Philadelphia on August 16.

"A big part of camp, is making yourself uncomfortable and trying to grow and put yourself in tough situations," Luck said. "Hopefully it's weather and practice and meetings and emotional stress, mental stress, I think that's a great part of camp."

This offseason for Luck took the budding star across the globe, before returning to Indianapolis, where eventual contract talks are on the horizon.

Luck, who's under contract through the 2016 season, has taken notice of the recent extension Seattle's Russell Wilson received earlier this week. Luck was adamant on Saturday though that future contract talks won't impact his 2015 approach.

Motivation from how last season ended is still alive and well in Luck, though.

Human nature never allows one to truly eliminate everything, and Luck considers that to be the case following the AFC Championship loss to New England.

"You need to learn from what you've done in the past," Luck says.

"I don't know if the slate is necessarily always wiped clean in that sense but it is a new season and you do have to prove yourself every weekend. No matter how you finish the year before it's all about starting this year."

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