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Colts President Bill Polian held his annual pre draft press conference at the team's facility Friday. And while he didn't get into specifics on players, and while he offered no indication of who the Colts might select with their first selection, he did offer a brief position by position rundown.


Colts President Bill Polian Runs Down the Colts' Draft-Day Needs

INDIANAPOLIS - The 2008 NFL Draft is less than 24 hours away.

Thus, the questions on the minds of Colts fans are, "Just what do the Colts need?" and "Who might they be thinking of selecting come Saturday?"

Bill Polian, in his 11th season as the Colts' President, held his annual pre-draft press conference at the team's facility on Friday afternoon. And while he didn't get into specifics on players, and while he offered no indication of who the Colts might select with their first selection – the 28th selection of Round 2, the 59th selection overall – he did offer a brief position-by-position rundown.

His comments are as follows:

• Quarterback. "If a quarterback that we feel was a guy that had the capacity to win consistently in the National Football League somehow tumbled down, I don't think you could pass that up," Polian said. "But that's probably the least likely scenario. There is your trade-out scenario. I don't think that's going to happen, but there's your trade-out scenario."

• Running back. "We're happy with Joseph (Addai) and Kenton (Keith). Could you always use another one? Sure."

• Wide receiver. "In terms of depth, and maybe (eight-time Pro Bowl receiver) Marvin (Harrison) getting on in age a little bit, if the right guy were there, great."

• Tight end. "Same situation (as receiver). (Six-year veteran) Dallas (Clark) is, in my view, an All-Pro player and in the view of many others. But can you use depth? Always."

• Offensive tackle. (Second-year veteran and 2007 second-round draft selection) Tony (Ugoh) has done fine. You can always use an extra one."

• Offensive guard. "Certainly. (Third-year veteran) Charlie (Johnson) is going to play in there. Can you use a backup? Sure."

• Center. "Same (as guard), although that would have to be a swing position, where a guy could play both guard and center. Ideally, you'd like a guy who could play all three. Try finding one. That's the difficult part."

• Defense. "You never have enough rush men. You never have enough corners and you can always use an extra linebacker. Safety is probably the only position where you say, 'Well, we have enough depth there,' but again, if the right person were there, you'd strike at it and not worry about it."

• Kicker/punter. "(The positions are) probably less draft-driven because (Hall of Fame Head Coach) Marv Levy taught me a long time ago – and I've never had any reason to doubt this – that kickers and punters – albeit the fact that we drafted (current punter) Hunter (Smith) – usually are better the second time around."

• Returner. "We like (third-year veteran cornerback/returner) T.J. (Rushing), but if the right return person was there to compete with him, sure. I don't know that we'd take a specialist to do that, but certainly there are many, many wide receivers who are good return men. That's a strength in this draft."

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