2019 Colts Midseason Review: Snap Counts

At 5-3 heading into Sunday’s Week 10 matchup against the Miami Dolphins, the Indianapolis Colts have reached the midpoint of the 2019 season. Here’s a comprehensive look back at the first eight games, starting with the team’s unofficial snap counts.


INDIANAPOLIS —At 5-3 heading into Sunday's Week 10 matchup against the Miami Dolphins, the Indianapolis Colts have reached the midpoint of the 2019 season. Here's a comprehensive look back at the first eight games, starting with the team's unofficial snap counts (* denotes currently on injured reserve; ** denotes no longer on roster).


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PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentage
Anthony CastonzoTackle566100.00%
Quenton NelsonGuard566100.00%
Braden SmithTackle566100.00%
Mark GlowinskiGuard566100.00%
Ryan KellyCenter51691.17%
Jacoby BrissettQuarterback51090.11%
Jack DoyleTight End41072.44%
Marlon MackRunning Back34861.48%
T.Y. HiltonWide Receiver34861.48%
Zach PascalWide Receiver34160.25%
Chester RogersWide Receiver29952.83%
Deon CainWide Receiver22940.46%
Eric EbronTight End22539.75%
Mo Alie-CoxTight End17731.27%
Parris CampbellWide Receiver16629.33%
Nyheim HinesRunning Back14725.97%
Jordan WilkinsRunning Back8114.31%
Brian HoyerQuarterback569.89%
Josh AndrewsCenter508.83%
Devin Funchess*Wide Receiver366.36%
Ashton DulinWide Receiver132.30%
Joe HaegGuard/Tackle111.94%



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PlayerPosiitonDefensive SnapsPercentage
Rock Ya-SinCornerback43686.17%
Kenny Moore IICornerback41982.81%
Anthony WalkerLinebacker39277.47%
Justin HoustonDefensive End37373.72%
Denico AutryDefensive Tackle/End36271.54%
Clayton GeathersSafety32664.43%
Darius LeonardLinebacker32063.24%
Khari WillisSafety31963.04%
Pierre DesirCornerback29257.71%
Grover StewartDefensive Tackle27454.15%
Malik HookerSafety27353.95%
Al-Quadin MuhammadDefensive End26051.38%
Bobby OkerekeLinebacker26051.38%
Jabaal SheardDefensive End22243.87%
Margus HuntDefensive Tackle20640.71%
George OdumSafety15330.24%
Ben BanoguDefensive End14929.45%
Quincy WilsonCornerback10520.75%
Kemoko Turay*Defensive End8116.01%
Matthew AdamsLinebacker8116.01%
Marvell Tell IIICornerback7715.22%
Shakial TaylorCornerback448.70%
Tyquan LewisDefensive Tackle/End397.71%
E.J. SpeedLinebacker336.52%
Jihad Ward**Defensive Tackle285.53%
Rolan MilliganSafety265.14%
Trevon ColeyDefensive Tackle91.78%
Carl Davis**Defensive Tackle71.38%



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PlayerPositionSpecial Teams SnapsPercentage
George OdumSafety17280.75%
Zaire FranklinLinebacker16979.34%
Matthew AdamsLinebacker16376.53%
Jordan WilkinsRunning Back11553.99%
Rigoberto SanchezPunter10649.77%
Rock Ya-SinCornerback9745.54%
E.J. SpeedLinebacker8941.78%
Zach PascalWide Receiver8941.78%
Grover StewartDefensive Tackle8439.44%
Margus HuntDefensive Tackle8439.44%
Marvel Tell IIICornerback7434.74%
Rolan MilliganSafety7334.27%
Anthony WalkerLinebacker6932.39%
Bobby OkerekeLinebacker6932.39%
Ashton DulinWide Receiver6932.39%
Luke RhodesLong Snapper6530.52%
Mo Alie-CoxTight End6229.11%
Al-Quadin MuhammadDefensive End6128.64%
Ryan Lewis**Cornerback6128.64%
Khari WillisSafety5525.82%
Denico AutryDefensive Tackle/End4722.07%
Clayton GeathersSafety3918.31%
Braden SmithTackle3616.90%
Mark GlowinskiGuard3616.90%
Joe HaegGuard/Tackle3616.90%
Adam VinatieriKicker3616.90%
Anthony CastonzoTackle3516.43%
Quenton NelsonGuard3516.43%
Chester RogersWide Receiver3215.02%
Kenny Moore IICornerback2511.74%
Darius LeonardLinebacker2310.80%
Jabaal SheardDefensive End2210.33%
Parris CampbellWide Receiver2210.33%
Nyheim HinesRunning Back209.39%
Quincy WilsonCornerback188.45%
Pierre DesirCornerback125.63%
Malik HookerSafety104.69%
Kemoko Turay*Defensive End104.69%
Ben BanoguDefensive End94.23%
Jihad Ward**Defensive Tackle41.88%
Jonathan WilliamsRunning Back31.41%
Josh AndrewsCenter20.94%
Justin HoustonDefensive End10.47%
Jack DoyleTight End10.47%



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PlayerPositionTotal SnapsPercentage
Braden SmithTackle60245.57%
Mark GlowinskiGuard60245.57%
Quenton NelsonGuard60145.50%
Anthony CastonzoTackle60145.50%
Rock Ya-SinCornerback53340.35%
Ryan KellyCenter51639.06%
Jacoby BrissettQuarterback51038.61%
Anthony WalkerLinebacker46134.90%
Kenny Moore IICornerback44433.61%
Zach PascalWide Receiver43032.55%
Jack DoyleTight End41131.11%
Denico AutryDefensive Tackle/End40930.96%
Khari WillisSafety37428.31%
Justin HoustonDefensive End37428.31%
Clayton GeathersSafety36527.63%
Grover StewartDefensive Tackle35827.10%
Marlon MackRunning Back34826.34%
T.Y. HiltonWide Receiver34826.34%
Darius LeonardLinebacker34325.97%
Chester RogersWide Receiver33125.06%
Bobby OkerekeLinebacker32924.91%
George OdumSafety32524.60%
Al-Quadin MuhammadDefensive End32124.30%
Pierre DesirCornerback30423.01%
Margus HuntDefensive Tackle29021.95%
Malik HookerSafety28321.42%
Jabaal SheardDefensive End24418.47%
Matthew AdamsLinebacker24418.47%
Mo Alie-CoxTight End23918.09%
Deon CainWide Receiver22917.34%
Eric EbronTight End22517.03%
Jordan WilkinsRunning Back19614.84%
Parris CampbellWide Receiver18814.23%
Zaire FranklinLinebacker16912.79%
Nyheim HinesRunning Back16712.64%
Ben BanoguDefensive End15811.96%
Marvell Tell IIICornerback15111.43%
Quincy WilsonCornerback1239.31%
E.J. SpeedLinebacker1229.24%
Rigoberto SanchezPunter1068.02%
Rolan MilliganSafety997.49%
Kemoko Turay*Defensive End916.89%
Ashton DulinWide Receiver826.21%
Luke RhodesLong Snapper654.92%
Ryan Lewis**Cornerback614.62%
Brian HoyerQuarterback564.24%
Josh AndrewsCenter523.94%
Joe HaegGuard/Tackle473.56%
Shakial TaylorCornerback453.41%
Tyquan LewisDefensive Tackle/End392.95%
Devin Funchess*Wide Receiver362.73%
Adam VinatieriKicker362.73%
Jihad Ward**Defensive Tackle322.42%
Trevon ColeyDefensive Tackle90.68%
Carl Davis**Defensive Tackle70.53%
Jonathan WilliamsRunning Back30.23%

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