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2017 Colts Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks

Intro: With the Indianapolis Colts set to begin training camp soon at their facility along West 56th Street, previews the team’s quarterbacks.


INDIANAPOLIS — Training camp is right around the corner, and Andrew Luck is yet to throw a football since January.

Is it time to worry? Or is the "better safe than sorry" approach the right way to go?

For the Indianapolis Colts, and Luck, the latter statement has been the consistent message throughout the offseason.

Luck, of course, underwent surgery on his throwing shoulder back in January, and has been working hard behind the scenes to get back onto the field — something that just didn't come to fruition by the time the team's offseason workout program, OTAs and minicamp came to an end last month.

And even if Luck doesn't find his way back onto the field for the start of camp next week, there is optimism that he'll be able to make up for the missed reps by the time Week 1 rolls around.

"If anybody can do it, Andrew can do it and we know that," Colts offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski said. "Andrew has been here, that's the great thing about it. He's been active, around and in the meetings. You guys know how he is. He's a guy who prepares so well and he's able to take things from the meeting room out to the field so well that he's the type of guy that can make it happen."

And, if Luck — who, we learned, fought through the shoulder injury throughout last season — isn't ready by the start of the regular season, the team has two other quarterbacks — Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris — it knows it can rely upon to go out and run the offense if needed.

Let's take a look at the state of the quarterback position for the Colts heading into camp this year:

— Andrew Luck
— Stephen Morris
— Scott Tolzien

— Phillip Walker

— None

— None

The Colts' situation at quarterback hasn't changed one bit since last year, when they also had Luck, Tolzien and Morris on their roster for Week 1.

Tolzien has been a solid backup his entire career, but really showed the Colts some toughness last year, when he was thrust into a starting role on Thanksgiving night against the Pittsburgh Steelers after Luck was ruled out with a concussion.

Though Indy would lose the game, just about everyone who watched Tolzien shake off hit after hit and continue to get up and battle came away impressed with the Colts' backup quarterback.

Then there's Morris, who enjoyed a very successful preseason last year, but didn't see the field for the Colts during the regular season. One might say the quarterback hierarchy, if Luck gets back onto the field, would remain the same — Luck, Tolzien and then Morris — but if Morris can light it up during training camp and the preseason again this year, one might not be surprised if the coaching staff seriously considers giving him a chance at the backup quarterback position.

Finally, Walker signed May 3 as an undrafted college free agent, giving the Colts a much-needed arm for camp. But don't be surprised if he also gets consideration to stay with the organization in a role with the practice squad.

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