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Indianapolis Colts

Ticket Buy Back Program

2023 Buy Back Program


New this year, you have the flexibility to "sell back" games you can't attend through the NEW Colts Ticket Buy Back Program!


1) Season ticket members can sell back up to four (4) regular season home games, including a maximum one (1) game per tier*. Preseason game(s) are not included.

2) For any games turned in during the Buy Back period (June 1 to June 30), credit will be applied to the individual member's account to be used towards their 2024 season ticket renewal.

3) The process for turning games in will take place 100% online and will be communicated in advance of the Ticket Buy Back period.

4) In advance of June 1, a few reminders for those taking advantage of this new program

  • Your account must be paid off or compliant on one of the Colts payment plans to participate.
  • If you transfer, post for re-sale, or donate any of your tickets – these games/tickets will not be eligible for the Ticket Buy Back Program.
  • You must be willing to sell back ALL tickets for any games turned in. No partial Buy Backs will be an option (i.e., selling back two (2) of four (4) seats).
  • Credit for games turned in MUST be used for 2024 season ticket renewals and cannot be transferred or used for any other purchases. This is a ticket credit and is not eligible for cash/check refund. The account credit cannot be rolled over for the 2025 season. If you do not renew in 2024, it will expire and not be made available for future seasons.
  • Ticket Buy Back can only by done on your Colts Account Manger and will not work on the mobile app.

**Game credit amounts will follow variable pricing based upon demand and will be announced upon schedule release.

**Club STMs will only be able to trade in two games, with no tiers. Preseason games are not included, and all other eligibility requirements remain the same.