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Warren Central's Cameron Herron has everything in line both on the gridiron and in the classroom

Cameron Herron does not mind laying it all on the line for his teammates. That’s’ because the Warren Central High junior knows his buddies have got his back.

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"The moment that changed me was going into my sophomore year," recalled the 6-foot-4, 265-pound offensive lineman. "I had just left wrestling to focus on football and become stronger. I really didn't know a lot of the upperclassmen, but after a couple weeks passed by, a couple of the upperclassmen offensive linemen put me in their group to work out.

"They started pushing me to levels I've never seen myself ever achieve. This was the way I found the true meaning of 'brother from another mother'. They truly made me feel like I was family." 

Although the Warriors (2-3) have not gotten the results on the field in terms of victories they were hoping for, it's not because of a lack of effort from Herron and company.

In addition to averaging 27.8 points per game, Warren Central is cranking out over 250 yards per contest every Friday night.

"I think the connection you have with your teammates is the biggest thing in football," explained Herron. "Without that bond and the chemistry, you don't have that trust, and without trust in your teammate, it creates a lot of mistakes and mess ups throughout the season. Our offensive line has always had the best bond on and off the field and we pride ourselves on that."

Going back to his childhood, Herron knew athletics was going to be a big part of his life.

"I first started playing flag football when I was six years old for Warren Central," reminisced Herron. "After one year of playing flag football, I joined the in-house team playing tackle football for Warren all the way up to middle school where I played at Raymond Park in Warren Township.

"My father (James Herron) and mother (Kristy Herron) played a key role into getting me in football. My mother always told me to try every sport and see which ones you like and I did indeed. I played indoor soccer indoor for seven years. I played basketball for one year and baseball for one year. I would say my biggest influence both on and off the field was my cousin (Darren Wyatt). He always told he that I needed to do my push-ups and sit-ups before I go to bed. If I did, he would take me to high school games to so I could learn more about sports. He is someone I definitely look up to because he comes to every game, even if it's away."

This work ethic has now become a staple of his daily routine.

"What I've done to get better has been working out like crazy in the weight room," Herron said. "I've treated the weight room like my second home and am always in there giving it my all. It was more what motivated me than who motivated me. What motivated me was a combination of getting picked on when I was younger and my uncle, who passed away and who I was super close with."

Protecting the quarterback is not the only area Herron has excelled in as he also makes sure he stays one step ahead in the classroom as well.

"The biggest struggle I face is trying to balance out things out during the season, especially when it gets close to finals and you get a lot of work assigned to you," said Herron, who has a 3.4-grade point average. "What I try my best to do is to do as much (work) as I can in the classroom, so I have less work outside of school."

His ability to successfully juggle athletics and academics has definitely impressed Warren Central head coach Mike Kirschner.

"Cam is a big, strong athletic player who has the ability to play on either side of the line at the next level," Kirschner said. "He is not only a fine, young man with a bright future ahead of him, but he's also an excellent student in the classroom as well."

Herron is also very fond of his boss as well.

"What caught my attention about Coach K and gave off my first impression of him was when he had a team meeting," recalled Herron. "In that meeting, he told all the parents and students his number one priority as our coach was to get as many players to college as possible. Even though he said he really likes winning, at the end of the day, he wants to get you to a college where you can get a free education and make something of your life. That made me realize its way more than football to Coach K. It's about getting us ready for life outside of school. He cares about all his players, so i would say my first impression of Coach K was that he was a caring man that wants the best out of you."

Dealing with social media demands is another area Herron is well aware of since he has started getting some attention from numerous NCAA Division One programs.

"Balancing the social life and athletics is definitely hard because there is a lot of pressure on the recruit," Herron said. "I've been trying to balance things by not getting on socials some days. The challenge I face with social media is just getting over-stressed sometimes.

"The biggest struggle for me is the pressure that comes with being a highly recruited football player. It sometimes gets hard with all the media and coaches texting you, but the way I say you can overcome it is don't think too hard about things."

While he is still weighing all of his future options, visiting the University of Miami (Ohio) this past March was something he will never forget.

"The feeling of your first offer is amazing because it was my first visit as well," Herron recalled. "I didn't think nothing of it. I was just was happy to be there. When I got there, we (family) watched their practice and they brought us into the team room where they gave me the great news. My heart sank and I looked over to my mom because I couldn't believe they had just offered me. I felt a feeling of relief that all that hard work I put in just got paid off."

While more offers will most likely come his way over the next few months, Cameron's main objective right now is taking care of business against visiting Indianapolis Pike (1-4) on September 22.

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