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The Indiana Football Digest's Top Games – 2014 Week Three







BEN DAVIS (2-0) AT PIKE (2-0)

GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Pike Stadium.

COACHES: Mike Kirschner, 56-25 in 8th year at Ben Davis, 70-51 in 12th year overall. Derek Moyers, 62-24 in 8th year at Pike. 96-54 in 14th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Ben Davis beat Avon, 57-27. Pike beat Fishers, 26-22.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Ben Davis 1-3, Pike 2-2.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Ben Davis, 10-4.

LAST MEETING: Pike, 34-32, sectional, Nov. 1, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Pike has a great wide receiver corps and runs a great scheme. We will have to tackle really well Friday and keep them from big plays. On offense, we will have to find a way to block their large/physical defensive line if we are going to be able to move the ball." – Ben Davis coach Mike Kirschner.

"For us to beat Ben Davis, we must eliminate their big plays! They have the ability to score quickly and often if you don't play fundamentally sound defense. On offense, we must win first down, sustain drives, and not turn the ball over.  I think if we can do those things, we will have a much better opportunity to come out on top." – Pike coach Derek Moyers.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Center Grove Field.

COACHES: Kevin Wright, 43-9 in 5th year at Carmel, 177-63 in 21st year overall. Eric Moore, 139-51 in 16th year at Center Grove, 188-57 in 20th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Carmel beat Louisville Trinity (Ky.), 10-7. Center Grove beat Whiteland, 14-13.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Carmel 1-1, Center Grove 3-1.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Carmel, 11-7.

LAST MEETING: Center Grove, 35-26, Sep. 6, 2013.


GAME TIME: 7 pm CT, Reitz Bowl.

COACHES: Doug Hurt, 65-31 in 9th year at Castle. Andy Hape, 10-4 in 2nd year at Evansville Reitz.

LAST OUTING: Castle beat New Albany, 55-34. Evansville Reitz beat Paducah Tilghman (Ky.), 35-23.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Castle 1-3, Evansville Reitz 0-0.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Evansville Reitz, 16-12.

LAST MEETING: Castle, 17-0, Sep. 6, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "For us to be successful this Friday, we are going to have to play fundamentally sound football. Anytime you compete against a team like Castle, being able to play as mistake free as possible goes a long way. Like most teams that we will face, we are going to have to be physical up front in the trenches and be able to spread the ball around." Reitz coach Andy Hape.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Andrews Field.

COACHES: Tim Dawson, 178-107 in 26th year at Concord. Nate Andrews, 2-0 in 1st year at NorthWood, 42-39 in 8th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Concord beat Elkhart Memorial, 29-6. NorthWood beat Fairfield, 46-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Concord 0-4, NorthWood 1-3.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Concord, 12-9.

LAST MEETING: Concord, 31-7, Sep. 6, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We must contain Travis Bear at quarterback! He makes them go! He is a great play maker on both sides of the ball, plus on special teams! In our first two games, we left points out there because we could not finished drives offensively. Meaning, we must complete more passes to complement our running game. They (NorthWood) are playing with a lot of intensity and emotion. No doubt Coach Andrews and his staff have got them on the right path! If we do not clean some things up on special teams and come ready to play from the moment we get off the bus, it will be a long night for the Minutemen!" – Concord coach Tim Dawson.

"We need to relax, yet play inspired. It should be a great atmosphere as we will be honoring our 1969 team (45 years); our first NorthWood football team following the consolidation. We must tackle well and put our kids in the best position to be successful." – NorthWood coach Nate Andrews.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Oriole Stadium.

COACHES: Scott May, 66-17 in 8th year at Hamilton Southeastern, 69-36 in 10th year overall. Mark Bless, 33-16 in 5th year at Avon, 182-83 in 25th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Hamilton Southeastern beat North Central (Indianapolis), 38-0. Avon lost to Ben Davis, 57-27.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Hamilton Southeastern 2-2, Avon 2-2.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Hamilton Southeastern, 10-7.

LAST MEETING: Hamilton Southeastern, 28-7, Aug. 23, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "For us to beat Avon, we need to control the ball and keep their offense off the field. They have great skilled kids and their normal big line. Our kids have played hard the first two weeks and have showed improvement.  I think if we can take away the big play we can win this one." – Hamilton Southeastern coach Scott May.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Father Bly Field.

COACHES: Rick Streiff, 190-59 in 20th year at Indianapolis Cathedral, 211-91 in 25th year overall. Ben Downey, 39-17 in 5th year at South Bend St. Joseph.

LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Cathedral lost to Warren Central, 20-17. South Bend St. Joseph beat Lafayette Jeff, 23-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Cathedral 4-0, South Bend St. Joseph 0-4.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Indianapolis Cathedral, 1-0.

LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Cathedral, 50-40, Sep. 7, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We need to control the line, run the ball with effectiveness, and continue to play good defense." – Indianapolis Cathedral coach Rick Streiff.

"In order to win, we need to keep a low pad level and run our feet thru contact. We also need to enjoy the big game atmosphere, remaining focused on the next play." – St. Joseph coach Ben Downey.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Roncalli Field.

COACHES: Vince Lorenzano, 134-27 in 12th year at Indianapolis Chatard, 194-96 in 24th year overall. Bruce Scifres, 218-78 in 25th year at Indianapolis Roncalli.

LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Chatard beat Indianapolis Broad Ripple, 75-0. Indianapolis Roncalli beat Franklin Central, 16-6.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Chatard 1-3, Indianapolis Roncalli 3-1.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Tied, 12-12.

LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Chatard, 28-8, sectional, Nov. 8, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We must match Chatard's physicality for four quarters. They are extremely big and physical, and we must step up and make plays in all three phases of the game." – Roncalli coach Bruce Scifres.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Triton Central Field.

COACHES: Dave Pasch, 39-30 in 7th year at Indianapolis Lutheran, 104-87 in 18th year overall. Tim Able, 11-3 in 2nd year at Triton Central, 136-101 in 22nd year overall.

LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Lutheran beat Indianapolis Ritter, 42-6. Triton Central beat Heritage Christian, 36-10.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Lutheran 2-2, Triton Central 1-3.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Triton Central, 2-0.

LAST MEETING: Triton Central, 28-7, Sep. 6, 2013

COACHES COMMENTS: "For Lutheran to beat Triton Central this Friday, the Saints must understand their limitations, play to their strengths, recognize and adapt while overcoming adversity. Triton Central is very athletic and presents many problems, so mental toughness will be a key." – Lutheran coach Dave Pasch.

"Pray for good weather and a fast track. Get the lead early and use our quickness and speed to negate their size, Use a balanced offensive attack and an attacking defense!" – Triton Central coach Tim Able.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Wilhelm Field.

COACHES: Ty Hunt, 94-17 in 9th year at Indianapolis Ritter. Mic Roessler, 12-5 in 2nd year at Brebeuf Jesuit.

LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Ritter lost to Indianapolis Lutheran, 42-6. Brebeuf Jesuit beat North Montgomery, 45-14.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Ritter 3-1, Brebeuf Jesuit 3-1.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Brebeuf Jesuit, 10-5.

COACHES COMMENTS: "It's important we get off to a great start and finish the game without committing too many unforced errors. Our guys up front need to be technically sound and continue to improve each snap." – Brebeuf Jesuit coach Mic Roessler.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Cecil Young Field.

COACHES: Jim Rowland, 82-69 in 14th year at New Haven. Pete Kempf, 2-0 in 1st year at DeKalb.

LAST OUTING: New Haven beat Lakeland, 48-8. DeKalb beat Garrett, 26-20.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: New Haven 1-3, DeKalb 1-3.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: DeKalb, 11-9.

LAST MEETING: New Haven, 54-0, Sep. 6, 2013.


"DeKalb is playing with confidence and intensity under Coach Kempf. We will need to match that intensity and execute offensively. They feed off of turnovers, so we can't afford to put the ball on the ground offensively. Defensively, we need to get them in third and long situations and win the third-down situations." – New Haven coach Jim Rowland.

"New Haven is an amazing team with talent and athleticism oozing at every position. Their quarterback, Vince Shearer, might be the most improved player we will see all year, and their new tailback, (Nishawn) Jones is quite the talent. With our program, being in such a rough state over the past several years is truly inward focused. Every day we can focus on ourselves and strive to get better with just football basics. With every game, we have very simple goals: establish the run, stop the run, punish the quarterback, and create turnovers. We have been successful at only one of those goals consistently over the past two weeks, which is why we are 2 and 0. Our turnover margin is 11 through two games, forcing six at Angola and eight vs. Garrett. Without our consistent focus on creating turnovers, we would be winless. If we have any shot at beating such an excellent team in New Haven, again we have to improve what we do. Our execution on offense has to be better and our defensive box play must improve tremendously. If we are able to do those things and we can run the ball, we have a shot. Regardless of the outcome, we will continue to work to get better every day." – DeKalb coach Pete Kempf.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Clarian Field.

COACHES: Lance Scheib, 24-40 in 7th year at Noblesville, 122-106 in 23rd year overall. Rick Wimmer, 64-32 in 9th year at Fishers, 228-115 in 32nd year overall.

LAST OUTING: Noblesville beat Hamilton Heights, 34-0. Fishers lost to Pike, 26-22.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Noblesville 1-3, Fishers 2-2.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Fishers, 6-3.

LAST MEETING: Fishers, 17-13, sectional, Oct. 25, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "The key to us winning Friday night is our ability to contain their running back Maurice Campbell. He runs with an attitude and is the focus of their offense.  We also need our two quarterbacks, Luke Melloh and Carl Hardy, to continue to make good choices in both the running and passing game and to value the football at all times." – Noblesville coach Lance Scheib.

"Noblesville is a well-coached, physical football team. We will need to be physical, play with great effort, and minimize our mistakes. Offensively, we must reduce our penalties and protect the football. We have done a decent job of not turning the ball over, but a turnover in a tight game can be the difference. When we run the ball well, we are a much more complete offense and we get into a much better rhythm. This will be our number one goal heading into this game.  Defensively, we must tackle better. A big key for us is how we handle their quarterback scrambles and designed runs. Another big key is to limit big plays as we have allowed too many of them in our first two games. If we can do those things, our defense will have played very well. Noblesville has always had a solid kicking game and their return game has had some plays on us in previous years. Our kick and punt coverage will be very important to us having a solid game in the kicking game."- Fishers coach Rick Wimmer.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Warrior Stadium.

COACHES: Tom Wogomon, 9-3 in 2nd year at Northridge, 34-40 in 8th year overall. Josh Ekovich, 7-5 in 2nd year at Wawasee.

LAST OUTING: Northridge defeated South Bend Riley, 37-7. Wawasee defeated West Noble, 48-6.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Northridge 2-2, Wawasee 1-3.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Wawasee, 15-5.

LAST MEETING: Northridge, 31-14, Sep. 6, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "The keys for us this week are pretty simple.  Number one: We have to win the turnover stat. Offensively, we have turned it over six times in the first two games.  It is going to be real hard to be successful if that trend continues this Friday.  Number two: Be more physical than our opponents. Wawasee is a dynamic offense to say the least. They have players that can hurt you quick.  We have to be aware of where Clayton Cook is at all times. We are going to have to play extremely smart and physical on defense this Friday." – Northridge coach Tom Wogomon.

"In order to beat Northridge, we are going to have to hit harder than them and win the turnover battle. We have to take advantage of the looks they give us on offense and win the line of scrimmage." – Wawasee coach Josh Ekovich.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Guerin Catholic field.

COACHES: Tim Herrin, 4-8 in 2nd year at Terre Haute South. Tom Dilley, 1-1 in 1st year at Guerin Catholic, 81-78 in 15th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Terre Haute South beat Terre Haute North, 21-10. Guerin Catholic beat Lafayette Central Catholic, 17-7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Terre Haute South 1-3, Guerin Catholic 2-2.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: No meetings.

COACHES COMMENTS: "For us to win Friday, we will need to continue to execute our offense. Defensively, we need to continue to make plays and limiting opponents scoring opportunities." – T.H. South coach Tim Herrin.

"To be successful against Terre Haute South, we will need to take care of the football and present a balanced attack against their defense. Our defense will need to do a good job of rushing the passers, keeping their athletes in front of us, and tackling in space. I think as usual, this game will be won in the trenches. We need to be technically sound and communicate and work together on the offensive front. In the defensive front, we must have great pad level and extension and fit their blocking schemes properly." – Guerin Catholic coach Tom Dilley.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Devere Stadium.

COACHES: Darrin Fisher, 67-39 in 10th year at Whiteland, 128-111 in 24th year overall. Justin Dixson, 27-25 in 6th year at Decatur Central.

LAST OUTING: Whiteland lost to Center Grove, 14-13. Decatur Central beat Perry Meridian, 41-21.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Whiteland 1-3, Decatur Central 1-3.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: Whiteland, 5-3.

LAST MEETING: Whiteland, 50-47, Sep. 6, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We will need to execute in all three phases of the game. We must correct the mistakes we have made in weeks one and two.  Our young offensive and defensive lines must continue to grow, develop, and be a week better." – Decatur Central coach Justin Dixson.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Kelso Stadium.

COACHES: Mike Wilhelm, 55-45 in 10th year at Yorktown. Kyle Ralph, 15-1 in 2nd year at New Palestine.

LAST OUTING: Yorktown beat Muncie Central, 33-6. New Palestine beat Richmond, 42-6.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Yorktown 0-4, New Palestine 1-3.

SERIES LAST 20 YEARS: New Palestine, 12-4.

LAST MEETING: New Palestine, 35-14, Sep. 27, 2013.

COACHES COMMENTS: "New Palestine is a disciplined team in all phases. To be successful, we need to be cognizant of several things. On offense, we must recognize and slow down their myriad of blitzes. On defense, we must get them off the field on third and fourth down by lining up correctly, running to the ball, and causing turnovers. Lastly, Yorktown cannot give up any big plays on special teams. New Pal has the ability to run reverses and fakes, and we must always be aware. New Pal is a well-coached team, and Yorktown looks forward to the challenge of facing them on Friday night." – Yorktown coach Mike Wilhelm.

"We are going to have to play well in all three phases of the game again this week. Yorktown is a very sound and well coached football team with some tremendous players. We have to execute on offense, defense, and special teams to compete with a team as dynamic as them. Obviously, protecting the football on offense is critical and being able to manage the game defensively and handle their skilled quarterback (Riley Neal)." – New Palestine coach Kyle Ralph.

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