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Reggie Wayne Back In Indy, Shares Thoughts On 2015 Colts

Intro: Reggie Wayne was back in Indianapolis the past few days for a charity event supporting the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund. What does Wayne think of the 2015 Colts?


INDIANAPOLIS – Sunday, he watched his former team.

Monday, Reggie Wayne was giving back to a city he's already done so much for.

After taking in Sunday’s victory for the Colts, Wayne was at Prime 47 in Carmel on Monday for a charity event with Robert Mathis, supporting the Indiana Children's Wish Fund.

Wayne, the Colts all-time leader in wins and games played, said that his first season away from football has allowed him to spend time with his family that he never previously had in 14 NFL seasons.

Here are more of Wayne's thoughts, catching up with Colts UpClose host Larra Overton:

On attending the Colts game Sunday and the reception he received:

"It was awesome. I thought it was going to feel kind of weird but it wasn't. It felt like I was at home. I enjoyed it. First time going to a game ever, since I've played the game, so I really enjoyed it. I was finally able to go to a game, sit back, and just be a spectator. It was awesome. Everybody greeted me, telling me they missed me, glad to see me and that was awesome. That's the state of Indiana. That's the city of Indianapolis. That's what they've been doing since Day One."

On watching the game in a different capacity:

"I felt like a fan. I finally felt like a fan. I've been watching the guys all year on TV. Just being there, being with them, I thought it was going to feel a little weird, but it didn't. I'm a fan at the end of the day. A lot of those guys, I've battled with. We all talk all the time, so a little part of me feels like I'm still there. I'm just glad to see them get a win (Sunday)."

On the performances of T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief from Sunday:

"It was awesome. The bar is so high for them. They know that they can do so much more and they just want to go out and show all the hard work they've been doing and put it on stage. Those guys have been doing a great job and I'm excited for him. Everytime I watch them on TV they are making play after play after play. Like I told them (Sunday), 'I feel like a proud father a little bit (watching them).' I'm enjoying every bit of it. When I saw them (Sunday) before the game, they told me they were going to have a big game because I was here. I was there good luck charm. It was good to see them doing that. They've been doing it all year. I think the team is finding its stride right at the right time. That's what it's all about and I think they are on their way."

On Robert Mathis' year away from football and how gratifying it is seeing him come back and play at the age of 34:

"Well, Rob is the ultimate workhorse. One thing about it, you are not going to have to tell him to grind and put in the work. He's going to do that regardless. The one thing I did when I was hurt was to make sure that I was there for the guys. I was able to give them my two cents where I could. And Rob did the same thing. I saw him in the training room last year. He was a little down but he still did his part, whether it was in the meeting room, on the field. He did what he could to help. That's what he did until he got his opportunity to get back out there. He had a little chip on his shoulder, a little bit and he was able to go out there and provide and show that he was the Robert Mathis that we all know."

On if the play of the veterans on Sunday gives him the itch to play again:

"(Laughs) Not really. At the end of the day, those guys are what you call true professionals. That's also a testament that it's not always the younger guys that are doing it. These old, veteran guys still have what it takes to get it done. I'm living through them. I'm excited for him. They are all doing a great job. We know AV (Adam Vinatieri) is Mr. Clutch. (Matt) Hasselbeck has gotten his opportunity. He's always been ready. We know what we can do, his resume shows that. Robert Mathis, like I said, he's the ultimate workhorse. Guys like that, guys that I've battled with and know what they can do, just seeing them go out there and do that, that's awesome. And I love every bit of it."

On being back in Indianapolis for Monday's charity event:

"That's what we are here to do. We are here to serve. That's kind of been our motto for years ever since we've been here. Rob, being a close friend of mine, even though I'm not here, our journey is still the same and that's to serve. So I wanted to make sure I came back. We've been doing this event for a long time We always want to give back to the community and this is one way of doing it."

On still being involved with the local community after 14 years with the Colts:

"You said it. 14 years. That's a long time I've been here kind of getting my hands dirty. Just giving back. The state of Indiana actually has opened its arms up to me since 2001 and this is something that I've always treasured. This is my home away from home and I want to continue to keep it that way. Me giving back to everybody in the community is one way of doing that."

  • Check out Wayne catching up with Larra Overton on Colts UpClose this Saturday night at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS4. *
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