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A look at the top games from around the state during week five of the Indiana High School Football Season.




GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Roard Stadium.

COACHES: Mark Bless, 22-7 in 3rd year at Avon, 171-74 in 23rd year overall. Brett Comer, 41-29 in 7th year at Brownsburg.

LAST OUTING: Avon lost to Fishers, 34-9, Sep. 7. Brownsburg beat Westfield, 20-17, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Avon 6-10, Brownsburg 5-11.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Avon, 12-7.

LAST MEETING: Avon, 17-14, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We will need to continue to play solid defense while taking care of the ball on offense and special teams. Versus Westfield, we put the ball on the ground four times and had a punt blocked. These things cannot happen this Friday night. We will also need to make sure our kids are not afraid to make a play. Playing loose and with confidence will go a long way toward winning the game." – Brownsburg coach Brett Comer.

MATT KOPSEA'S PICK: Avon 21, Brownsburg 20.


GAME TIME: 7 pm CT, Central Stadium.

COACHES: Doug Hurt, 50-25 in 7th year at Castle. Andy Owen, 38-23 in 6th year at Evansville Central.

LAST OUTING: Castle beat Evansville Bosse, 28-9, Sep. 7. Evansville Central beat Evansville Reitz, 36-31, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Castle 6-10, Evansville Central 5-7.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Castle, 12-4.

LAST MEETING: Castle, 41-14, Sep. 9, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We are going to have to play better than we have the last few weeks. We must eliminate turnovers and play much better on defense. We have had six turnovers in the last two games, so our defense must step up. Special teams could be the key to the game. It should be a great high school football game." – Castle coach Doug Hurt.

MATT'S PICK: Castle 28, Evansville Central 24.


GAME TIME: 7 pm CT, Viking Field.

COACHES: John Snyder, 69-54 in 12th year at Chesterton, 71-61 in 13th year overall. Dave Coyle, 2-2 in 1st year at Valparaiso.

LAST OUTING: Chesterton beat LaPorte, 48-13, Sep. 7. Valparaiso beat Michigan City, 35-0, Sep. 7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Chesterton 5-11, Valparaiso 8-8.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Valparaiso, 11-7.

LAST MEETING: Chesterton, 31-21, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We have to have a stellar night with all three aspects of the game, offense, defense, and special teams, in order to beat Chesterton. They are an explosive team offensively with quick striking power. Defensively, they are as sound as they come, due to the high number of returning starters from last year. We will need to exercise ball control on offense to keep Chesterton off of the field, and defensively, we will need to play outstanding assignment football. We must have absolutely no mistakes on special teams, meaning know where No.47 exists at all times." Valparaiso coach Dave Coyle.

MATT'S PICK: Chesterton 35, Valparaiso 28.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Wilhelm Field.

COACHES: Andy Dorrel, 82-74 in 15th year at Culver Military Academy. Ryan Gallogly, 42-18 in 6th year at Brebeuf Jesuit, 72-34 in 10th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Culver Military Academy beat Lafayette Central Catholic, 14-12, Sep. 7. Brebeuf Jesuit beat Triton Central, 34-12, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Culver Military Academy 10-6, Brebeuf Jesuit 8-4.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Brebeuf Jesuit, 8-6.

LAST MEETING: Brebeuf Jesuit, 21-17, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We have a group of young men who have demonstrated extraordinary resiliency and determination. It is essential for us to manage the game and dictate the tempo of play.  Brebeuf is extremely talented. If we expect to earn the opportunity to win, we must execute our assignments better than we have all season. We must continue to play extraordinary defense and take advantage of all our scoring opportunities." – CMA coach Andy Dorrel.

"The Eagles are coming off one of their bigger wins in years, so matching their emotion will be a challenge. We've been a poor tackling team the past couple weeks, so we need to improve quickly there. We've started to run the ball effectively, so we need to continue to grow in that area to control the tempo of the game." – Brebeuf coach Ryan Gallogly. 

MATT'S PICK: Brebeuf 23, CMA 14.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Charger Field.

COACHES: Luke Amstutz, 3-1 in 1st year at East Noble, 29-16 in 5th year overall. Doug Dinan, 16-11 in 3rd year at Carroll (Fort Wayne).

LAST OUTING: East Noble beat DeKalb, 49-13, Sep. 7. Carroll (Fort Wayne) lost to New Haven, 33-14, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: East Noble 6-10, Carroll (Fort Wayne) 8-8.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: East Noble, 12-5.

LAST MEETING: Carroll (Fort Wayne), 21-16, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "For us to be successful this week versus East Noble we have to be proficient in three areas. We have to control the line of scrimmage, offensively and defensively. We must win the turnover battle, creating turnovers on defense and taking care of the ball on offense. We also must make a difference with special teams." Carroll (FW) coach Doug Dinan. 

MATT'S PICK: East Noble 30, Carroll 24.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Bruce Field.

COACHES: Brian Moore, 4-0 in 1st year at Fountain Central, 155-34 in 17th year overall. Ryan Good, 30-17 in 5th year at Attica.

LAST OUTING: Fountain Central beat Covington, 54-6, Sep. 8. Attica beat Rockville, 27-6, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Fountain Central 2-14, Attica 4-12.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Fountain Central, 13-6.

LAST MEETING: Fountain Central, 48-0, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Our team has to slow down the powerful and speedy running game of the Red Ramblers. They have been able to simply stampede over their first four opponents without much problem. Defensively, we have our hands full. Carson Davis is only a sophomore, but plays much older. Offensively, we know Attica will come and get us. We have to be able to withstand their pressure and adjust to their blitz packages. Our line will be tested." – Fountain Central coach Brian Moore.

"We will have to play aggressively and match their speed on both sides of the ball. We will also need to protect the ball and eliminate penalties." – Attica coach Ryan Good.

MATT'S PICK: Attica 20, Fountain Central 17.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Shenandoah field.

COACHES: Ron Qualls, 67-49 in 11th year at Heritage Christian. Scott Widner, 41-8 in 5th year at Shenandoah, 41-18 in 6th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Heritage Christian beat Guerin Catholic, 27-0, Sep. 8. Shenandoah beat Tri, 49-12, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Heritage Christian 9-7, Shenandoah 6-10.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Tied, 1-1.

LAST MEETING: Shenandoah, 35-14, sectional, Oct. 22, 2010.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We must recover from the emotional drain of this past weekend.  Playing a rival school, getting a rain delay and finishing almost 24 hours later was a difficult task for high school football players (and old coaches as well). We must rekindle the fire and be prepared for their high scoring offensive threat. We have to remain calm in a very difficult environment. Shenandoah has a history of success and active fans on a Friday night. Our players cannot get caught up in pregame festivities. We also need to find the football! The Raider offense runs a very concise Wing-T and their coach does a masterful job of hiding the football. Using our football IQ to find the football is of utmost importance." – Heritage Christian coach Ron Qualls.

"Heritage Christian is an extremely athletic and well coached football team. Defensively, we are going to have to slow down their offense by containing No. 10 on both the pass and the run as well as slowing down their receivers which are led No. 22. Offensively, we will need to be able to run the ball effectively and have an efficient passing game." – Shenandoah coach Scott Widner.

MATT'S PICK: Heritage Christian 37, Shenandoah 35.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Marian University.

COACHES: Vince Lorenzano, 114-21 in 10th year at Indianapolis Chatard, 174-90 in 22nd year overall. Ty Hunt, 70-13 in 7th year at Indianapolis Ritter.

LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Bishop Chatard beat Indianapolis Cathedral, 21-7, Sep. 8. Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter beat Speedway, 62-38, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 9-7, Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter 6-10.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Indianapolis Bishop Chatard, 1-0.

LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Bishop Chatard, 42-27, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "For the Trojans to be successful, we must take care of the football on offense. We must win the line of scrimmage. We must score each and every time that we are inside our opponents' 50-yard line. We must rush for 250 yards. Defensively, we must play smart. We must run our feet on our tackling. We must force our opponent into third and long situations. We must not give up big plays. On special teams, we must allow no big plays, develop great field position, improve our overall kicking game, and play smart." Bishop Chatard coach Vince Lorenzano.

"Chatard is coming off a very good win against Cathedral. We will have to try and match their intensity. On film, they bring it and bring it a lot. We are going to work on the fundamentals and get better each week. This week is no different. The fundamentals will be challenged at the highest level. The challenge of playing a team like Chatard is trying to match their physical play for four quarters and getting better with each quarter." Cardinal Ritter coach Ty Hunt.

MATT'S PICK: Bishop Chatard 34, Cardinal Ritter 31.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Roncalli Field.

COACHES: Ott Hurrle, 134-104 in 21st year at Indianapolis Scecina Memorial, 135-113 in 23rd year overall. Bruce Scifres, 203-71 in 23rd year at Indianapolis Roncalli.

LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Scecina Memorial beat Beech Grove, 47-7, Sep. 8. Indianapolis Roncalli beat Plainfield, 15-10, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Scecina Memorial 7-9, Indianapolis Roncalli 12-4.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Indianapolis Roncalli, 14-0.

LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Roncalli, 40-13, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "In order for us to beat, or even stay close to Roncalli, we will have to have our best game to date. The Rebels are big, strong, fast, and have a good passing game. Defensively, they are very aggressive and come to play every play. We will have to play exceptionally well to have any hope of victory." – Scecina Memorial coach Ott Hurrle.

"Scecina is big and physical. They also have good team speed. We are going to have to contain their running backs and prevent any long runs. Offensively, we will need to eliminate mistakes and stay on our blocks until the whistle blows. We need to keep our offense on the field, and their offense on the sidelines." – Roncalli coach Bruce Scifres.

MATT'S PICK: Roncalli 31, Scecina 27.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Amzie Miller Field.

COACHES: Mike_Campbell, 46-11 in 5th year at Jimtown. Russ Radtke, 4-0 in 1st year at New Prairie, 297-117 in 36th year overall.

LAST OUTING: Jimtown beat Knox, 48-7, Sep. 7. New Prairie beat Culver, 54-6, Sep. 7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Jimtown 4-12, New Prairie 4-12.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Jimtown, 13-2.

LAST MEETING: Jimtown, 41-0, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "New Prairie is playing at a high level and is very well coached. In order to beat them, we have to keep them from controlling the ball for long periods of time, and when we have it, we're going to have to score touchdowns. Both teams are going to play extremely hard, so execution will be the key in this one." – Jimtown coach Mike Campbell.

"Offensively, it will come down to who can stay on their blocks and who can run the ball better. Defensively, we must be aggressive and stick to our assignments. We must not make mistakes that Jimtown can capitalize on. They are very good at making you pay for mistakes." – New Prairie coach Russ Radtke.

MATT'S PICK: Jimtown 28, New Prairie 17.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Franklin County Field.

COACHES: Ryan Knigga, 9-6 in 2nd year at Lawrenceburg. Shane Wellman, 3-1 in 1st year at Franklin County.

LAST OUTING: Lawrenceburg beat Greensburg, 21-20, Sep. 7. Franklin County lost to East Central, 42-14, Sep. 7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Lawrenceburg 6-6, Franklin County 8-8.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Franklin County, 8-7.

LAST MEETING: Franklin County, 48-21, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "In order for the Tigers to win, we need to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The game will be won in the trenches this week. The offensive line must move people with our zone scheme and give Chad Banschbach a running lane.  If we can establish a passing game, get our playmakers involved, and get their linebackers out of the box, we could have a big night offensively. Our defense must get stops and get off the field. This is a more traditional week for our defense, so it will be back to the basics for us. Special teams will be huge as always, and we can't give up the big play. Franklin County has size and they execute well in all three phases of the game, so it should be a good one!" – Lawrenceburg coach Ryan Knigga.

"This is a big game for us. It is a good way to make up for last week's mistakes and redeem ourselves." – Franklin County coach Shane Wellman.

MATT'S PICK: Lawrenceburg 25, Franklin County 23.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Chambers Field.

COACHES: Bart Curtis, 39-14 in 5th year at Mishawaka, 150-81 in 22nd year overall. Ryan Hall, 17-9 in 3rd year at Fort Wayne North.

LAST OUTING: Mishawaka beat South Bend Riley, 42-21, Sep. 7. Fort Wayne North beat Fort Wayne Wayne, 42-23, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Mishawaka 8-8, Fort Wayne North 5-11.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Mishawaka, 1-0.

LAST MEETING: Mishawaka, 45-28, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We need to keep their quarterback in check and not let him run up and down the field. We need to be patient on offense and not turn the football over.  We need to play a strong field position game and be sound and aggressive in all that we do in this realm. We need to not be intimidated by the Redskins' talent and size. If we can accomplish these things, it will be a good night." – Mishawaka coach Bart Curtis.

"Mishawaka is so well coached and is a great, fundamentally sound team. We obviously must be able to stop the run and not let that their play action pass catch us off guard. We have to be more physical than they are. Our offensive line must handle their defensive linemen and let our playmakers make plays. This should be a great game!" – F.W. North coach Ryan Hall.

MATT'S PICK: F.W. North 32, Mishawaka 28.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Woodman Field.

COACHES: Brian Woodard, 48-24 in 7th year at Plainfield. Mike Campbell, 29-41 in 7th year at Greenwood.

LAST OUTING: Plainfield lost to Indianapolis Roncalli, 15-10, Sep. 8. Greenwood beat Mooresville, 27-14, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Plainfield 8-8, Greenwood 5-11.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Plainfield, 12-5.

LAST MEETING: Greenwood, 34-21, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "In order to beat Greenwood, we have to try to keep their quarterback (Heller) from running wild. We realize he's going to have his moments and make his plays. We just have to find a way of limiting those. Offensively, we have to do a better job of controlling the line of scrimmage this week.  We cannot afford to get pushed around up front. They have very good special teams, so we have to find a way to get a 'W' in this phase of the game, either with a return, blocked kick, etc." – Plainfield coach Brian Woodard.

"For the Woodmen to be successful, we must win the turnover battle, be great tacklers, and maximize scoring opportunities with points." – Greenwood coach Mike Campbell.

MATT'S PICK: Greenwood 39, Plainfield 34.


GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, School Field.

COACHES: Ben Downey, 25-9 in 3rd year at South Bend St. Joseph. Craig Redman, 4-10 in 2nd year at South Bend Adams.

LAST OUTING: South Bend St. Joseph beat Elkhart Central, 35-0, Sep. 7. South Bend Adams beat South Bend Washington, 28-27, Sep. 7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: South Bend St. Joseph 11-5, South Bend Adams 5-11.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: South Bend St. Joseph, 15-0.

LAST MEETING: South Bend St. Joseph, 23-7, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We have to do a good job of tackling on defense, maintain balance on offense, and make game changing plays on special teams." – S.B. St. Joseph coach Ben Downey.

"We have a lot of respect for St. Joe and what Coach Downey has accomplished there. They are a pretty solid and disciplined team that is playing with a lot of confidence right now. We just have to come out and play with confidence and continue taking things one play at a time." – S.B. Adams coach Craig Redman.

MATT'S PICK: St. Joe 36, Adams 27.


GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Gordon Straley Field.

COACHES: Aaron Tolle, 55-29 in 8th year at Tipton. Marshall Overley, 78-52 in 12th year at West Lafayette.

LAST OUTING: Tipton beat Rensselaer Central, 40-18, Sep. 8. West Lafayette beat Benton Central, 28-21, Sep. 8.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Tipton 8-8, West Lafayette 8-8.

SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Tied, 6-6.

LAST MEETING: West Lafayette, 17-7, Sep. 16, 2011.

COACHES COMMENTS: "For the Blue Devils to win Friday, we must contain No. 5 (Maurice) Woodard, their go-to running back. We must pick up their stunting big play defense. We must improve in all facets of the kicking game." – Tipton coach Aaron Tolle.

"Tipton is probably the strongest Hoosier Conference team this year.  They are big, fast, tough, and experienced with a good quarterback and a great line.  No. 20 is dominant offense and defense, so we have to control the run and prevent the big play. Turnovers will be necessary for us to win." – West Lafayette coach Marshall Overley. 

MATT'S PICK: Tipton 38, West Lafayette 31.

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