Go Vote Now: Colts Players Need Final Pro Bowl Push

The deadline for fan voting for the 2019 Pro Bowl is Thursday, and today and tomorrow, all social media votes are doubled. Five Colts players still remain in the Top 10 in fan voting at their respective positions, but need a final push.


INDIANAPOLIS — We're going to make this real simple for you.

If you're a fan of the Indianapolis Colts — you're on our website, so there's a good chance you are — then you need to go get your Colts votes in for the 2019 Pro Bowl.

We'll lay this out for you real quick:

» Fan voting, which counts one-third toward determining the 88 All-Star players who will be selected to the Pro Bowl, ends tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 13).

» Today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday), all social media votes are doubled. On Twitter, fans should tweet the first and last name of the player, the player's official Twitter handle or a hashtag including the player's first and last name. All three of these methods must include the hashtag: #ProBowlVote. Any retweets of tweets that include the first and last name of the player, the player's official Twitter handle or a hashtag including the player's first and last name, with the hashtag #ProBowlVote, also count as votes. And, again, do this as often as your fingers can handle; the votes are doubled the next two days.

» Not into social media voting? Too bad! But the alternative — voting via online and on web-enabled phones — can still be achieved by clicking here.

» Five Colts players remain among the top-10 vote-getters in the latest Pro Bowl totals released by the NFL. That's great, but these same guys were in the exact same spots a couple weeks ago, so the fans really need to ramp it up here in the next two days to move the following players up the list:

• Quarterback: Andrew Luck (eighth place)

• Tight end: Eric Ebron (fourth place)

• Guard: Quenton Nelson (third place)

• Outside linebacker: Darius Leonard (fifth place)

• Kicker: Adam Vinatieri (sixth place)

» One final tidbit to really get you going: the Colts have a tremendous fanbase. But through Dec. 11, Indianapolis wasn't even in the top 15 in the NFL in terms of total votes. Here's that list:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

2. New Orleans Saints

3. Kansas City Chiefs

4. Los Angeles Rams

5. Chicago Bears

6. Dallas Cowboys

7. Minnesota Vikings

8. Green Bay Packers

9. New York Giants

10. Carolina Panthers

11. Los Angeles Chargers

12. Cleveland Browns

13. Houston Texans

14. San Francisco 49ers

15. New England Patriots

OK, so the Steelers, Saints, Chiefs, Rams, Bears, Cowboys … all fair. All either are having tremendous seasons or just are traditionally always getting tons of votes from their fans.

But the Vikings? The Giants? The Panthers? The Browns? The 49ers?

The TEXANS?!? We can't even be the top voting fanbase in the AFC South?

Let's change that right now.

Go vote. Use your hashtags properly. Retweet until you can't retweet any longer. The players deserve it.

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