Colts Kicking The Stigma Initiative

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What Is 'Kicking The Stigma'?

One in five U.S. adults – including one in four Hoosiers – suffer from some form of mental health disorder.

These are our friends and neighbors who struggle every day with depression, anxiety, addiction and other illnesses that take away the quality of life for them and their loved ones.

The Indianapolis Colts and the Irsay Family stand together today and moving forward to "Kick the Stigma" around mental health and encourage anyone battling these illnesses to seek the help they need.

Beyond The Sidelines

Support Beyond the Sidelines, a fundraiser benefiting Kicking The Stigma, the team's initiative to raise awareness about mental health disorders and remove the shame and stigma often associated with these illnesses by donating today or bidding on one of our several Silent Auction items.

Mental Health & Wellness Resources

It's okay to not be okay.

If you or someone you know are struggling, there are many resources and services available to fit your concerns and needs.

'Kicking The Stigma' Action Grant Application

Kicking the stigma action grant application

The Kicking the Stigma Action Grant program offers Indiana-based organizations the opportunity to request necessary funding for projects and programs focusing on the education, support and advocacy of mental health and mental illness.

Only Indiana-based nonprofit organizations may apply for an Indianapolis Colts Kicking the Stigma Grant. Submitted applications *must *focus on key programming in the mental health sector that support community projects and programs within the state of Indiana. Programs must fall within one of the below focus areas:

  • Behavioral Health Workforce Development
  • Equitable Access to Treatment and Resources
  • Grassroots Peer to Peer Programming
  • Awareness and Anti-Stigma Initiatives

Grant Applications for the 2022 cycle are now closed

Donate To 'Kicking The Stigma'

Funds raised will go towards a new Kicking The Stigma Action Fund, which will support expanded programming by Mental Health America Indiana, NAMI Greater Indianapolis, Project Healthy Minds and Bring Change to Mind. The fund also will provide grants to other Indiana-based nonprofits working in education, support and advocacy of mental health.


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Partner Organizations

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, start by calling 2-1-1.