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Starting Your Own Booster Club

Starting Your Own Booster Club

Thank you for your interest in starting a Colts Booster Club! Please read through the guidelines below before completing the online application.

By starting a booster club, you have the liberty to create the rules for your organization. In order to be added to our website and recognized as an official Colts Booster Club, your club needs to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You and your club members must be true members of Colts Nation.
  • Each club must contain 10 or more members to be considered a booster club.
  • You must have at least one appointed president whom will be listed as the main contact on the booster club database.
  • Your club must meet on a regular basis (during the season).
  • You must have the ability to contact your members throughout the season.
  • Most booster clubs are not run as for-profit enterprises. Funds generated from your club must be used to cover social events and general operating expenses.
  • As a registered booster club, you do not obtain rights to use any of the official Indianapolis Colts marks. Therefore, Colts marks may not be used on merchandise, websites, print materials or any collateral pertaining to your booster club.
  • You are permitted, and encouraged, to create a unique logo and name to represent your booster club.
  • Independent booster club websites and social media accounts are allowed, but will not be officially affiliated with the Indianapolis Colts organization.
  • Your booster club must be located at least 10 miles from another booster club.
  • Photos of your booster club submitted with your application may be used to advertise, promote and publicize the booster club program.
  • Your booster club meeting location must be a public place. A personal residence is not permitted as a valid meeting location.
  • You must be able to watch Colts games with your booster club at your meeting location.

*Guidelines are subject to change at any time.

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