WR-Reggie Wayne Conference Call Transcript

IndianapolisColts WR Reggie Wayne     (on if the Colts picked up where they left off from last season with a win on Thursday)   It’s just the Colts going to work. That’s what we prepared to do all season.

IndianapolisColts WR Reggie Wayne



(on if the Colts picked up where they left off from last season with a win on Thursday)

It's just the Colts going to work. That's what we prepared to do all season. It just came to light during the game.

(on what the Colts do to keep from getting complacent after winning the Super Bowl)

That (complacent) is not a word around this facility. We've fallen in that trap before, and we went somewhere and got destroyed. We know that if we just stay focused and take it one game at a time, things should be alright for us.

(on if either team has an advantage now that the Titans have several past Colts players)

What it all boils down to is that you still have to go out there and make plays, regardless of if he was here or if we played [the Titans] in numerous years. It all boils down to going out there and making plays. It doesn't matter what the advantage is or what the situation is.  

(on if the Titans/Colts rivalry has been revamped in the past few years)

It has always been at a high level. Both cities are about four hours apart. [The Titans] are good to. As we used to say, they're on scholarship, too. You don't expect them to be down every year. At some point they're going to catch on and they're going to start figuring us out. They're going to start making games tough and they're going to start winning some games. It's going to go back and forth. Every time we play them, we expect it to be tight. No matter who it is, all division games are supposed to be like that because you play each other twice throughout the year. You expect more each time.

(on how long it took to develop chemistry with Peyton Manning)

I have no clue. We work every day. Eventually, it catches on. I feel like if you put so many hours in on the practice field, at some point in time he's going to know how you run this particular route and you're going to know how he's going to throw it. It's just repetition and working at it.

(on how that chemistry shows up in games)

Well, when you put points on the board, I guess it's showing pretty good. Whenever we run into the end zone, something's working right. It just goes down to repetition and constantly doing it over and over and just making things happen.

(on if Manning has any

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