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WR-Hank Baskett quotes

WR-HANK BASKETT (on how the first day of practice went) “It went pretty well.  It’s been a long one.

WR-HANK BASKETT (on how the first day of practice went) * *

"It went pretty well.  It's been a long one.  Had an early flight this morning and a lot of things to get done once I got here, but I'd say the first day went very smooth."

WR-HANK BASKETT (on what he can expect)

"I can expect to have a lot of catching up to do.  I'm going to go out there and do what I can to help this organization.  They have a great organization and I'm excited to be able to come in and have an opportunity like the one that they've given me, to come in here and provide some assistance to this team.  And I'm very excited about this."

WR-HANK BASKETT (on if it will be a crash course learning the playbook)

"It's definitely going to be a crash course.  Everyone talked about Philly's offense, that was a lot to learn, but coming in during the season over here is definitely a lot to learn.  It was good.  Peyton (Manning) and the guys stayed after with me to throw a couple of routes and just slowly work me in.  I have a lot to learn, but I'm definitely up to the challenge."

WR-HANK BASKETT (on how soon he can play)

"The possibilities are endless.  Whatever it takes, however long I have to study, I'm going to do what I can to get out there by Monday."

WR-HANK BASKETT (on being released then signing a couple of days later)

"It is a bad feeling.  It happens to everybody at some point in their career, but you have to be positive that hopefully some team is going to pick you up.  You have word through the grapevine that a team is going to come get you, that's a very positive thing, but sitting there waiting, trust me, it makes for a very long day."

WR-HANK BASKETT (on what he thought when the Colts called)

"I was truly excited, to have one great quarterback (in Philadelphia) and then come to one of the greatest over here.  Peyton is incredible.  The whole organization here is known for winning, and that's a huge positive, to leave a good organization and to go to another powerful organization that is known for winning.  That just makes this whole situation that much better."

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