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Versailles Make It Personal Tour

On Thursday, June 19, 2009, the Indianapolis Colts traveled to Versailles, Indiana to Make It Personal with Colts fans.


Indianapolis Colts Make It Personal in Versailles

In February, Reuben Prather left his home in Versailles, Indiana, and traveled to Iraq to serve a tour for the Army National Guard. Along with his home, Reuben also had the difficult task of leaving his wife, Sarah, and their soon to be born baby girl, Adalyn, to serve the United States.

Just a month after his departure, his daughter Adalyn was born. Reuben has only seen his daughter in pictures, and is anxious to meet his daughter in person for the first time.

At Thursday's Make It Personal stop in Versailles, Indiana, Sarah Prather brought her now 3 month old daughter Adalyn out to meet Colts players Chad Simpson and Taj Smith. Adalyn posed for pictures with the players and the cheerleaders to send to her father in Iraq, who is a huge Colts fan.

"I think Reuben was born a Colts fan," said his wife, Sarah. "He is still a huge supporter of the team."

Sarah believes that the pictures will mean a lot to her husband, and that he will love seeing Adalyn in a picture with two players from his favorite team. Since Reuben was unable to attend the event himself, Sarah made sure that Adalyn was able to bring the event to him.

In August, Reuben will get to meet his daughter for the first time when he comes home for two weeks. Sarah Prather knows it has been difficult for Reuben to have never met his daughter, and she is looking forward for the first meeting between the two. Reuben has to return to Iraq at the end of those two weeks, but will be home for good in December to catch up on lost time with his wife and their daughter.

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