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Hey Colts fans, it’s Matt Bowen your Colts Team Photographer, and here is this week's Top Ten Photos.





Today's Top 10 photo gallery is a behind the scenes look that focuses on LOCATION CANDIDS.  We just got back from a week at the beach shooting the Cheer Swim 2013-2014 calendar.   Any time you take a photo shoot on location, you run into a bunch of logistical issues, especially when sand is involved.  We had a crew of 15 give or take and it was all hands on deck the entire time we were shooting!  The crew included photo assistants, cheer assistants, social media directors, hair/makeup artists and videographers.  

In the photo gallery I wanted to focus on the LOCATION CANDIDS that I shoot during small breaks throughout the shoot.  The candids are fun because they give you a sneak peak into what our photo shoot was like and what it took to produce finished images.  One of the major logistical issues that we ran into being on the beach  was getting all of our gear to the actual shoot location.  Some of our locations were 100 stairs down to the beach and then 100 yards down the beach to the perfect shooting spot, usually dictated by the sun.  

Our crew did an amazing job (just a few complaints) and we pulled off a great shoot!

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