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Hey Colts fans, it’s Matt Bowen your Colts Team Photographer, and here is this week's Top Ten Photos.





Today's Top 10 photo gallery looks at the history of the Colts helmet.  In this gallery you'll find five images of helmets and five images of players wearing those helmets ranging from 1953-2013. 

The first two helmets fall into the 1953-1983 range.  I decided to post an image of Reggie Wayne wearing a throwback helmet from the 50's and an image of Jonny Unitas from the early 50's also.  Eric Dickerson represents the 1984-1994 era with the white facemask.  Marshall Faulk represents the 1995-2003 era with the blue facemask.  And Andrew Luck represents the 2004-Present era with the grey facemask. 

I had a great time lighting and shooting the helmets in the studio, another nice change of pace for me.  I think back to my years playing youth football and the helmet was always the most exciting part of the uniform!  That might have been the only reason that I played all the way through college, because I hated getting hit!

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