Hey Colts fans, it’s Matt Bowen your Colts Team Photographer, and here is this week's Top Ten Photos.





As the Colts Team Photographer, I am assigned a wide variety of jobs.  These requests range from game action to covering sponsorship events at the Colts Pavilion.  Occasionally I get to photograph something out of the norm.  This time that assignment was for the "Blue Ladies" woman's club.

The "Blue Ladies" are a woman's club associated with the Colts that get together throughout  the season for different events.  They were having a small meeting at the Colts Grille and my assignment was to capture candids of the meeting.  My goal was to show how much fun it was to be a member of this club.  They were meeting in the VIP suite at the Colt's Grille, which provided a beautiful setting for our impromptu photo shoot.  After the initial awkward introductions (them finding out I was going to be taking their photos) they all really warmed up and had a good time with the shoot.  I had a nice evening photographing something different from my normal assignments and creating some really cool images.**VIEW THIS WEEK'S PHOTO GALLERY: BLUE LADIES**

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