Tuesday's Top 10 - MATHIS

100 career sacks for Robert Mathis!






Tuesday's Top 10 - MATHIS

Today's Top 10 photo gallery is all about MATHIS!  On Sunday Mathis recorded his 100 career sack against the Seahawks!  The images is this gallery are a mix of Mathis sacks and celebrations over the past couple of years. 

There are a few key moments for me while shooting a Mathis sack.  First of all, I have no idea when it is going to happen.  Obviously, my chances are greater on a 3rd down in a passing situation.  Shooting with a 400mm lens allows me to get right in the action, but it also creates a bunch of blind spots for me on the rest of the field.  If I focus just on Mathis on a 3rd down, I might miss what the rest of the defense in doing.  The problem is that Mathis is so fast off of the ball and has so many spin and dip moves, I have trouble finding him if I don't key on him from the start of the play.  My only other option is to key on the opposing quarterback and wait for Mathis to arrive.  This brings me to another key moment when shooting a Mathis sack.  When he does arrive at the quarterback, they usually have no idea that he's there...it all happens extremely fast. While focusing on the opposing quarterback,  I have to be ready to hammer the shutter the second Mathis enters my field of view.  The spit second Mathis makes contact with the quarterback are usually the money shots...the images you see of the ball flying through the air or a look of pain the the quarterback's face.  This bring me to the final moment of shooting a Mathis sack.  I have to stay focused on him all the way back to the bench after a big sack....this allows me to capture his emotion and victory dance!  My perspective of a Mathis sack!

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