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Tuesday Morning Post-Practice Quotes

  HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the second day of camp) Training Camp “I thought that we made some progress today.

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the second day of camp) Training Camp

"I thought that we made some progress today. I told our team after practice it was a better practice this morning than it was yesterday afternoon.  That's what we are after.  I think our attention to detail has been very good, our veterans are giving us that energy we need. It's been a good three practices, so I am encouraged."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on there being one week before the first preseason game) Training Camp

"Well, you know you can come in 15 days before the first game and we just have kept our routine when we've had these Thursday openers.  We've come in on Sunday and I don't really like to practice on Sunday.  So, we've kept it the same and I think what it does is let the guys know that there is some urgency. We have a lot of things we have to get in.  Our young guys, we have to get them caught up so they can play well, and I think it helps us mentally." 

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on young players stepping up) Training Camp

"I am always eager at this time of the year, and whether you have players that you have to replace or not, every year is a new year and you want to see what your team is going to do.   I like where our guys are.  I like some of the young guys that are getting to play more and it is fun."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on RB-DeDe Dorsey) Training Camp

"DeDe is an explosive guy and he was with us and played mostly on the look squad last year.  But he can make people miss in the open field.  I think he has some toughness and he has some excitement, some of the same type of energy that Dom[inic Rhodes] had. So, I am looking forward to seeing him in the games."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the use of running backs) Training Camp

"Well, we would like to use a couple of backs, maybe even three backs.  We want to keep those guys ready.  I think our backs were fresh at the end of the year and that definitely helped us in the playoffs.  Joseph is a guy that we obviously have to get the ball to more.  He can do some things.  But being fresh at the end of the year was good for us and we want to keep that going."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the progress of LB-Freddy Keiaho) Training Camp

"Freddy's doing fine. Still very, very early. Freddy's going to be a good player for us.  So far, he is adjusting well and relaxing.  That's the big thing he's going to have to do.  He's another guy that plays with high energy and plays fast.  The biggest thing for him is to slow down and be patient and let the game come to him."

* *

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on being a backfield leader) Training Camp

"I felt like that coming into mini camp.  I felt I was a veteran, but it was only my second year.  It might be a good thing.  Marvin (Harrison) came up to me and said, 'What's up vet.'  I had to look at him for a second, but I feel I am comfortable in the situation."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on DeDe Dorsey) Training Camp

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