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Training Camp Quotes

TE-MARCUS POLLARD (on the game on Saturday) “I am looking forward to get away from practice. I don’t know how much the first unit will play, but it will be good to go against some other guys.

TE-MARCUS POLLARD (on the game on Saturday)

"I am looking forward to get away from practice. I don't know how much the first unit will play, but it will be good to go against some other guys. It will be good to get in the game type atmosphere."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD (on the two tight end set)

"I think we will run it quite a bit. I think it is going to be predicated on Dallas Clark's ability and what he can do for us. I think Joe Dean (Davenport) and I pretty much ran it last year. Hopefully, Dallas (Clark) can step up, make some plays for us and we can use it a whole bunch."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD (on working with Pete Metzelaars)

"Pete's been great. He is there to help and he is not stepping on Chris's toes. He has helped me quite a bit. He has played 16 years in the league. You have to be very athletic and know what you are doing."


"We have some minor bumps and bruises. Rob Morris is getting an MRI for some swelling in his knee. Josh Williams has a little bit of a tight hamstring. We just want to take it easy before it develops into something major. Brock has a little crack in the bone of his first finger of his throwing hand. He may be out a week or so. Nothing seems to be really major at this point."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on playing the two tight ends Marcus Pollard and Dallas Clark together)

"Both of those guys are versatile. We can split both of them out. They both have played H-back and lined up in the backfield. It gives us a lot of versatility."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on QB-James MacPherson)

"He is doing well. He is a very smart guy and understands the offense, which is half the battle. Now it is just a matter of getting comfortable with the receivers."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on what advice TE-Marcus Pollard has given him in camp)

"Just a little bit of everything. He has given me helpful hints on what to do, like working out. I am just trying to absorb it all and take it in.

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on looking forward to preseason games)

"Definitely, with out a doubt it is going to be great. It is going to be my first NFL game. I am going to see where I am at with the offense and we will go from there."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on working with Pete Metzelaars)

"It has been so helpful. He has played in the league for 16 years. Anyone who has been in the league that long has valuable information for a rookie like me. He is one of those guys who is always helping me."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on adjusting to the NFL)

"The adjust is not too bad. Camp routine is coming along to me. They throw a lot at you in a short amount of time. It is a process and I am getting used to it, but it has to sink in."

RB-RICKY WILLIAMS (on the talents of the running backs)

"We have a great running back coach. If one back goes down the next back is ready to play. Everybody is trying to get on the same page and trying not to make mistakes."

RB-RICKY WILLIAMS (on separating himself from the other running backs)

"Each one of us has a different style of running. Edgerrin James is a combination of speed and power. He can also catch out of the backfield. I can catch out of the backfield as well and I am a quick outside runner. At this point, you have to find where you fit in. Right now, we are finding our way."

RB-JAMES MUNGRO (on having a deep backfield)

"I think it benefits the team. All of us have played in games already. With Dominic Rhodes back, it is even more competitive.

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